Boy Gets Two Big Loads

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

This is a true story about my first time and online hook up.

I was a senior in high school and just turned 18. I'm pretty good looking, athletic build, 6-0, 160, light skin, dark hair, blue eyes. I was very bi-curious and started browsing sites and ended up on a gay hookup site. My hormones were out of control and I desperately wanted to have sex with an older daddy type, someone that could show me the ropes.

After a few weeks, I started chatting with an older guy named Frank, who stated he was "partnered" but played together and alone. He was in his late 50s, was an executive, tall, good looking, larger build, husky, salt and pepper hair, fading hairline and a mustache. He unlocked his pictures and I could see he was really well hung.

He was pretty aggressive about me coming over. It was a Wednesday night in the summer and his partner Tim was out of town on a business trip. I was nervous, and agreed to meet at his place. Before we met, he asked me to send me a picture of my drivers license to verify I was 18, which I agreed to, but blacked out the name/address.

I ended up getting pretty nervous and no showed. The next day I jumped online and chatted with Frank and explained the situation. He understood but stated he wanted to see me tonight as he was alone and horny. Again, I got nervous and ended up no showing. I felt horrible but I was nervous about my first time, especially with someone so large.

The next night, I ended up jumping online late in the evening. I was hoping Frank would not be online but he was and messaged me right away. "I told you I don't like games Jay".

I was in shock. Frank knew my real name, as before I was using a fake name to hide my identity.

I apologized but he was pissed. I was afraid to ask how he knew my real name. I told him I wasn't playing games and made up a fake excuse. "You will come to my house tonight Jay." "Tim and I both haven't busted a nut all week and we want some fresh . I showed him your pictures. Would be a shame if I shared your pictures with others, right Jay... ; )" Tim was Frank's partner and was back in town. And now I had unlocked my pictures and put myself in a very stupid position of being outed.

"How do you know my real name...? Just curious" I asked.

"Your drivers license number. I checked it online to make sure it was real after you no showed me twice. So I guess you are real."

"Come play with us, we will do whatever you want to make sure you're comfortable, Tim just wants to watch you suck my like you promised you would do two nights in a row." "I want you to swallow my cum."

I was so horny at Frank's dirty talk, and at the same time worried about people in my high school learning about my bi-sexuality. I didn't think Frank would do anything, but I also didn't want to test this guy I hardly knew and just met online. I got cleaned up and drove to his address.

As I approached the door, there was a note, "Come in and go down into the basement". I did as instructed. When I arrived in the basement there were candles lit, a tv with a gay porn playing and another note. Put this on, it was a pair of skimpy silk underwear. It was a nice home, and nice finished basement. "Once you are ready call my cell." I did as I was told and sat on the couch watching the porn that was playing on the screen tv. It was a younger guy getting fucked by an . I immediately got hard --the porn looked like it was older but still very hot.

I called the number "Hey, Jay, I'm so glad you are here." said the voice. "Finally!!! Are you ready? We have our favorite playing. I hope you're enjoying it."

"Yes" I said nervously.

"Don't be nervous, fix yourself a drink and I'll be right down"

I was nervous but when I saw Frank come down the stairs in a black robe, he had a big smile and made me feel ok. We chatted for a bit. And then he said. "That was really rude of you to stand me up for 2 days in a it's time you face your punishment".

At that moment Tim came down with a whip like paddle. He was slimmer, buzzed head, some salt and pepper facial hair, he was completely naked and he had a semi erect cock that was shaved with big balls showing.

"Stand up" he said. "I don't like you fucking playing stupid ass games and bullshitting my partner Frank."

I said I was sorry but he interrupted me.

"Put this on and get on your knees " he was holding a blindfold.

I obeyed and quickly got on my knees, Frank and Tim put a blindfold on me. I could hear Franks robe hit the ground in front of me. "we're going to play a little game, it's called, you do whatever we want"

"Now open your mouth and say yes sir"

"Yes sir" I opened my mouth and I could feel a large thick cock enter my hot mouth, I loved the taste of this huge cock. I started slowly sucking and Tim was grabbing my head and pushing Frank's hard cock further and further down my throat. He grabbed my arms and held them behind my back as I bobbed back and forth. I started throbbing and sucking hard until I started to choke. I could tell Frank was loving it as he was moaning and moaning. I kept sucking and could feel Franks precum oozing into my mouth. I kept sucking while I could hear the porn in the background and I was getting very turned on by the boy in the movie screaming as he was getting pounded. As I sucked on Frank's big cock, my own cock was bulging out of this underwear they had put me in.

"Stand up" Tim said.

"Oh fuck I was almost going to cum" said Frank. "Not yet" said Tim. "We're going to enjoy this."

As I stood they pushed me up against a wall and spread my hands and legs. They both started caressing my body and kissing my nipples and then they both started making out with me. They grabbed my underwear and pushed it slowly to the ground as my hard cock flopped out. I was rock hard and enjoying every moment. "Can I take my blindfold off" I said.

"What did we say you call us?" said Tim.

"Please sir"

"You don't follow instructions very well" "No you cannot Jay, in fact, that's going to get you some more punishment for even asking"

They both started slapping my ass with their paddle, whip and spreading my cheeks, over and over my ass was getting red. For 10-15 minutes I stood there as they repeatedly slapped my round ass one at a time. Eventually they shot some oil on my ass and started to rub it all over and finger my asshole slowly as I arched my back and put my ass out. They were now just standing behind me talking dirty and taking turns slapping my ass with their hands now. "wow, this is an amazing ass" Tim said to Frank. "where did you find this one?" Then suddenly I felt a tongue start my ass and after a few minutes a dildo slide into my asshole. In all my conversations with Frank online we had agreed on just oral but I was frozen still as they were both playing with my ass with a dildo. They slowly pulled it out and spread open my ass. As they stood there admiring my asshole, I could feel them both spit on my asshole and spread open my cheeks.

"Okay...Get back on your knees" said Tim. I could tell Tim was the more dominate one in the relationship by the way he was ordering me around.

I got back on my knees and they stood over me and I took turns sucking off both of their cocks with my hands behind my back. I was throbbing fast and hoping they would shoot their loads because I wanted to cum so badly. Tim ripped off my blindfold, and said "look up at me."

I looked up as I sucked off both Frank and Tim. My cock was throbbing and I almost came just looking up at their faces as I sucked off their fat hard cocks.

Frank got me on all fours and started to rim my asshole as I continued working on Tim. Tim's cock was nice sized, around 7 inches, thick, and big. I loved sucking on it, not as big as Frank but very nice looking.

All of the sudden I could feel Frank's big cock slowly entering my ass. I tried to say something but Tim had both hands on the back of my head and was pushing me all over his cock, as I slobbered on his cock, I could taste his cum and it felt like he was close to shooting his hot load down my throat. Just then he pulled out and started slapping his cock against my face. And then Frank was starting to pick up the pace, in and out of my ass. I was on all fours taking a cock in the mouth and ass at the same time from both ends. I was so turned on, it was like my cock was going to cum without any contact.

Tim grabbed my lower chin and pulled it up to have me look at him. He wanted to see my reaction the first time my ass was getting fucked. Oh wow, at first it was uncomfortable but as he started to get in rhythm it felt amazing. "Oh fuck that feels good, please keep fucking my ass harder sir". My ass was getting numb and I loved the feeling of getting fucked hard by an older man. He was grabbing my ass with both hands as he continued to ass fuck me.

Frank was slapping my ass and slamming his balls against my cheeks harder and harder as I was getting fucked hard doggy style. After a few minutes he pulled out and Tim got behind me and started fucking me as Frank took a break. Tim went to town and was fucking me good while I was still on all fours. They slowed down the pace and took turns slowly fucking my ass.

Tim then switched positions and got down on the carpet floor and had me get on top and sit on his cock. I bounced up and down and started to ride his big cock. As I was riding his cock I could see Frank with a big smile slowly jerking off his cock. "Oh fuck you have such a nice ass" he said.

At that moment I started to jerk off my cock as I was about to explode I looked right at Frank as I jerked off my cock. He smiled at me and I knew he was loving it. As I looked at him I shot a huge load as my tight little ass was getting fucked. My cum shot all over my stomach like never before. Just as my cock was exploding stream after stream. Tim pulled out and both of them stood in front of me jerking off their cocks. I put Franks cock back in my mouth and starting sucking him off again, this time using my hand, and at a faster pace, I wanted to taste cum, as Tim jerked off he looked at me and said "Open your mouth boy".

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and looked up at his face while he started to cum. His hot load shot right in my mouth, very thick warm cum shot again this time jumping out of his cock and hitting my nose and face. I left my mouth open as Frank started jerking off his big cock too. "Ohhhhh fuck that's so hot" moaned Frank.

"I want to taste your hot load" I said as Frank was jerking off faster and faster. I tuned my attention to Frank and that big cock of his.

As I made eye contact with Frank, he shot his load right after Tim was about finished. His load started to hit my tongue as I kept my mouth open both Tim and Frank were cumming huge loads which felt like didn't stop. Frank had covered my entire face. I swallowed as much as I could but most ended up dripping down my face and chin and on to my shaved chest.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhh" they both moaned and started kissing each other as they stood above my covered face and chest. My ass was so red and sore but it felt amazing.

"That was hot" "So glad you could come over" they both said. I was literally covered in cum and had just experienced the hottest sex of my life. As soon as it was over, I was thinking about the next time. They let me shower at their place and I got cleaned up and headed home.

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