Chilly Willy

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I switched on the short-wave to get the latest on the
weather. A backpacker was lost in the wilds during the worst
snow storm in a decade. The National Weather Service had
been forecasting the storm for two days. I had to wonder
why this idiot was still on the mountain? Hell, I guess I
shouldn’t have been surprised. After twenty years of making
this mountain my home, nothing these city slickers do should
surprised me.

According to the alert broadcast by the ranger station,
the missing person was a , eighteen; name, Jordan
something or another. He was last seen in the vicinity of
Flat Rock Springs.

The last thing I wanted to do was freeze off my
traipsing through the woods in a blizzard looking for some
dumb ass kid. Flat Rock Springs was three miles south of my
cabin, in the opposite direction of the ranger station.

I threw a log onto the bed of coals in the fireplace and
watched it ignite. A bitter, icy wind howled outside as I
paced back and forth. In a storm like this, even the most
seasoned hiker could lose his bearings. If this kid got
turned around, he could be nearby. It would be dark soon.
If he wasn’t found before nightfall there was no way he could
survive the storm until morning. At , the chance that I
would find him was a long shot, but I had to try.

Bundled in my warmest cloths, leaning into the wind and
blinding snow, I headed out in the direction of Flat Rock

Because of the thick storm clouds, the light was fading
fast. After only a half hour of searching, I was forced to
turn back. I couldn’t risk being caught out in this storm
after dark.

I’d just started my trek back to my cabin when I caught
a glimpse of something red. Squinting, shielding my eyes
against the blowing snow with my hands, I looked more
closely. I’ll be damned, it was him. It had to be. What
had caught my eye was his red coat. He was half frozen, and
barely able to walk.

It was damn near dark by the time I got him back to my
cabin. I radioed the ranger station so they could call off
the search and let the kid’s family know he had been found.
The weather was to bad to get him out. At best it would be
a day or two before he could be returned home.

The kid sat in front of the fire shivering, wet to the
skin. He looked like a lost puppy who had just been snatched
from the jaws of death.

Jordan was eighteen, but he looked younger. He was
quite attractive, as a matter of fact, he was right down
beautiful. His dark hair shimmered wetly in the glow of the
fire. He large green eyes and full sensuous lips beckoned me
to be compassionate.

Of coarse my foremost concerns were for his well being,
but I was also quite eager to see him naked. I couldn’t help
getting aroused as I helped him off with his cloths. It had
been some time since I’d been in the company of such a
handsome young man.

Jordan’s behavior remained indifferent as I stripped him
of his saturated long johns. His physique was rather boyish,
I would have expected him to be the shy type, but I think he
was just to damn cold to care about modesty.

His and balls were shriveled from exposure to the
extreme cold, but I still found them most appealing. His
teeth chattered as eased him down onto the blanket I had laid
out on the floor in front of the fireplace. The cold had
decreased his circulation, making his skin quite pale. He
shook violently with a bone deep chill. After covering him
with another blanket I vigorously rubbed his arms and legs.

“I’ve never been so cold,” he said. “I feel numb all

“Don’t worry, I’ll have you warmed up in no time.”

Jordan just stared into the fire as my hands worked
their way up his thighs to his crotch. Beneath the blanket a
sudden rush of blood to his groin caused his cock to swell.
I brought my hand to on the bulge rising up between his
legs. “It looks like your circulation is improving already.”

Jordan looked down at my groping hand. His cock was now
fully aroused; six inches of rigid, teenage dickmeat. Color,
in the form of a blush, tinted his cheeks. “Sorry about
that,” he said. “It’s just, well, having your hands on me
feels really good.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I said. “It’s not as if I’ve
never seen a stiff dick before.

Jordan smiled. He had a gorgeous smile. I reached
under the blanket to feel his skin. He was warming up nicely,
in more ways than one. He gasped softly as my fingers
encircled his cock. “That really feels nice,” he said,
making a feeble attempt to push my hand away from his crotch.
“Maybe a little too nice. I think you’d better stop.”

“Being sexually aroused increases the heart rate and
blood pressure. It will help warm you up.”

“I’m sure you’re right,” said Jordan, “but unless you
want me making a mess on your blanket, you’ll stop.”

I was getting a bit ahead of myself. I had all the time
in the world. There was certainly no reason to be rushing

“Well, in that case, why don’t you roll over and I’ll
rub the other side for awhile.”

Without hesitation, Jordan turned onto his belly and
shivered as my hands came down on his cool ass. His hairless
buttocks was quite firm and as round as any I’d ever seen.
Christ, this kid was really making me horny.

“As attractive as you are, I’ll bet you get your dick
played with a lot.”

“Now and then,” said Jordan, “but not as often as you
might think, certainly not as often as I’d like.”

“In other words, you jackoff a lot.”

Jordan laughed. “Every chance I get.”

“Well, there’s certainly nothing wrong with a young man
getting familiar with himself. You should explore and

“Oh, I’m very open minded,” said Jordan. “I’ll try just
about anything once.”

I wondered just how open minded he was. “Have you ever
explored your ass?”

“No, not really,” said Jordan. “Just enough to know I’m
really sensitive back there.”

As I massaged the smooth mounds of Jordan’s buttocks he
lifted himself up, inviting me to play with his silky balls.
“You’re getting really horny aren’t you, Jordan?”

“Yeah, I guess I am,” he sighed, lifting his ass even
higher, causing the cheeks of his slender butt to gape open
ever so slightly. From deep within his yawning crack the
crimson hew of his alluring pucker demanded closer

I worked my thumbs into his tempting valley and opened
up his tight little ass. A plume of fine hair outlined the
rim of his pucker like a fuzzy fringe. The thought of
driving my cock deep into his beautiful asshole had my
organ laboring to escape the confines of my pants.

“You like my ass, don’t you?” Asked Jordan. He was
staring right at the enormous bulge in my basket. “You want
to fuck me, don’t you?” He was underestimating my pent up
lust. I wanted to do more than just fuck him. I wanted to
devour every silky inch of his delicious looking body.

I gently rubbed the center of his pucker. “Are you
offering to let me fuck your butt?”

“Before I answer that, let me see your cock,” said
Jordan. His eyes danced with excitement as I reached down
and unzipped my fly. His mouth dropped open as I shoved down
my pants and my thick, nine—inch cock sprang up. In a voice
that was consumed with awe, he uttered. “That’s the biggest
cock I’ve ever seen.

Chills ran up and down my spine as Jordan wrapped his
cool fingers around my hot fuck muscle. I bent down and
wantonly kissed his creamy, white ass. Goose bumps formed on
his slender buttocks as my tongue left a trail of drool the
full length of his enticing crack.

Beyond the four walls of my cabin the snow storm
continued to rage, but inside the cabin a storm of another
sort was brewing.

Jordan pawed my cock until his fingers were sticky with
pre-cum. The kid was a genuine jackoff artist. He knew
exactly how to manipulate my rod, knew precisely when to
increase his stoke, and when to back off. Instincts like
that aren’t developed overnight. He had obviously had a lot
of practice.

Reaching down between his belly and the blanket, Jordan
pushed his cock back between his yawning thighs. A single
drop of ejaculate clung to his pisshole, shimmering tastily
in the firelight. I took his scrumptious knob into my mouth
and sucked it greedily, savoring the tartness of his pre—cum
as it seeped across my tongue.

My lips held fast to the slippery, wet rim of his bloated
dickhead as Jordan buried his face in my crotch. Few men had
ever been able to accommodate the full length of my cock,
Jordan was one of those men. When the head of my cock hit
the back of his throat it just kept going. Not only was he
well versed in the finer techniques of masturbation, he was
also a cracker—jack cocksucker.

I spit out Jordan’s cock and nibbled gingerly upon his
wrinkled ball-sac. He moaned softly as I drew both his
aching bangers into my mouth and lashed them thoroughly with
my tongue.

His balls popped singularly from my mouth, and I wedged
my tongue between the cheeks of his ass. “I want to fuck
you,” I sighed passionately. “I want to bury my dick in
your ass so bad I think I’ll go crazy if you refuse me.”

“But you’re so big,” said Jordan.

“Don’t let the size of my cock scare you. I’ll loosen
you up first. I’ll get you good and wet so it’ll slip right
in.” I rammed my tongue up his ass and he trembled

“Oh shit, that feels great,” Jordan whimpered. “Ah
yeah, butt fuck me with your tongue. No one has never done
that before.”

“Umm, you taste good,” I mumbled “You like having your
asshole licked, don’t you? I know you like cock. Just
imagine how good it would feel having my dick up your ass.” I
pushed my tongue into his hungry shithole until I had no more
tongue to offer.

Jordan’s body stiffened and he hissed lustfully through
tightly clinched teeth. Within arms reach, his pants were
hung over the back of a chair to dry. He reached out for
them and retrieved a condom from his wallet.

His pucker was seething with saliva as I stuck a finger
into his rectum. He cried out with approval as I banged his
tight butt, first with a single finger, and then with two.
The kid was soon beside himself with desire.

“I do want to feel your big cock inside me,” said
Jordan, sheathing me organ with the condom. “But I’ll only
let you fuck me if I get to be on top.” Top, or bottom. It
was all the same to me. Either way, I was going to get a
great piece of ass.

Rising up on his knees, Jordan straddled my hips and
slowly descended upon my hard, lengthy pecker. His stiff
cock bobbed up and down as I stroked his smooth thighs. He
slid my dick around until the head was situated at the center
of his fuckhole. His legs quaked as he slowly lowered his
ass onto my rod. Panting feverishly, he bit down on his
lower lip and emitted a low, painful grunt as my knob burst
through his flexing ring of resistance. Poised in a hover
mode, Jordan waited for the shock of penetration to subside
before impaling himself further.

The sudden jolt of pain throbbing in his stretched
pucker brought shimmering shadows of tears to his eyes. The
fibrous muscles in his neck and throat were tense as he
swallowed his impassioned cries of agony. I held to his
slender waist, guiding his descent, as his buttocks gradually
came to rest on my hairy thighs.

Slowly, Jordan began to move his ass back and forth,
then up and down. In his contorted expression I could see a
tenacious fury mounting within him. The youthful virility
pulsating through his cock had set loose a steady stream of
pre-cum. With each ruttish bounce of his ass his gummy
pisshole slapped wetly upon my belly. Just watching him ride
my big dick was a tremendous thrill.

I cuddled Jordan’s swollen balls in the palm of one
hand, and leisurely jacked him off with the other. The walls
of his hot, sticky rectum clung tightly to the rigid contours
of my embedded meat, coaxing my pent up load closer and
closer to the point of release. I couldn’t hold back the
turbulent flood rolling at the base of my piss much

Jordan’s sinewy thighs quaked as he slammed his gyrating
ass down hard. In unison, his cock and rectum began to jerk
spastically. “I’m gonna cum,” he cried, his ball—sac
cinching up so tightly that his big bangers all but
disappeared. I yanked his cock faster, cupping my free hand
under his throbbing knob to catch his stringy cream.

Spurting torrential globs of jism from his pisshole,
Jordan whimpered passionately. “God, that feels good!”

“Oh yeah, empty those beautiful, big nuts of yours in my
hand.” I was truly impressed with the magnitude of his
ejaculation. Sweat streamed from my temples as his hot load
pooled in the palm of my hand.

In his ass my cock swelled with orgasmic pleasure.
“That’s it,” Jordan moaned. “Cum in my butt. Fill my hole
with cock juice.”

As my erupting cock slammed against the walls of his
rectum, Jordan drew my hand containing his spent nectar to
his mouth. I gasped with rapture as his tongue hungrily
lapped up every drop of milky jism.

Neither of us were eager for the weather to clear. For
two nights and a day the winter storm provided us with an
unrelenting opportunity to make the most of our
circumstances, and we didn’t waste one precious minute of our
limited time together.

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