Dad comes for a long needed visit

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This story is completely FICTIONAL!

My name is Jonah. I am 21 years old, an average guy, that moved away from home a few years ago. Home is a small town in Wisconsin, and I left to go to Colorado to live my life in the mountains. I’ve always loved winter and the mountains, I am an avid skier, and work at a major ski resort in the winters, and am also a white water rafting guide during the summers. Keeping active and being in the outdoors is where I am happy, so I guess you could say I have a good body. I am a very athletic guy. Played sports in high school, work out plenty, and try to keep my body as healthy as I can. I am 6’ and 170lbs, mostly muscle. Brown hair and blue eyes, with a trimmed beard and a patch of fur on my chest.

Alright enough about me. I’m telling a story about when my dad came out to visit me for a week a month or two ago. Me and my father have always been very close and I cherish the relationship I have with him. I guess you could say we are friends. We enjoy the same things and I can talk to him about anything without feeling uncomfortable. My dad owns and runs a farm back home in Wisconsin and I enjoyed the many years working with him side by side. I hadn’t seen him for about 2 years from when he and my mother dropped me off in Colorado to start my new life. I missed him a lot and I was happy to hear that he was coming out to stay with me for a week while my mother was visiting my grandpa in Florida.

I went to pick him up at the airport when he arrived and feelings started rushing back to me as we hugged each other tightly for a few seconds. I have told my dad everything except one thing. I am gay. There wasn’t ever a good time to tell him. He loved my mother, was straight as a nail, good Christian, etc. I don’t know what he would ever think of me if he found out, or if he would accept me. Oh and by the way, I had a huge crush on him. He was a sturdy 6’1 190lbs, blue collar type, masculine, muscular from farming all his life, husky, hairy from head to toe, hairy chest, arms, legs, and a great salt and pepper beard to finish it off. I had to hold off my hard ons when i ever saw him working without a shirt on.

Anyways, we left the airport went to my favorite restaurant, caught up on each other’s lives and spent some great father son bonding time that was long overdue. It was getting late and he was exhausted from traveling all day, so we stopped at a liquor store, he grabbed a 12 pack of beer, and we headed back to my small one bedroom apartment, that was nestled on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. Great spot with a great Mountain View off the deck of my apartment. He got settled in, unpacked his things for the week grabbed two beers, handed one to me, then collapsed on the couch to talk some more.

We talked more about what was going on with the family, and about how my brother had just recently gotten engaged to his girlfriend, typical family talk. We started discussing my life here in Colorado and how I liked my job and how I was doing, I was glad to share everything with him, I just wanted to share one more thing, being gay, but I don’t think I could ever do it. Somehow we got to talking about politics, and had some conversation about marijuana being legalized in Colorado. I enjoyed taking advantage of smoking weed once in a while. It calmed me down after a tough day at work, or if I was just feeling like I needed a good buzz. So I figured I would tell him I smoked.

“Hey dad,” I said across the couch. “Yeah Jonah, what is it?” He said back. “Please don’t judge me on this but I do smoke weed now and then.” I said shyly. He had a confused look on his face and almost disappointed. He never smoked weed when he was younger or done any kind of stuff like that, never even tried it. “Well, I don’t exactly approve, but as long as it’s not often and you’re not wasting all your money, I guess I’m fine with it, and it’s not my decision to decide for you,” he told me in his fatherly voice.

I don’t know what came about me, maybe it was the beers or the mountain air, but I randomly asked him, “Hey dad, you don’t have to say yes, and please don’t get mad at me, but I could use some weed right now, would you be up for trying it with me? Just this once?” He sat there not saying anything, I was thinking I was gonna get an whooping for asking him something like that. “You know what, why not. I’m 58 years old, never tried anything like it before, and I wouldn’t want to try it with anyone but you son.” I was excited from hearing those words and was happy he was open to trying it out. I got up, went into my bedroom and got what I needed, came back out with my bong and a packed bowl of Colorado’s finest. (Remember, this is all legal in Colorado) I sat down next to my dad, glanced into his eyes and asked once more if he was sure he wanted to try.

I didn’t want to pressure him into anything he was uncomfortable with. “I want to try it Jonah. Really I do,” he said. I smiled at him and he smiled back. A father and son doing something together that I never thought would happen.
I took the first hit and then passed it over to my father. He had a nervous look on his face and looked like he had no idea what to do. “It’s okay dad, you’ll be alright, as long as you’re with me, I won’t let anything bad happen to you.” I reassured him. He then took a pretty hit and coughed like crazy, like anybody would their first time trying. “Take a sip of your beer and relax,” I said to him, I took one more hit then set down the bong on the table. “Doing okay dad?” I said with a small chuckle. “Just fine, just need to *cough**cough* settle down and stop *cough* coughing,” he exclaimed with a hefty laugh.

Again my mouth opened and said something crazy that would end up changing the night and the future. “Would you want me to put on a dad, and would you mind if I laid on your lap like I did when I was younger? I miss those times.” Was I crazy?! What was I asking? Afraid of the response, he said, “Well I don’t see why not, that sounds like a good idea, just like old times.” I wasn’t sure if the weed was kicking in or if he just wanted to bond further. I got up excitedly, put in the movie, grabbed another beer for the both of us, turned off the lights, and sat back down. I took another hit from the bong and so did he, a big one as well, I knew he would be feeling it after that for sure.

Then I moved over to him, laid my head down and got nestled into his warm awaiting lap. We watched about 10 minutes of the movie and the weed was definitely starting to kick in, and I’m sure it was for my dad too. I suddenly felt a light touch on my arm and shoulder, my dad was lightly rubbing me like he used to with his big manly hands. I was feeling warm and great finally next to the man who had been my best friend for so long. He then moved his hand up and started playing with my hair and rubbing my face, just barely grazing me, so gentle, so comforting. I started to sport a tent in my sweatpants and was hoping he wouldn’t notice, but I also felt a bit of a stir in his jeans below my head. I sat up and switched positions to get a bit more comfortable. I asked him if he was feeling the weed and he just chuckled at me and slid to the corner of the couch, patted the leather next to him to call me over. “Come snuggle with your ,” those words chilled me to the bone.

What I’ve been waiting for, for so long. I slid over, he put his arm around me and pulled me in close up next to him. Our body heat against each other was amazing and I never wanted the moment to end. He rubbed my shoulder and face a bit more, and I boldly put my hand on his thigh, feeling his leg through his jeans, and I was curious to see how he would react. I turned my head to see his beautiful face, with his glimmering blue eyes, staring deeply into mine, not even paying attention to the movie what so ever. I laid my head on his chest, smiling back at him and began to rub my hand up and down his lower thigh.

Over the next 20 minutes or so we stayed just like that, him rubbing my arm, shoulder and face, and me rubbing his thigh, I slowly but surely kept moving my elbow downwards until it was sitting on his crotch, I could feel the heat coming through his jeans. And felt his throb underneath my arm. I was still sporting a hard on and I think he noticed at some point. “Hey,” he said softly. I turned around to look at his besutiful face again and smiled. “You look so beautiful, and I’m glad we are spending time together. I missed you so much, and I love you very much, I hope you know that,” he said in a soft caring voice. “I love you too dad and I’m so happy you’re here,” I said back with a big grin wide across my face. We sat there looking at each other for a long time, it felt like forever.

He then reached up with his free hand and lightly grabbed my chin and pulled it towards his face. He slowly leaned in and lightly kissed me on the lips. He pulled away looking for approval in my eyes. And I leaned right back in and passionately kissed him, invading his mouth with my tongue, him doing the same. I grabbed his face with my hand and turned over so I was laying a top him. Caressed his head and wrapped my arms around him. He did the same to me and we were together as one, hugging, and kissing. I never wanted it to stop. We carried on for a while, both pushing out small moans from the passionate making out and making each other feel good. “Wow Jonah I haven’t had passion like that in a long time. What do you say we head into the other room and get a bit more comfortable?” he said as he pulled away from me. “Yes please dad,” I sad back to him. “Lead the way son,” he said with a big grin on his face. I grabbed his hand and led him into my bedroom.

We began kissing again, grabbing and rubbing all over each other’s bodies. We undressed each other and slowed down when we got to each other’s pants, I cupped through his underwear, his big meaty manly cock and balls that created me, and slowly rubbed it up and down, making my dad whimper from my soft touch. He did the same for me and we were down to just our underwear. I slid down his briefs and revealed his 8” uncut cock that was thick and long, a big mushroom head, and the base was covered with gray and fur like the rest of his body. He slid my briefs down as well and he looked down at my 7” uncut thick cock, also covered with dark brown hair at the base. We both checked each other out and reached out to grab each other’s manhood. Lightly rubbing our cocks up and down, both rock hard from the excitement happening. Doing so, we glared in each other’s eyes, and smiled, began to kiss again and fell onto the bed in our birthday suits.

I was in pure ecstasy and I’m sure my dad was too. Our bodies were intertwined, holding each other close, feeling every part of the body possible. I ran my hands and fingers through his thick rug of chest hair, and both of us were whimpering and moaning from the passion. “I love you dad,” I said in between kisses. “I love you too son,” he said back happily. I broke our kiss and began kissing his neck, then slowly moving downward, sucked on his nipples, kissed every park of his upper body and then made a b-line to his cock. I picked up his heavy meat, and held it, stroked it, admired his beautiful mushroom head and bush full of hair. I leaned down, licked the precum oozing from the top, and then took the head into my eager mouth. My dad arched his back and moaned when I wrapped my juicy lips around his thick cock head. I was happy to be pleasing my dad. Over time, I went further down on his cock, giving him the best blowjob he’d ever gotten, caressing his balls, running my fingers through his fur, and making sure that he was feeling good. Which I’m sure he was because he wouldn’t stop moaning and smiling down at me. I picked up the pace and began to choke down all 8” inches. He pulled me off because he didn’t want to cum yet and dragged me back to his awaiting lips to kiss me again.

After some more kissing and rubbing each other, he then moved down my body, paying attention to every feature on my body and finally arrived at my awaiting my throbbing cock. “I’ve never sucked a cock before son, so it might not be the best,” he said with a devilish grin on his face. “I don’t care dad just do the best you can,” I said back. He didn’t waste any time and took as much of my cock as he could into his warm, wet mouth. I whimpered and moaned from pleasure and I was feeling great. He spent a few minutes sucking my cock then told me to flip over. “Let me play with that ass of yours son.” I laid on my stomach and propped my ass up, giving him all the access he wanted. He put a finger in his mouth and wettened it with his spit, lightly touched my ass hole and began to softly rub it around and around. It felt amazing and then I felt his finger sink into my ass. “Oh dad that feels great!” I moaned. He chuckled and smirked down at me.

He pushed in and out with his finger, then inserted another, then another until he was slowly sliding 3 of his big meaty fingers in and out of my ass. I was moaning constantly from the pleasure and my cock was leaking precum all over the bed sheets. “I need to fuck you son, is that okay with you?” He asked demandingly. “Yes dad, please, I want your big cock inside of me!” I said back begging to him.

I grabbed my lube from the drawer, handed it to him and got comfortable on my stomach once again. He rubbed some on my ass and inserted two fingers again to lube up my hole. He rubbed his cock full of lube and got on top of me. I felt the tip of his big fat cock press against my hole, and then the head popped in, it hurt but I wasn’t letting this moment pass. He inched the rest of his cock into me until I could feel his hairy crotch and balls pressed against my ass cheeks. I let out a big sigh and moan feeling all 8” inside of me. The cock that created me was now inside of me and I couldn’t be happier. “You okay son?” He asked making sure I wasn’t uncomfortable. “Couldn’t be better dad. This is perfect,” I said back to him. It hurt for a little while but then it turned into pleasure. I felt so full, and my cock was harder than it’s ever been before.

He began to slide in and out slowly, pulling almost all the way back out and then pushing all the way back in, filling me up over and over again. He then put all his body weight on mine and began fucking me harder, pushing in as far as he could go. Both of us in ecstasy, enjoying the moment and each other’s company. He rolled me into my side and began fucking me hard and deep that way. His thrusts becoming faster and shorter. After a while, I sat up, pushed him on his back, climbed on top of him and pointed my dads cock straight up in the air and lowered myself onto it. “Ohhhhh, that’s great Jonah, I love being inside of you,” my dad moaned. I smirked at him and slid all the way down his thick slippery hard pole. I began to bounce up and down on my dads cock, him pushing and making my cock want to explode without even touching it. “Let’s come together dad. Tell me when you’re close,” I moaned to him. It didn’t take long because a few seconds later, he began to tense up and I was too, I grabbed my cock and began to stroke it as fast as I could.

It didn’t take more than a few strokes and he exclaimed, “I’m cumming son!!!” “Me too dad!!!” We cummed at the same time, taken over by the orgasm as my dads thick cock was plunged deep into my ass, feeling his load of cum hit my insides, made me shoot my load all over his chest and face, and even the pillows above his head. We both started giggling and his cock slid out of my spent ass hole, I went and laid down next to him. He wiped my cum off his chest and face and licked it off his fingers then kissed me to share. We kissed for another 10 minutes, then I turned around so he was spooning me. “I love you so much son.” “I love you too dad” he squeezed me tightly and held me until we fell asleep. Me in his arms.

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