Catfishing my uncle

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100% fiction!

My uncle is your average 55-year-old, semi-attractive, in-shape white guy. He has curly black hair, a trimmed salt and pepper goatee, nice arms, and a great chest. His belly fluctuates between toned and a bit expanded, but never a full-blown gut. His personality is the real selling point of his allure. He's a wise-cracker, goofball, and extremely kind-hearted. All in all, he's known as a very love-able guy. He's my father's younger brother so we have a pretty close bond and our own unique rapport.

I didn't always have an attraction to him. It started when I was a young virgin full of testosterone. I exited a public bathroom stall while he was at the urinal and accidentally caught a quick glimpse of his penis while he was taking a piss. I noted that it was several shades darker than the rest of his complexion, and it piqued my interest. However, nothing too much developed from this. Several years later he would go through a divorce and, with his new single status, became a new man. I learned through a few conversations with him that he was dating lots of different women. I never thought of him to have such a high libido. I was left alone in a room with his phone once and combed through it.

I found several text conversations with different women where he described how he wanted to eat their pussies and fuck them. Seeing this side of my uncle completely reignited my curiosity about him. I was in a stage where I fetishized . I was totally into daddies, and even had a crush on some of my dad's friends. I wondered if it were not for the familial boundary if I would be more attracted to my uncle and the answer was YES! As I took out my horniness on an excess of porn I began to search for more and more niche things to get my rocks off. Taboo porn was starting to earn my interest and I had even found some studio incest porn that turned me on a lot. I found myself closing my eyes and thinking about hot daddy figures while I masturbated, and often times my uncle would pop into my head along with that brief image of his cock at the urinal. The glimpse was so quick and I knew my mind was creating it's own image of it based off of memory. I determined I really wanted another glance at his cock and figured out a way to do it.

We have a pool and in the summer my family frequently comes over to swim in it. For whatever reason, my uncle always got changed in my room. I hatched a plan to catch him changing. I set my phone up behind the bookshelf with the camera peeking between a couple tall books. It was a very limited view, but covered enough ground. The stage was set and I was extremely nervous. I had no idea how I would reason my way out of it should I get caught, but this didn't stop me. I had sat on this curiosity about my uncle and his penis for years and I was ready to bring that fantasy to life. The family came over to swim and my uncle changed in my room.

As soon as he finished I darted in and grabbed my phone to see what I captured. He walks in, takes off his shoes, bends down dangerously close to the camera, then steps closer to the bed. He pulls down his pants with his back to the camera. I get a momentary glimpse at the top half of his , but he moves back out of frame. Nothing. His ass was nice, but I was really after his cock. I was determined, so I set it up again before he got out of the pool. He changes in my room quickly. Once again, I sat on my bed, heart pounding as I watched back the . In this one he is dead smack in the middle of the frame and drops his bathing suit.

I get a full view of his ass before he wraps his towel around his waist to dry off. He pats himself down quickly then tears the towel off and I finally get a peek at what I had been craving. As he turns slightly to dry his legs with the towel his cock whips around into perfect view. He's soft, but it's still a decent length and his balls are hanging extremely low from the warm water. His cock is a nice shade of caramel and he has a pink head that resembles an armor helmet.

He is circumcised and his pubes are trimmed nicely. I’m instantly hard. He rubs his cock and balls with the towel, which provides another quick view of his junk flopping around. He then takes a step closer to the camera where I get one last frontal view of his member before he puts his underwear on. I must have jerked off to this video twice a day for weeks. He completely replaced studio porn.

I went on to record him over the course of several months that summer and got about 6 videos of him changing. I used them over and over again to get off, but they all had one common problem. The videos were fairly low resolution, the lighting wasn’t the , and he was never standing that close to the camera. As a result zooming in on his cock and balls left me with a fairly pixelated image. Furthermore, he was always soft. I wanted more. As I continued to get off to these videos he became an object of fantasy. Seeing him in person was always a treat. I could interact with and touch the man that caused me so many amazing orgasms, and I had a profoundly deep admiration and love for him as my uncle.

The fact that I was never meant to see his cock, and as society and nature dictates, was never meant to develop this sense of attraction to him made the entire situation even more arousing. I was granted the opportunity to look him in the eyes, knowing I’ve seen him fully naked in his most vulnerable state, and he had no idea. I could rewind, slow motion, and re-watch his cock flopping around as many times as I wanted. The intensity of this lust was overwhelming and I had to take it to the next level.

The TV show catfish inspired me to try another stunt. I was expecting it to be an utter failure, but I figured it was worth a shot. I had no experience pretending to be another person, but knew of the sources to pull it together. The Internet is vastly full of pictures of women, with Reddit being a great resource. Furthermore, I was familiar with apps that provided you a free, fake phone number that could text and picture message. Nothing could have prepared me for this, so I just went for it. I sat in my bed creating a fake persona and shot him a text from a fake number.

I attached a provocative photo of a woman’s breasts in a bra. The text was along the lines of, “Hey, can’t wait to see you again.” I knew he would confuse it with one of the many women he was dating, but I wasn’t sure he’d even reply. However, he did. Fully in character, he made a joke about how perfect the breasts were but asked who it was. I gave him some fake details and he pressed me before we came to the conclusion that we had never met. I told him I likely had the wrong number and apologized, hoping he would want to continue the conversation. If I had learned anything about my uncle it was that he was an extraordinarily horny man.

Being in his 50’s he was likely limited to hooking up with women his age, however, the girl contacting him now was in her early 20’s. Apparently, this was too much for him to resist and he continued the conversation. I was enthralled, imagining all that could come out of this.

I kept the fake texting app well hidden in my phone along with the pictures of this girl I had put together. Really, the photos were of all different girls with similar looking bodies. We chatted intermittently for about a week, but I never mustered up the courage to straight up ask for a dick pic. I wasn’t sure if he was into that and he seemed to have plenty of women available to fuck in real life so I thought he might not be keen on sexting.

I drove the conversation down sexual avenues several times, and one particular night it stuck. He must have been horny. I found a way to slip another revealing photo into the conversation and he really liked it. He suggested he send a pic back and my head was spinning. This seemed entirely too good to be true. I waited several minutes before the picture came through. I finally got to lay my eyes on what I had fantasized about for years. A photo of his fully engorged cock, close up in high definition.

I was extremely surprised by the size of his dick. It had a decent girth, but a more impressive length. It was vascular, veins running up and down with one larger one along the side. The photo was a POV shot, with his fingers at the base of his cock. He was in bed, fully nude, and fully hard. The hand looked familiar, ring and all. I’d seen those legs and feet in person so many times. But that big, beautiful cock was a new addition. It was a piece of him that was always covered up and that he never intended for me to see. I was learning new things about his body, like the way his cock stood when aroused, the small freckle on his inner thigh, the faint hue of his circumcision scar. I could not believe my eyes.

I took this opportunity to send him a long text describing how gorgeous his cock was and exactly what I wanted to do to it. I was over the moon and so satisfied that I had this image to look at whenever I wanted. Had I only know then that this would just be one of the hundreds of photos he would send me over the next several years. We maintained our secret relationship over time. He never pressed me too much to video or talk on the phone. He seemed satisfied with this being a strictly text-oriented fantasy chat. We never corresponded live, there was always a delay of a day or two. He believed that I lived on the other side of the US, but offered to fly to me to spend a weekend. Of course, I always had an excuse.

Our conversations were never lengthy or personal enough for him to get many details out of me. I thoroughly enjoyed having the ability to send long, descriptive texts to my uncle about how badly I wanted to worship his cock and take the entire length of it inside of me. He loved my erotic tales and would join in sometimes telling me how much he loved my pussy and how badly he wanted to fuck a younger girl like me. Each new photo of his cock revealed another detail. He was sometimes trimmed, sometimes furry, and sometimes shaved. His balls were always nice and full and he often showed them off along with his massive prick. Truthfully, I would have been enamored no matter what his cock looked like.

Just the fact that I was granted the opportunity to look through naked photos of my uncle that were taken privately for some horny girl was enough to drive me wild. However, I was truly blessed that his cock was so gorgeous. I have seen plenty of cocks in porn and in person and I stand by the fact that he has one of the most beautiful cocks I have ever seen. It’s a dense slab of meat and he knows how to photograph it and show it off.

He began to treat me to videos of himself jerking off. My favorite was a 5-minute video that started with him stripping off his clothes and then stroking his cock to climax. He wasn’t a very heavy cummer, but his loads were always extremely thick. I even got a slow-motion video of the cum dribbling out of his cock. He was also into dirty talking and moaning. Some of my favorite things he said were, “This cock is for you. It’s all for you,” and, “I’ve been thinking about you and I want to fuck you with this.” His heavy breathing as he came drove me wild. His cock was always lubed up, glistening to reveal every vein.

He managed to get himself extremely hard and even used cock rings in a couple videos. Watching his dick pulsate and throb was amazing. It’s funny how we never really think of our family members to have such sexual, perverted sides to them. I would have never thought about what my uncle does in private or whom he corresponds with on his phone. However, here he was laid out in the privacy of his home, naked and stroking his big cock for a young girl on the other side of the country. Meanwhile, he’s sending all of these images and videos directly to his nephew, who is masturbating feverishly to them.

One night he came over to watch a but I noticed he was on his phone the entire time. I wondered what he was looking at. Sure enough, after he had left I got several texts from him to my fake number. He had pulled his car over and whipped his cock out for a couple pictures. It was accompanied with the texts, “Been thinking about you all night and got hard while driving!” It seemed like this relationship was just as much a treat for him as it was for me and it showed no signs of ending. Around this time he got a long-term girlfriend. They were pretty serious and she had met the family. He told us that he was exclusive to her now, and I was concerned that the texting would stop.

But it didn’t. He told me about her and showed me a video of himself cumming on her ass. I found a video some couple had made of themselves fucking. It was just a close-up of his cock in her pussy. I sent it to him and told him it was myself and some guy. To my surprise, he responded with a comment about the cock. I asked him if he was curious and he said he had thought about it before, but never acted on it. I coaxed him some more and he told me that porn made blowjobs look so fun he would consider trying it on someone who was “not too gay”. I got the impression that he wasn’t necessarily bi-sexual and loved women far too much to ever be intimate with a man, but was free-spirited enough to try cock in a MMF threesome.

He told me that the dick in the video looked good enough to go out of my pussy and into his mouth. This drove me absolutely mad. My uncle was such a sexual being and was even open to cock. I wanted to see how far I could take this and several weeks later messaged him asking for advice on . I told him a guy wanted to try it with me and sent him a picture of my own cock as if it were this guys. He commented that my cock was a good size, sort of like his, and that I should go through with it only if I wanted to.

The idea that my uncle had now seen a photo of my fully hard cock turned me on a lot. We kept this relationship up for several more months before it faded away. I decided to block him and delete the number instead of rekindling things. The more buried it stays and forgotten it is the less chance that this could ever snowball into me getting caught. However, I will always have the pictures and videos he sent me to get off to and I will always know just how fucking horny my uncle is.

My uncle knows I am gay, but there has never been an inkling of genuine pull between us. I am far too shy and nervous to even subtly hint anything to him, even given what I know about his curiosities. Likewise, he has never dropped any signals to me. I know I will never actually get a chance to suck his cock or take him inside of me, but at least know I have enough material to give me a great sense of what it would be like. I know his smell, I understand his sex-drive, and I’ve seen him hard and primed countless times. There will likely never be another human who can turn me on as much as him.

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