A Virgin no more

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

The rest of my family went on one of those excursion boats. They were to tour the coast line with stop to buy souvenirs and a long lunch in a five star seafood restaurant. They wouldn’t be back for hours.

As a horny eighteen year old instead of going on the tour I opt to ogling the little girls in tiny bikinis at the pool. And being at a seaside resort like this they were worth ogling. I’d never seen so much tan female flesh in my life. It was like a tide of nubile teenage flesh flowing around the pool. But I wasn't expecting this. The noise of their chattering, giggling and laughing was considerable but I barely heard it as the lithe, sylph-like bodies strolled in the sunlight clad in the wispiest bikinis imaginable. Slim legs; firm, toned stomachs; small breasts; flowing hair and pearl white smiles flooded the patio and bunched around the near end of the pool. There were about eight of them, but it was almost impossible to snag my eyes away from all the bare skin to be sure.

I was sitting on a chase lounge chair wearing a pair of mirrored sunshades so my ogling wouldn’t be so obvious. But for some reason with this cornucopia of sleek young female flesh my eyes kept straying to a redheaded guy lying two lounge chairs away from me.

He was long and lean, over six feet tall. It was what is called a swimmer’s body.

Like me, he was wearing mirrored shades.

He was lying on his stomach with his head towards me. I don’t think he was seeing me though. I think he was asleep.

A pair of tiny briefs barely covered a tight little butt that many girls would have killed for.

I heard a whispered, “Hey kid.”

When I looked toward him he asked, “You mind rubbing suntan lotion on my back?”

Not sure how I got there I was sitting on the edge of the lounge chair beside him and pouring suntan lotion on his back.

Starting at his shoulders I started rubbing the lotion in. I was amazed at the powerful muscles I could feel under his bronze skin.

I massaged his back until he said, “Don’t forget my legs.”

I started at his feet, not missing between his toes and worked my way up. When I got to the back of his thighs he spread his legs wider to give me better access.

From there I could see the bottom of his bathing suit clad nut sack.

Finished and not knowing what else to do I just sat there more or less staring at him.

In a few minutes, flowing like a cat with no bones in its body, he rolled gracefully on to his back.

He laid there with his arms behind his head and let my eyes feast on his near naked body. The hair under his arms and on his chest and belly proved that he was a true redhead.

I was fascinated by the hair from his naval down. It started to change color and by the time it disappeared into the top of his briefs it was more orange than red.

Again he requested that I rub him down with suntan lotion.

I squirted a generous amount of lotion down the center of his body. Then again starting at his shoulders and rubbed it in. By the time I got to his muscular pecs I had an erection that everyone at the pool could see.

Under my fingers tips his nipples hardened. And of course I made sure that they were adequately covered with lotion. His six pack abs was so hard that it was like rubbing lotion on stone.

As I did his lower stomach I let the tip of my little finger slide under the waistband of his briefs.

This time I didn’t go to his feet, I went straight to his upper thighs.

His briefs were so sheer that he might as well have been naked. As I caressed his upper thigh I could see the outline of his flaccid and the head poking out of his foreskin.

Unable to resist I let my fingertips brush his nut sack through his briefs.

Suddenly like a cat he came alive and flowed up off his chase lounge and was standing in front of me, the bulge in his briefs eye level to me.

“Come on kid,” he said as he turned and walked away with his cat like flowing stride. His stride looked effortless but I clumsily had to almost run to keep up with him.

When we were where no one could hear I asked, “Don’t you want to know how old I am?”

“No,” he murmured. “You’re going to suck my dick no matter how old you are.”

It’s amazing how the mind can blank out things we don’t want to hear. As if he didn’t say it I kept submissively following him.

This was an exclusive hotel. They had a poolside entrance so poolside patrons could come and go while wearing their pool apparel without going through the main lobby. Two bikini clad teenage girls got on the elevator with us and giggled behind their hands about my erection all the way to the sixth floor.

We rode on up to the eighth floor. Where without having to be told I followed him to his room.

In the room with the door shut behind us, I watched as he glided across the room and flowed onto the king size bed. Rolling on his back, he wiggled around and stretched like a cat lazing in the afternoon sun. He ended up leaning against the headboard with his legs spread wide and his knees slightly bent, displaying his brief covered package.

With a faint little smile he said, “You can take them my briefs off now if you’d like.”

In a flash I was at the crawling onto the bed and up between his outstretched legs.

I quickly grabbed the waistband of his briefs but before I could pull them down he grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face against his crotch. He didn’t have to pull very hard. I could smell the chlorine of the pool as he held me there.

By now his engorged cock head was sticking out the top of his briefs. Caught up in the moment I started kissing and licking it.

With the head in my mouth I slowly lowering his briefs an inch at a time taking in more and more of his cock as it was exposed. By the time I got his briefs off his hips the big purplish head was bumping the back of my throat. When I reluctantly pulled off his eight inch plus cock was pointing at the celling.

He raised his hips so I could pull his briefs the rest of the way off his hips and on down his long legs. I couldn’t resist bring them to my nose and inhaling his manly fragrance before tossing them on the floor.

As I moved back between his legs, he held his cock out of the way and kinda raised his hips up off the mattress, offering me his balls.

Those full, heavy balls swaying there looked so delicious.

His offer seemed to ignite a fire in me, as I sucked first one then the other of his balls into my mouth, gently rolling them around with my tongue. It felt so natural and yet so forbidden at the same time. He started moving his hips against my face, letting his cock trail across my forehead. Silent up to now, with every movement, he praised me, told me how good I was, how wonderful it felt to him.

I was licking him eagerly by when he said, "Get down under my balls now," and it was then I found the spot right where his crack begins and started to mouth and tongue him there.

from the tremendous pleasure I was feeling I started kissing and nipping at his shaft, running my tongue across the veins on the underside. His cock was hard and throbbing, jumping and bouncing against my lips as I continued to revel in his readily apparent enjoyment.

Three times I brought him to the brink and to prolong his pleasure three times he pushed me away. During these intervals I did things to him. Things an hour before I never thought I’d ever do to or for another man. During one of the intervals I actually licked the bottom of his feet and in between his toes.

During another he rolled over onto his stomach and I parted his butt cheeks and licked from one end to the other.

When the fourth time he allowed himself to cum it was like an erupting volcano. I’d been jacking off for several years but by no stretch of the imagination did I think a guy could cum that much.

For the next two hour he used my body everyway one guy could use another for his pleasure.

By the time I stumbled out of his room to go back to ours room my knees were so weak I almost couldn’t walk and his hen’s egg size balls were shrunk to the size of pees.

I was in the shower when my family got back. As usual they were like a herd of wild elephant descending on the room.

My adventurous parents rarely ate in hotel restaurants. Tonight was no exception. We ate at a little truck stop dinner they’d spotted on the outside of town on our way in.

I was ravenous from all my afternoon activities. My family got a big laugh when I ate two big double cheese burgers with all the trimmings, a huge order of curly fries, a large coke and a vanilla milk shake.

For the next two weeks I spent all the time I could get away from my family on my knees in the redheaded stranger’s room sucking his dick.

It was a memorial vacation in two ways. A few days before our vacation was over my redhead stranger wasn’t available so I ogled the nubile little girls at the pool. Long story short I started talking to Paige, also a redhead who looked amazing in her tiny pale blue string bikini. My eyes roamed over her small breasts and was sure I could see a nipple between the netting of her bra's cup. That stirred me and I dropped my gaze lower to examine her bikini bottoms. They too were woven with a mesh that allowed the briefest glimpses of the pink flesh beneath and unlike the other girls wasn’t shaved. The other girls were gymnasts so that probably had something to do with the skin-tight leotards gymnast wore when they competed that would have looked strange with even a small mat of pussy hair bulging them out.

Paige’s parents were gone for the afternoon so we ended up in her room together and lost our virginity to each other.

Paige and I were both virgins but thanks to my redhead stranger I wasn’t completely ignorant about sex.

Thanks to my redhead man lover I’d learned about oral and I in turn taught Paige. Kneeling down, I pulled the wisp of her suit aside and ran my tongue up the inside of her leg, almost to her wet lips. She was trembling a little at the sensation, and even more as my tongue started tracing the inside of her thigh. I moved my fingers up to gently presses open her pussy, massaging and kneading the tender flesh and sending shock waves through her body with every motion. As her legs started to tremble I walked her back towards the bed. When we get to the bed, I softly lays her on her back.

I eagerly knelt between her legs and lightly licked the inside of her thighs and as she moaned, “Uuuuuuugh,” spread them even wider as I licks ever higher onto my pussy, teasing it gently for a moment before retreating and licking at her other thigh. Paige stroked my hair and gently caress the muscles of my neck as I blew ever so softly on her clit.

Paige could feel the cool air evaporate my moisture and it was a sensation that brought her ever closer to an orgasm.

I took her swollen clit it in my mouth and gently suck on it, the sensation causing Paige to moan, “Uuuuuuugh.” As I pulled back and released my suction from her clit, I started using my amazing tongue in a way only I, thank to my redhead’s tutorage could, sometimes quickly, other times slower, moving it vertically or making slow, lazy circles around my clit while working a finger inside of her and penetrated deeply, I moved it in and out in the rhythm of my tongue moving against her clit. Paige moaned at the feelings swelling in her body, and as they intensify her body shook with an earth shattering orgasm. Writhing on the bed, she moaned as I continued to work on her, kissing, licking and stroking her.

I could have stayed there forever. Paige on her back, legs spread wide. Her arms around my back, sliding, scratching me, gripping my ass as I penetrated her. I leaned forward, my chest against her face. I was her first guy and she was my first girl. I wasn’t completely sure what to do so I leaned forward and slammed into her.

"Ohhhhhh, Oh. Oh,” Paige moaned as I met a restriction. Another hard push and the restriction burst.

"Ohhhhhh, ungh, ungh!" she moaned loudly as her body shivered with the sudden pain.

I straightened, staring down at Paige. She was so dazed and stunned by the circumstances of her first fuck that she just went along with whatever I wanted. We both looked down at her hairy, matted orange-haired pussy, at the streaks of blood along my thick shaft as I lined it back up with her pussy. Paige moaned, “Mmmmmmm,” as I eased back inside her now swollen pussy.

I sighed with pleasure as I lifted her slender, taut, pale legs, holding them wide by her fine-boned ankles as I thrust away. I watched the penetration of her flame-haired pussy over and over, the sight spurring me on. Paige's head fell back, and she stared in shock at the hotel room ceiling, her mouth hanging slack as gasps escaped her lips with each hard thrust I made. It wasn't much longer before my balls tightened and I felt the impending rush of an orgasm.

I groaned. "Oh God, Paige, I'm gonna....Oh, God..... I’m going to cum,” I announced, staring at her. “Yes...yes…yes...oh god Paige you're so good."

I discovered that day that as much as I liked sucking my redhead’s dick I liked fucking Paige.

By the time we went home from vacation I knew I could have the of both worlds…pussy and cock. I would just have to be discrete with the sucking cock part.

My girlfriend Linda had wanted to give up her virginity for a couple of months but I’d been too shy to do the deed.

The first night back home I took Linda to a drive-in and parked at the back in the dark. Thank goodness for the cars of the day. They were so roomy that moving to the backseat was like being in your bedroom. As soon as the movie started we were in the backseat making out. We were to third base and I had my hand in Linda’s panties in record time. When Linda signal here willingness to give up her virginity I shocked the hell out of her. I had her panties off and was on the floor with my face between her outstretched thighs.

Despite the fact that the gymnast were shaved, it was a time before girls customarily shaved, so I had to penetrate a fairly thick clump of pubic hair to get to what I was after.

My hunger was at its peak so there was no wasted motion. With the utmost of fluidity and aggressiveness Linda’s legs were tossed over my shoulders. Before she could even moan her delicious, dripping wetness was being devoured. Her pussy lips parted as I buried my tongue deep in her. Her eyes widen, her hands grip my shoulders and with no hesitation I devour her swelling clit. Ravaging it between my lips and nibbling it savagely. Unable to help herself, Linda grunted and growled her pleasure as I feasted.

Her moans and gasps kept getting caught in her throat. Surprised by such ravaging Linda’s thighs tightening around my neck and her heels dug into my back, her body climbed higher and higher until she hit her peak. Orgasm after orgasm rippled through her body. We lost count of them and of the time because when my hunger was this great it wasn’t about pleasing her. It was about satiating my appetite.

When finally, her blouse open and her skirt around her waist, I push Linda onto her back and mounted her she was so ready. I slid between her legs and, grabbing her by her ankles, I placed her petite little feet up on my shoulders. Then, in one thrusting movement, I plunged my cock into her dripping wet pussy as far as it will go, making Linda grunt and whine from the impact. Linda lost her virginity much easier than Paige. There was so little pain that it was almost nonexistent. And unlike Paige there was little or no blood.

"Oh, yes!" Linda hisses as I slowly pull out then ram into her again, my tight balls slapping against her sweet ass cheeks as I repeatedly bury my cock all the way to the hilt.

And she was so damned horny by now that it just took a few thrusting strokes before Linda was humping back and cumming…moaning and sobbing, "Ohh, Ooohhhh, yessssss! F-f-fuck me.”

After that unless it was a special occasion, Linda, who years later became a topless dancer, never even bothered to wear panties when we went out.

Finding big cocks to suck in the sixties was tough but I managed. After that I balanced sucking cock with fucking the pretty little girls. Because our families vacationed at the beach every year I spent the next three summers fucking Paige.

I never saw the redheaded stranger again but there was plenty of other cock at the beach.

Linda and I fucked for a few more years before going our separate ways. We’d went through the motions of being monogamous but we’d both discretely had other sex partners…each both male and female.

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