A rainy night session

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

At the time of this story I was 22 living in a small town made up mostly of rednecks and jocks so I had to keep my sexuality well hidden, which meant a lot of nights home alone with my toy collection. Until one Friday night when I went to the local bar for a few drinks I was sitting at the bar with two friends named Lisa and Donna having a good time when Kevin walked in as he walked in Lisa said what a shame and Donna agreed.

I asked them what they meant then Donna told me that he was gay and rumor has it he was hung like a horse. So now knowing he was gay I got really turned on but had to keep my composure, he came over set down with us we all talked for a bit then went and played a few games of pool. After a few hours I noticed that it was pouring outside and saw the look on Kevin's face I asked him what was wrong he told me that he rode his bike here I kinda laughed and said sorry about your bad luck but if he wanted I would give him a ride home and he took up the offer. He then bought another round of drinks it was almost closing time so we finished our drinks loaded his bike in my truck said goodnight to the girls and drove to his house, we arrived at his house he asked me if I wanted to come up for another beer I said sure I'd to.

We unloaded his bike walked in the house soaking wet from the rain he went and got me a towel to dry my hair off told me to help myself and get a beer while he went to change I got us each a beer he came out wearing a t shirt and shorts and Donna was right he was right seeing the bulge and outline of his in those shorts he was hung like a horse. We sat down and began talking but all I could think about was how much I wanted every inch of his cock, he then asked me if I was seeing Donna I told him no he asked me how come she's great and we looked good together. I said he was right she is great and very pretty and we have a lot in common he then finished his beer got up walked to the kitchen for another one I followed him as we stood in the kitchen he then said I should ask Donna out since we had a lot in common yeah no I replied there's one thing in common that she doesn't know but we both love it and that is cock.

Really he said as we both looked at each other then we started kissing after a few minutes of the battle of tongues we went to the bedroom began making out again as he reached down and started rubbing my I opened my legs giving him full access which he took full advantage of, I then pulled down his shorts and began caressing his enormous cock. We stopped kissing smiled at each other I undressed dropped to my knees looked up at him he placed his hand on the back of my head and said "that's it baby suck my cock". I didn't hesitate I opened my mouth and started sucking his cock tasted so good.

"Oh God that feels so good baby, that's it suck it umm" he moaned as he was pulling my head back and fourth making me get but loving every inch of his cock down my throat. He then told me to stop and get up he turned around reached in his night stand pulled out a jar of Vaseline we started kissing again both of us naked and rolling around on the bed he then rolled me on my back and started sucking my cock after a few minutes he then started licking my balls and spreading my legs apart exposing my tight ass then began licking it I laid there moaning in pure pleasure as his tongue probe my ass.

He then eventually reached up for the Vaseline placed his finger in the jar and inserting his finger slowly in my ass getting it all lube up a few moments later he pulled my legs up on his shoulders and asked me if I was ready for a good ass pounding I replied yes. I then felt the tip of his cock against the rim off my hot wet hole as he slowly shoved his cock inside me I let out a small scream of pleasure as I felt every inch of his cock being buried in my ass, he finally was balls when he stopped and let me relax for a minute then he slowly began fucking me it felt so fucking good.

After about ten minutes or so he pulled his cock out told me to get up and lean over the bed as I leaned over the bed he spanked me telling me what a good little slut I am and then shoved his cock back inside me fucking the daylights out of me I was screaming and moaning loving second of it, he then yelled out he was ready to cum he pulled out shot his hot cum all over my wet stretched out ass I then got up and turned around and sucked his cock dry the taste of my ass and his left over cum was delicious I then cleaned up got dressed and went home. After that night Kevin and I would get together once a week for great sex.

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