Best friends : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

They knew there was only one question left, neither one wanting to ask but both dying to. At almost the same time they started to stamper.
"Can I see yours?"

Neither moved for quite a while, both realising what would have to happen next. Neither wanted to be the one, both waited on the other, hoping he would have enough courage to start.
After about 10 quiet minutes, Joseph got out of bed. He couldn't wait any longer. Slowly he walked over to the light switch and turned it on. Chris saw his friend standing at the door, fully , facing away from him. He sat up in his bed, nervously looking towards Joseph, who felt weak in his knees. Even though only seconds passed it seemed like hours for both boys until Joseph had gatered yet another surge of curage and turned around, exposing his naked body to his best friend.

He still had a hand over his hardon, covering it up from the staring eyes of Chris. Joseph had his look fixed on his best friends' face while he finally but slowly removed his hand. His raging 5 inch hardon, covered in precum from the excitement, was now fully visible to Chris, who couldn't take his eyes off it. He looked closely at hsi best friends penis, the perceft mushroom head, the long shaft, he noticed every detail, every veine. Neither boy moved for several minutes, neither boy able to speak a word.

Chris had his eyes set on his best friends hardon, who in turn still looked into Chris' face. Finally, Chris looked up, looking Joseph into his eyes smiling. "I guess it's my turn now."

All the nervousness had left Chris by now as he climed out of his bed, walked over to where Joseph was standing. Just a apart from eachother, he removed the top of his pyjamas. Without any hesiation he quickly removed the pants aswell. Joseph had never stopped to look into Chris' face until the pants dropped. He looked down at Chris' 4 inch hardon, which like his own was leaking precum.
"It looks like mine, just a little smaller," was all Joseph could say.
"Yeah, I know. Now that we did it, I don't know why we have not done that earlier."
"Probably because we were as scared and nervous as we have been right now!"
"You bet. Do you, you know ..."
"If I don't it will explode on its own any minute!"
"I have a magazine, you know, with boobs and all," confressed Chris.
"Na, if its cool with you I'd prefer to watch you," stammered Joseph.
"Sure, ok."

Both boys went to the bed and sat down on the lower bunk. Almost at the same time they started to slowly tuck on their precum covered hardons. Joseph stared at Chris' penis, who in turn didn't take his eyes off Joseph's hardon. Slow tucks became quickly fast and long strokes, the upright sitting position was changed into a more comfortable leaning posture.
Neither Chris nor Joseph would last long, both of them knowing that this was the most exciting sexual experience of their young life's. Faint moans escaped both their mouths as they came close to orgasm. Both had reached a furious pace, both staring at the other one's hardon.

About a minute after they started Joseph was close, his body tensed, all muscles in his body hardened, from the neck down to his toes. He erupted with a loud moan, sending waves of pleasure through his body and streams of boyjuice out his hardon. The first spurt landed on his face, the second on his chest, the third and forth still reached his belly. Several more dribbled out, as his body relaxed and the pleasure subsided.

Chris had watched his best friend cum in what looked like a sensation he never dreamed to experience even when actually having with another being. He had to stop to be able to watch the whole orgasm of his best friend. He picked up again, hopeing to dublicate what he just saw Joseph do. And within seconds, he himself tensed and erupted into the most wonderful orgasm ever.

Spurt after spurt squirted out his penis, the farthest landing on his chin. Two more reached his belly, then just liked with Joseph some more dribbled out. As his orgasm and tension subsided, he looked into Joseph's face, who smiled. "Damn, best one ever."

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