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Hey, name is Travis. I am 22 years old and gay. These are some of the things that happened on past Christmas days.

December 18th,2005
One week before christmas, I was just waking up and getting ready for the morning. As always, I go to the bathroom, use the toilet, and take a shower. Today was different though, I woke up at 9:00am wearing nothing but my boxers (and a massive 9in. tenting out)and I walked to the bathroom and took them off to take a pee. Then, I jumped into the shower and I noticed that the water was running and then I hear "Dude, Get out!" I turn around and there right in front of me is my cousin, . (He 3 years older than me and well built,6 pack abs, and a 10 in. cock)I am standing there in shock looking at his cock. Then he says,"you want to suck it." I look up and reply "Can I?" and before he answers I kneel down and shove the whole thing in my mouth. Then, he turns me around and shoves it into my . After 10 minutes he cums into my ass and then gets out to let me wash off. When I get down stairs, I notice that he is in the kitchen and when he saw me he smiled and we fucked again that night.

December 18th,2006
My uncle Tom was staying over for the holiday before he went to Europe to meet with his family. It was him and I all alone.(Parents were christmas shopping) So, he arrived in a 1973 Ford Truck and I helped him carry his suitcase to the guest room. Then, He locks the door and takes off his shirt. (, HE's so Damn ) He says"So Travis, you want to fuck i know that your gay." To my surprise, he states that he's gay. I take off my clothes right away and help him undo his pants to reveal his cock. I go on the bed and find the lube i store in the drawer and tell him to lube up my ass. When he is finished he sticks his whole cock in my ass and humps me rapidly. This took 2 minutes and then he was about to cum. I told him to do it into my mouth and those drops of cum were the sweetest drops of cum i have ever tasted. One hour later my parents arrive and notice that we are sleeping nude next to one another. That was the embarassing part of the day.

December 18th, 2007
I have a twin brother named Rick and hes also gay. He was coming down to visit and right when he walks into the house he takes off his clothes, and goes onto the couch to masturbate, I go to him and ask "mind if i join you?" he replies "no." and then i take off my boxers and then i spot him leaking pre-cum out of his cock and that makes me super horny so i move my head over his cock and suck it. He cummed into my mouth and then we went to his room to fuck. The rest will remain a secret.

December 18,2008
My family went to Las Vegas and left me to spend christmas with my friend who lives alone. He is well built with a 8 pac. He's bi and loves fucking guys. When i arrive, I knock on the door and no one answers so i knock again, Then i hear "ITS UNLOCKED" so i open the door and to my surprise there getting a blow job is my best friend. His brother was the one giving him the blowjob. So, i put my bags down and take off my clothes and they notice my 9in cock and his brother tells me to stick it inside him. So i do and i cum inside him and my friend cums inside his mouth and then he told me to lay on my back on the floor. As I do he kneels next to my head and waits until i am on the ground. He begins to masturbate above my head and cums all over my face. When hes finished my best friend licks it off and does the same. Then he made out with me and fucked me again.

My and I are setting up the christmas tree. He's shirtless and I'm just in my boxers, as i am trying to put the star on top he pulls off my boxers and starts to suck my cock. I was surprised that he would do this to me. I have always had a thing for my dad. So, he lifts me off of the ladder still sucking my cock and lays me onto the couch. He takes off his clothes and lubes up his cock and my ass and he rams his cock into me. The pain of his cock was amazing. As he's doing that he yells " I'M SO GLAD THAT YOU ARE MY SON THAN I COULD DO THIS TO YOU EVERYDAY" I ask him why he doesnt and he goes because i don't want your mom to know im gay. That was a complete surprise to me but before i could react he cummed into my ass and that made me cum onto the couch. When we were done he turned me over and started making out with me and told me not to tell anyone. An hour later we put back on our clothes and finished setting up the tree like nothing happened.

Hopefully next year will be just as amazing. Oh, My parents got a divorce and my dad got custody of my brother and I. So every saturday, i invite my friend, his brother, my dad, and my brother to my house to have sex.

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