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(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Before a "are you sure you want to do it?" Comes a "we will let ourselves be carried by our sensations".

Before a "we will let ourselves be carried by our sensations", comes a "I want to do it".

Before a "I want to do it" comes a "I'm afraid like you, but I want to do it ".

Before a "I'm afraid like you, but I want to do it, " comes a "will be a new experience, you cross that experience with me?" .

Before a "It will be a new experience, you cross that experience with me?", Comes a "I desire you".

Before a "I desire you" comes a "I you".

Before a "I love you" comes a "I like you".

Before a "I like you" comes a look with a smile

All this took Ken and Daisuke, each 20 years old, to find a hidden and closed place in the digital world, the two agreed to lose their virginity at the same time, there were already many occasions where the sexual tension Exploded in them and after that kiss they decided that it was time to go further.

The place chosen was an abandoned cabin in the middle of a forest with a nice sofa inside, they chose it two days before and there they were now, naked with the hands holding in front of the sofa that was going to witness how they were going to Losing their virginity, Ken for the penis, Daisuke for the anus

- Y - You will not believe it .. but I'm very nervous -. Daisuke answered with the hand that held Ken trembling
- Me too, this is a very important step for us

The two remained in silence, only Daisuke's saliva swallowing made to Ken speaks looking at him

- Daisuke, if you do not feel prepared is better leave it here, we will try another time, if our bodies are tense the penetration that I want to do you will be painful for you and that will be a traumatic first time
- But I was the one who had the idea that we had our first time, I do not want to be afraid, I am very excited, I want to lose my virginity with you, Ken
- And I with you, Daisuke, together, I do not want any discomfort in our bodies, we must be relaxed, it's just about feeling, it's our first time, we do not know what we're dealing with, we're two inexperienced.
- I already knew what was coming, I know what I am facing, I assume everything, it was my desire to do it, I must keep it, I told you very clearly, "I do not want to delay this desire anymore, I want you to be the one to remove me my virginity"
- I made you think it many times, you did not seem to be serious, and being me who penetrates you is a very responsibility
-There's no going back, Ken, it's something we have to do, I do not know how to explain it, I just know I want to do it with you.
- Is only to burn with desire and passion in the sweet hell we have prepared between us for a long time, I confess that I wanted very much to see you naked and that I was the one to take your clothes off -. Ken replied a little flushed
- I also, and I confess that I have felt very vulnerable being naked for the first time in front of you and see that penis so beautiful that you have
- I like your nipples, Daisuke, I can not help not looking at them, can you let me play for a few seconds? I want to know what it feels like
- Mm ... you can do it

Ken came closer to Daisuke and each one in their thoughts said

- >> Ken's face is so close to me .. I have an angel almost about to touch me a nipple <<
- >> I am very attracted to Daisuke's nipples, they are very soft and pretty, I feel desire to stimulate them, to put them hard and to know their reaction, perhaps rubicing with my fingers ... <<

Ken brushed Daisuke's left nipple with his finger causing him to be a little surprised.

- Wow...
- Something happened? I did something wrong?
- I liked that you touched me, I suppose that's what people call stimulation
- Yeah, that's it ... Daisuke .. I need to say it, you're very sexy naked, you have a very nice body
- Thank you, you too, but .... I had already undressed you a thousand times with my mind before with my hands -. Saying this, Daisuke blushed and lowered his head thinking

- >> Why did I say that? ! I am an idiot !, he will think I am a pervert <<
- >> Daisuke blushed, it's so .. I must tell him something to make him better <<

he came up to him and said holding him by the hand

- I like you have those thoughts with me, I do not dislike it, it feels good to know, thank you, also I've had impure thoughts about you and I'm not afraid to admit it, I like you too Daisuke, from our first kiss and after of our self-empowerment as a couple Nothing was back as before, I like you a lot, I wanted this day to be able to do it, the two, together, without anyone bothering us, I want to touch your body with my hands, excite you, I insist Daisuke, you are very beautiful

As Ken spoke to him, Daisuke's body reacted

- >> What a strange feeling down there, I think my penis is reacting to the words of Ken <<

- Hey Ken, I feel weird, it's a weird feeling.
- What happen?
- My body reacts to your words and my penis is at a different height

- >> I got Daisuke excited, I'm very happy <<

- I caused you an excitement, that's good Daisuke, it means that you feel my words and your body reacts with your penis. Feeling good?
- It's a new sensation, I like it, I want to experience more
- Then we had better be on this sofa, do not you think?"
- Yes, I want to do it ... but a moment ... what is this sensation?
- What sensation?

Daisuke looked down trying to figure out

- << Ken's touch on me I liked, it was comfortable .. >>

- I liked that you touched me, it is a comfortable warmth and it feels very pleasant
- I like to hear that, oh..Daisuke .. is a little difficult this question but it is mandatory, where do you want to lose your virginity? In the anus or penis?
- I want you to penetrate me, I choose the anus
- Okay, so it would be great if you sat down
- V- v- Very good.

Inwardly, Daisuke was very nervous

- << I must be calm, this is not bad, I am with him, everything will be fine >>

As Daisuke sat down and took a few minutes to breathe, Ken looked at him with a very tender look.

- >> I can not stop looking at his body, my hands want to touch his nipples, I look at his penis and I want to play with it, I want to stimulate to Daisuke, I want to know what it feels like when a person stimulates another person, my body Wants to be closer to him, I want to feel his breath, I love having him in front of me, definitely Daisuke makes me crazy <<

Ken's gaze met Daisuke's gaze, who also thought

- >> Oh .. he's looking at me, but I ... I can not stop looking at his penis, he's very pretty, he has such a effeminate body ... his hair contrasts with the color of his eyes, I must say something, I can not To be silent all the time, this can be uncomfortable >>

- Hey, Ken.
- Yes?
- If you are going to enter my anus, it is better that we stimulate ourselves a little in that place.

<< Oh God .. he will to think I'm desperate,! I'm a stupid! <<

- You seem to know a lot about sex
- N-It's not like that! But .. I think if we are relaxed and in tension your penis will not come easily and I want to feel good, you too, right?
- You're right, I also want to stimulate the entrance of your anus, make it loose and sensitive, and ... my penis must be in a straight position to be able to enter and later, ejaculate inside of you
- Exactly ... What is ejaculate?
- It is when you release the sperm that is inside your penis due to the excitement
- It seems dangerous.
- Are you scared Daisuke?

- << Oh shit, he noticed, I must say something but .... I do not know! Damn nerves <<
- << Daisuke does not want to say it, but he is nervous, that makes him more adorable than he already is, I love him very much, I must make him feel safe

Ken sat down next to Daisuke and told him to stroke his face.

- I understand that you are nervous, but ... please relax, today we are going to love us a lot more, my goal is that you want again everything I have planned to do, I want to enjoy, I want to enjoy you, I want to dominate you, I want to enjoy something Much desired by both of us, I want us to leave this place being happy internally and externally, you excite me a lot, Daisuke, I'm sure I want to do it with you, you inspire me a lot of tenderness, I've dreamed of this everyday, everything you do for me You are perfect, I want you to be sure of me, you will only feel my touch, my penis will enter you and I need that stimulation to put it hard, will you help me do it?

- << I love those words of Ken, it's so sincere, that's why I'm in love with him like an idiot <<

- Maybe it will hurt my body, but it will be worth it because I wanted to fulfill this desire, I am a fool because sometimes I want to say "until here " and run away like a coward, but your presence makes me stay by your side, If I ran away it would not be me
- I'm not going to get tired of saying it, I like you, Daisuke, I like you a lot, you're an incredible kid and I know I want to do it with you, and .. sorry by be so direct with you but try of put your back on the sofa, i want spread Your legs and touch the entrance of your anus, please

- << I am sorry to be so sincere but to see you naked increases my sexual desire for him
- << I must be brave, I must be brave! Come on!

- Let me cling to your neck.

Daisuke slid his hands over Ken's neck with his back tapping on the sofa, leaving his arms making a barrier between him and Ken.

- And now?
- I'm going to open your legs to see your anus, try to keep them open and flexible, please
- A- Agree

Ken, slowly separating Daisuke's thighs and opening his legs wide

- << Oh .. Daisuke has such flexible legs, I love to look at him, he is very aware of every move I am making, but I wonder how far his body is able to withstand flexibility .. <<

- Daisuke, tell me how far your legs are able to be open

- << Ohh..Ohhh. Every time I'm more flexible .. ohh .. ohh .. I love Ken's hands, but .... but ... it starts to hurt, yes, it hurts, I must tell HIM

- I think so far .. yes, yes, Ken, do not continue more please, is enough
- Understood, I will not flex any more, do you feel uncomfortable? Please tell me
- To tell you the truth, my right leg feels uncomfortable, can I put it on your shoulder?
- Of course you can, I want you to be comfortable 100%

Daisuke settled his leg on Ken's shoulder and he could see the hole of the anus completely closed and tight because of the tension and nerves of his now, .

They were both silent, only Daisuke's rapid breathing in the midst of all that silence was accompanied by enthusiasm and illusion, everything had to come out perfectly and what could have been less hurried, if so, the body of Daisuke Could be harmed and both wanted their first time to be unforgettable

While Daisuke's back and body were relaxed, he was looking at Ken thinking.

- << I wonder what he's thinking .. he's looking at my anus, will he know what he has to do? I have to tell him, I need to hear his words to be relaxed <<

- You want to stimulate, right? Do not deprive me of doing it, I only ask you to hear your voice
- Well .. I need to open your left thigh a bit so that one of my fingers slip through your entrance

Ken put a hand lightly on Daisuke's thigh and a finger of his approached the entrance of the anus of his , the two looked at the same direction, the entrance of the anus.

Ken's finger, very determined, made a path in circles through the entrance of the anus very gently, Ken turned his attention to the look of Daisuke who looked very attentive as that finger was spinning

- >> I feel him with afraid, he should not has it, I want that him to feel good, but .. I love that he is shaking and is in doubt, I have the power right now, but it's our first time, I have to do it very well. But .. he is so adorable, he does not want to admit it but he is afraid .. that excites me, I want to provoke him emotions, I will put my hand on his entrance <<

Ken's hand completely touched the anus of Daisuke who shuddered a little but his body reacted with goose bumps

- >> I awoke his senses, I like >>

- Daisuke, what do you feel?
- Mmm I can not explain very well, it's a pleasant feeling, some hands in my intimate area, it's nice, and I like it to be you
- I want to stimulate myself with you, let me touch this area a little, I will go soft

Ken's fingers touched Daisuke's anus gently but for him, that was turning out to be very morbid.

- >> I feel like a strange heat is coming up, I feel very hot, and I see that Daisuke snorts, his cheeks are flushed, I feel my penis getting hard, I'm getting hard, my body is stimulating, oh ... What an incredible feeling <<

- Daisuke, do you feel like something very warm is going up your body?
- I'm burning with a heat I've never felt before, that's what people call ... pleasure?
- << Ken's fingers in my anus, trying to make him loose, what an incredible sensation <<

- Yes, that's it, we both felt the same pleasure, did you like to feel my fingers in your anus?
- I loved it, I would like you to do it again .. if possible
- I want to do it, I want to stimulate myself, now I want to get into you, but also ... I want to get closer to you because of you, I want to feel closer to you

- >> I want us to be together in this air full of pleasure that surrounds us, I'm excited about it, Daisuke is incredible >>

Ken again touched his fingers to the entrance of the anus of Daisuke and putting his mouth to Daisuke's face told him

- Let me open emotionally to you, I'm seeing that with you in the privacy of a room, I can show myself as I am, I know that what we're living is real, because I'm making you feel the most desired, we're feeling, I know you feel, Because you make me loving you. We're living the unreal, the unimaginable, my hands are on, want to touch you, I want to touch you, Daisuke, but I want to do it later, I do not know what happens to me ... but I'm losing control of my emotions, this is crazy, me You make many things feel

- << My heart beats very fast while Ken is talking to me, I like it, it gives me morbidity to talk like this <<

- Your words excite me Ken, I love how you talk
- It's what you make me feel, Daisuke, ask me, ask me to penetrate you, please, I've reached that point, the point of now or never, my penis is inflated

They both looked down and effectively, Ken's penis was very straight just a few millimeters from Daisuke's entrance.

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