(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I went to visit my mother who lives in a small gay resort town, while I was there I really wanted a good fucking it had been awhile, so I went to one of the local bars looking to hookup with someone. I arrived at this one bar and it was empty except for the bartender he told me he was about to close but he would serve me while he was closing.

I ordered a drink and asked him why it was so dead he said because it was during the week and off season we talked for a few more minutes while he was cleaning up, he then told me he was locking the doors and turning off the open sign but I could stay a bit longer if I wanted too. I said sure and watched him walk to the door he came back to the bar asked if I wanted another drink I said yes as he made mine he also made himself one came around the bar and set next to me he asked me if I had a I told him no he smiled we had a few sips of our drinks then he leaned forward placing his sweet lips against mine and we began making out.

After a few moments of the battle of the tongues I reached down and grabbed his crotch he then stood up took off his pants set up on the bar and I began sucking his I couldn't get enough of it taking every inch down my throat and gagging on it, he had his hands on the back of my head pushing it into his stomach and balls. He then told me to get up undress and he was going to the he'll out of me, he walked me over to the pool table bent me over it spread my legs apart and stuffed his cock in my hot wet hole and began pounding the fuck out of me I was screaming it felt so good. He then pulled out turned me around laying me on the table placed my legs on his shoulders and started fucking me again after roughly 45 minutes he shot his load all over me he then threw me a bar towel I cleaned up finished my drink and left.

Now about a week later I was at home relaxing when I received a phone call from my mother's friend named Ken he asked me if I could come by his house in a few days to help him move a few things, I thought it was strange that he wanted my help but I said sure. A few days later I arrived at his house I helped him move a few things around when he told me he had a confession to make that he didn't need my help at all and asked me if my mother knew about me or anyone else for that matter.

I looked at him confused and asked him what he meant. He then proceeded to tell me that one of his jobs he does is review surveillance tapes at the local bars and how surprised he was when he came across a tape a few weeks ago and then turned it on and their I was sitting at the bar drinking as I watched it I was getting turned on. He said it was our secret as he reached out and grabbed a handful of ass but I'm going to fuck the shit out of you like the bartender only it's going to be a lot longer than 45minutes. We went in his bedroom and we fucked all night.

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