Daddy, my master

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

100% fiction!

I'm a 25 year old , who's single and super gay. I being with a man. I've been this way since my first experience with my friend in high school.

I live in the country. One summer evening I felt like going for a walk. It was 9:00 at night. It was summer, so I wore a super tight pink tank top, a pair of spandex volleyball shorts, and a pair of pink thigh high socks. I had on white converse shoes as well.

I walked down my driveway and turned onto the dirt road. I walked for at least two miles before I heard a car driving behind me. So I got off the road and kept walking. The car was getting closer. I turned around and was blinded by the head lights. The only thing that I could make out was that it was a black van.

The van drove ahead of me and stopped. Five guys got out and ran towards me. I started to run the other way, but I was quickly tackled by the guys.

The threw me down onto the ground and jumped on top of me. I was punched a few times and the last thing I remember is a cloth going over my eyes.

I woke up in the back of the van. The blindfold was still covering my eyes. I could sense that I was naked, because I could feel the cool air on the and balls.

I started to squirm, and a voice said "Oh look, princess is awake." I replied "Where am I? Who are you?" Somebody slapped me and said "Don't speak unless you're told to slut." I didn't say another word.

I felt a hand grab my balls. I pleaded "Please don't hurt me." I received another slap. A guy yelled "If you don't fucking shut up, we'll do more than hurt you! We can do whatever we want to you. WE OWN YOU!" I was shocked.

The hand kept massaging my balls until my cock grew hard. Somebody slapped my cock and it hurt. The guys started laughing. They kept teasing me until the van stopped.

The van stopped and the door opened. I was thrown out of the van onto the ground. I landed on hard dirt.

Someone ripped the blindfold off me. I opened my eyes and saw one guy standing before me. I noticed a little house behind him. There was nothing else around. The van was gone.

The man stepped in front of me and sat on top of me. He tied my ankles together, and he tied my hands together in front of me. He got off me and pulled me onto my knees. He looked at me and spit in my face. He said "I own your useless body. You will do whatever I say, no matter what. You are my slave. From now on, you will call me daddy, or master." He slapped me hard. "Do understand me bitch?" I looked at him and replied "Yes daddy." He pushed my head down and said "Never look at me in my face."

Daddy hooked a collar around my neck and a leash. He started to pull me when he looked down at my pathetic body. "Awwww, can my little slut not walk? Here, let daddy help you." He said. He untied my hands and my ankles. "There you go slut, now you can walk like the filthy dog you are." He added before he pulled me into the house.

We stopped in front of the couch. "Take off my shoes bitch." Daddy ordered. I obeyed him and quickly untied his shoes and took them off. He grabbed one out of my hand and shoved it over my mouth and nose. He held it there and made me inhale the stinky, masculine scent of his feet. I loved it. My cock was still hard as hell.

Daddy pulled away his shoe and did the same thing with his other shoe.

Next, daddy made me lick and suck his feet through his moist socks.

"Pull off my socks with your teeth bitch." Daddy ordered. I grabbed the top of his right sock and pulled it off. "Shake it like a dog." He said. I obeyed him and shook his sock in my mouth.

I pulled off the other sock. Daddy pushed my onto the floor and jumped on top of me. He grabbed on of his socks and stuffed it into my mouth. He tied my hands and ankles together again. He got off me and pulled me up onto my knees. He sat back down on the couch and stuck his feet in my face. "Worship my beautiful feet slave." He said. "Yes daddy." I replied.

I licked my way up his long right , from his heel to his toes. I licked between each toe and sucked each one like a cock. Then I took all of his toes in my mouth at once, and I sucked them for a while.

I moved to the left foot, and repeated the same thing.

Daddy kicked me onto the ground and stood on top of me. It hurt so bad. He walked up my body to my neck. He put one foot on my neck and slowly applied pressure until I couldn't breathe. "I'm in control of your life. I decide if you can breathe or not. Your body is now mine. Do you understand slave?" He said. Daddy removed his foot from my neck and put it back onto my chest. "Yes daddy." I squeaked, still trying to breathe normally.

Daddy got off my body and ordered me onto my hands and knees. He led me downstairs into the basement. He opened a hidden door and led me down a long hallway, which opened up into a large room. It was a real dungeon. There was hundreds of bdsm supplies all over.

Daddy unclipped my leash and made me stand up. He tied my hands apart above my head. He raised me up until my feet couldn't touch the ground. He tied me feet apart. I was in the spread eagle position now.

Daddy walked over to a counter and took of his shirt. He grabbed a wooden paddle and walked over to me. For the first time, I saw his body. I admired his ripped muscles and his tight abs.

Daddy walked behind me and spanked my with the paddle. He kept going for about 30 hits. By that time, I was crying and screaming "Please stop daddy."

Daddy walked over to the counter and sat down his paddle. He grabbed a whip from the wall. He walked over and whispered in my ear "I'm just getting started baby." Then he whipped my chest. He kept whipping me until my body was covered in red marks, and I was balling my eyes out.

Daddy finally stopped for a minute. He stood in front of me and stared at my beaten body. He grabbed my hard cock and pulled it. I screamed pain. He let go and grabbed my balls. He played with them until precum was squirting out of my cock.

"Beg for my permission to let you cum slut." Daddy said. Through my sobs, I pleaded "Please daddy, let me cum. Please let my pathetic balls cum.” He smiled and kept slowly stroking my aching cock.

Finally, after what felt like hours of teasing, daddy finally let me cum. “Cum for daddy.” He said. I squirted all over him. Strand after strand of warm cum left me. When I was done, daddy smacked me and yelled in my face “WHY DID YOU FUCKING CUM ON ME?” I was to tired to answer.

Daddy untied me and made me clean his body. By now I had recovered. My cock was still flaccid. Daddy walked over to the counter and reached in a drawer. He pulled something out and brought it over to me. It was a chastity belt. This is your punishment for cumming on me. Now you will never be able to cum again without my approval.” He said. He put it on my limp cock and empty balls. He locked it and tossed the key onto the counter. He put the collar and leash back on me and led me to another room.

Inside the next room was a king size mattress on the floor, and a small dresser. Daddy unhooked the leash and pushed me onto the mattress. “This is your new home slave.” He said.

Then, daddy stripped naked and jumped onto the bed. He immediately pinned me and put his hard cock in my mouth. “That's right slut, suck daddy's cock.” He said. I sucked his cock the best I could, not wanting to disappoint my daddy.

Daddy pulled his dick out of my mouth and started stroking it over my body. He shot his cum all over my face, and some on my chest. Then he made me milk him for any leftovers.

Daddy rolled me over and lifted up my ass. He spread the cheeks and I felt he head of his hard cock rub the opening of my asshole. “Are you ready for your fucking slut?” He said. I was full of lust. “Yes daddy, please fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fill my dirty pussy with you delicious cum.” I said. Daddy laughed as pushed his huge cock into me.

I moaned in pain, and pleasure. Daddy grabbed my collar and pushed in and out of my pussy. He rocked me back and forth fiercely. It was the roughest fucking I've ever had.

It lasted about 20 minutes. When daddy came inside me, I was laying down on my stomach and daddy was on top of me, ramming my helpless body. I felt cum flow out of me and onto my legs. Daddy pulled out and pulled my face to his cock and made me clean him. I loved the taste of my asshole and his cum mixed.

Daddy's cock finally got soft. He got up and knelt on the bed over me. “Are you thirsty slave? Do you want something to drink?” He asked. “Yes daddy. Please give your worthless, pathetic slave something to drink.” I replied. I thought that he was going to get a glass of water, but he didn't.

I felt a stream of warm piss hit my body. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, ready to take in daddy's golden water. It finally stopped and daddy got off the bed. He grabbed a huge butt plug out of the dresser and made me suck it. He took it out and shoved it into my ass, making me jump. Daddy got up and went to the door. “Goodnight slut. I'll see you later.” He said. As he opened the door, he grabbed a remote and switched it on. Immediately I felt the butt plug vibrating. Daddy left and closed the door, leaving me alone, and naked, on the mattress.

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