BJ in the steam room

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Recently I been suffering from the back pain. My suggested i should try swimming and spa.

Yesterday I decided to visit the Aquatic centre after work. So finally i got there, I was in the spa alone till this gentlemen with grey hair and grey mustache decided to join in. It's a pretty spa.
We said hello. I tried not to look at him but I couldn't help it, he was extremely handsome.

We were sitting pretty close to each other, By the way i have short legs. Sometimes gets bit hard to rich the floor. My feet hit his leg by accident. It gave me some sort of tingles. It happened again, I got so nervous. I apologized to him straight away. I tried to explain to him but he told me there's no need to apologize its completely fine.

He then started to with me, where I'm from etc.

Few minutes later, he got up and left. I got really disappointed. So I decided to go to the sauna. When i got into the sauna, there was only one person laying on the tiles. He kept staring at me, i couldn't see properly cause of the steam. I then realized it was the same .

This time i got over excited and nervous as hell. I tried to keep an eye out in case somebody comes inside. While he was lying down, he was doing some sort of leg exercise which really turned me on. I decided to sit near him in the corner. I couldn't help myself but to start rubbing my chest and slowly. He then realized, he turned around on his belly and pulled down his shorts a little bit.

Not sure what happened to me, i couldn't take it anymore so i got up and slowly walked towards him and got very close. He then shook his bottom. He gently put my hands inside his bottom. My dear lord he had such a soft smooth butt.

He kept moaning as I was rubbing him bottom, He then got me to sit on the tile got me to pull out my dick from the side of my shorts. He started to suck me. Unfortunately i don't last long. As i was about to cum i noticed someone behind the door was about to get inside. I quickly cum inside his mouth.

I left the steam room, had shower. After I walked out of the changing room i noticed he was sitting with his Mrs. I guess and chatting. He looked at me and smiled.

I'm really hoping to see him again.

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