A Dark parking lot

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I connected with a named Trevor on Craig list and we met one evening at a nearby parking lot at a nearby strip mall. I got there first and park in a dark area away from the stores. When Trevor pulled up beside me, I got out and joined him and settled into the passenger's seat of his car.

There was enough moonlight that I could see that he was middle aged, in shape and handsome. Trevor was probably around five ten, with salt and pepper hair and he was nicely dressed. We started chitchatting and I learned that he was married and wanting to explore his bisexual tendencies in an uncomplicated way.

While we talked, I started rubbing his upper thigh to gauge his reaction. When I didn’t get an adverse response to my hand on his thigh, I moved it up a little to see if he was hard yet. He wasn't. He seemed apprehensive, but who wouldn't in his position. When I let my hand rest on his crotch, Trevor confessed to me that, “I’m not that down there.”

“It’s not important. It really doesn't matter to me,” I told him. “So relax. Let’s just have fun,” I said as I continued rubbing his thigh.

Then I let him pull up my t-shirt and rub my chest and squeeze my nipples. As he continued to caress my chest, Trevor managed to remove my t-shirt and open my fly.

Excited, I started to frantically pull at his belt, snap and zipper, anything that was keeping my hands from getting inside his pants.

He leaned forward and started to gently flick his tongue across my nipples as his fingers pinched them to rock hard excitement.

When his pants were finally undone and his fly opened, Trevor opened his legs, giving me the permission that I wanted and the space I needed to reach inside his pants and feel him up.

My hand dove under the waistband of his Jockey briefs and stopped at his thick patch of soft curls. Trevor had a big mound of curly pubic hair that framed his semi-hard .

As I felt for his growing hardness, Trevor apologized for not being hard yet. He said, “I’m nervous so it’ll take me a little longer to get ready.”

“That’s fine,” I reassured him as I squeezed its length. It felt like he was average size, maybe five inches. I could wait for his full hardness because what I really wanted right then was just below and nestled between his open thighs.

I reached deeper into Trevor’s jockeys and gently grabbed a handful of his warm, hairy ball sack. They had a velvety softness that I can’t rightly describe. But the sensation combined with our mutual teasing was enough for me to nearly lose control.

I told him, “Lower the back of your seat all the way down.”

Once he’d done it Trevor sat up, removed his shirt and then lay back down.

He was nearly naked and now sporting a full erection underneath his tented briefs. I tore at his belt and the zipper of his slacks and pulling them down to the floor.

We both knew what was coming next.

Trevor lifted his hips up off the car seat as I grabbed his waistband of his jockeys with both hands and tugged them down past his hips, stopping midway down his open thighs.

The loud slap of his erect cock against his belly when I removed his underwear told me that his nervousness has subsided and that Trevor was completely ready to have another guy bring him to orgasm, a stranger no less.

The head of his cock just barely extended past the dark black thatch of pubic hair that formed a perfect triangle at the base of his abdomen. Trevor wasn't big, but his uncircumcised cock was almost as straight as an arrow with the tinniest bit of upward curve.

I ran my fingers through his thick bush with one hand and cupped Trevor’s dangling balls with the other. The head around his pee-hole was slightly damp from his pre-cum. He was completely untrimmed, which I liked. It made me feel like I was with a real man, not an effeminate twink. The base of his cock had hair wrapped around the lower part of his shaft and his nut sack was covered in soft fur.

The only discovery that remained was the touch, taste and the sensation of Trevor’s drooling cock in my mouth.

As I lowered my face down to Trevor’s lap, out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman parking her car about fifty feet away. When she opened her car door and stood up, she was looking right at me. Did she know what I was doing, I wondered.

Even standing she couldn't see anyone else in the car because Trevor was on his back, well out of her line of sight. But who would lower his head to the exact location of the driver's crotch if he weren’t about to use his mouth for sex?

Glancing back over her shoulder, she hurried into the nearest store. Is he sucking a guy’s cock or licking a woman's pussy was probably the only mystery in her mind.

By the time these thoughts raced through my head, I had my face buried deep in Trevor’s lap and his cock head bouncing off the back of my throat.

His pre-cum and my saliva mixed to form sticky goo that was accumulating in the back of my mouth. On each upstroke of my bobbing head, I would part my lips slightly to let some of the mixture slide down the shaft of his cock and gather at the bottom of his pubic area. Eventually it would seep on down and settle in my right hand that was cupping his loosely hanging ball sack.

Trevor’s balls stopped where his leg met to guard the opening of his region. By this time my hand was coated with our sexual wetness so I used the salty mixture to lather the fur hugging his nut sack. Occasionally I would reach under his nut sack to massage his perineum and slide my wet finger into the crack where his legs met.

I wanted to tongue fuck his opening so I let go of his wet cock.

I put my face between his legs and tried to pry them open wider, but his briefs were stretched tight across his thighs limiting my access.

Trevor said, “Ugh … ugh…I’m close. Stop tonguing me and put my cock back in your mouth.”

My face was wet with our sex. As I came up for air, I saw the woman, back from the store and standing by her car watching. I quickly glanced away and went back to work.

Trevor took my head in his hands and guided my mouth back onto his cock. This time he held my head still while he thrust his cock into me, fucking my mouth like it was a pussy. I just closed my lips around his shaft and opened the back of my throat and let him fuck me.

After a minute or two of this, Trevor’s grip on my head got tighter and his pumping cock more forceful. His balls stopped slapping his inner thighs as his sac drew his balls tightly against the bottom of his shaft. Trevor’s breathing was rapid and shallow so I knew he was close. Proving I was right, he asked, “Do you want me to cum in your mouth?”

I shook my head, yes, letting him keep his rhythm.

"Oh my God," he moaned.

I immediately forced my face into his lap, against his pumping hips, pinning his down to the car seat. As he started his orgasm, he was all the way inside my mouth, the head of his cock past the entrance of my throat without triggering my gag reflex.

His pubic hair rubbed against my nose and lips. He was wet and the quasi-chlorine smell of the cum was intense. That combined with the musky smell of sex and perspiration that permeated the air in the car a primal, erotic mixture. I found this so erotic that I continued to press my face down in his lap, feeling each spasm of his approaching orgasm. I kept my head still and waited. Trevor’s hands were still on my head.

In a flash, Trevor grabbed both hands to my head and I literally saw his balls draw up into his crotch. The he suddenly stiffened all over and cried, “I’m cumming … I'm gonna cum … I'm cumming...fuck!"

Then I felt the first jet of thick, hot cum blast into my throat. His cum was salty and sweet and was such a cool sensation to have it sliding down my throat. It was followed by pulsation after pulsation and I felt like my mouth was filling with thick, hot cum. Then again and again, Trevor continued to pump cum into my mouth.

Trevor held my head and thrust against my face as I resisted his thrusts but not his cum. Stream after stream after stream of Trevor’s hot gooey cum poured down my throat. Smiling, he kept pumping his cock into me until he was done. I kept him in my mouth until his spasms subsided. He stayed hard the whole time. Finally he said, “I through, so I pulled my head up and let his cock slip out of my mouth.

He slipped his underwear back on while I was pulling mine off. As I added my underwear to the pile clothes on the floor at my feet, I was completely naked. I lowered my seat down and spread my legs wide, inviting him to do whatever he wanted with me. I was dripping pre-cum in anticipation.

Just when he made his move for my crotch, he saw what I’d seen earlier, the woman standing by her car, obviously watching. He was totally spooked and stopped the whole thing. He stammered nervously, “Thanks, you were great, but we gotta go. There’s someone out there watching."

"Hurry," he said. I quickly put my shirt and jeans on and then asked him for a pen. I wrote my phone number on the waistband of my briefs and tossed them in his lap. I told him, “Call me,” as I stepped out of the car and walked over to mine.

When I glanced at her, the mystery woman was smiling knowingly at me as she got in her car.

My erection was clearly visible through my jeans as she drove past me on her way out of the parking lot. Stopping and rolling down her window, she said, “My husband likes to have his dick sucked and I like to watch.” As she handed me a business card, she said, “Call me.” Then giving me a little wave, she licked her lips and drove away.

As I stood there Trevor pulled past me, staring straight ahead as he sped away.

The end …

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