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A Day in the Adult Theater reviews

Posted by Manboy58 (email: miss)
Well I'm a married man of 28 years and as a boy of 14 a cousin of mine a year younger spent the night one time and I woke up and he was trying to get my underwear down and when I moved he stopped and I realized I had a hardon and wondered what would have happened if I hadn't moved, skip twenty years ahead and I went to a Adult Bookstore and checked out my first movie booth and as I'm skipping thru channels I stopped on two guys sucking and fucking and got another hardon and then seen it had gloryholes and got my first blow job from a man, it's Monday night of February 27 2017 and I'm going to a Adult Bookstore right now and I'm excited and hoping I get sucked off again and I'm think I'm might try and suck my first cock tonight, I'm writing this and my cock is rock hard anticipating what might happen, I've even thought about seeing if I can fuck a man in the ass and if it feels right I'm going to let someone fuck my ass. My heart is pounding in my chest as I'm thinking about trying this out, I hope I can go thru with it, I guess that's another story.
Posted by SarahAdams (email: Sara)
Never read anything as amazing as this!! Now I will go here and try to repeat the above bit. ly/agaysex
Posted by helotes42 (email: ftke)
Those were the days when the action in the seats wa better than on the screne as you got to paricipate like everyone around you.
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