Daddy the teacher

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100% fiction!

My twin brother and I just turned 18 a week ago. My name is Cameron and his name is Josh. We don’t look alike, but we are very close. We tell each other everything. I'm the smart one, and Josh is the athletic one. We live with our . Our mom divorced dad and left us for a rich man when Josh and I were 10. But we’re fine, as long as we have each other.

When we were freshmen in high school, dad gave us the sex talk. He told us that we can tell and ask him anything, and that he is completely open. He also showed us how to masturbate. He told us to stop wearing clothes around the house when it's just us three. At first I thought it was a little weird, but after the first time I tried it, I loved it. I loved being naked in front of other people, especially my brother and dad.

So when we turned 18, our dad sat us down for another talk (only this time we were all naked). He already knew that Josh and I were virgins.

He said, “Now that you guys are 18, I think it's time to show you how to properly have sex. I know you both are virgins, so that's why I'm telling you this. I want you guys to learn how to have sex so that when you do it, you won't be embarrassed.” He paused and looked at Josh and I. We were just staring at him, waiting. “First things first,” he continued, “lube. It's very important that you use this so that you don't hurt yourself, or the other person.” Daddy (yes, we still call our father “daddy” sometimes) grabbed a bottle of lube from the coffee table and squirted some on his hand. He said “Watch how I rub it on my entire .” I followed his hand down to his hard cock. He rubbed it all over so gracefully.

For the first time, I noticed that my cock was hard. I looked over at Josh’s, and his was hard too. I looked back to daddy and he was done with the lube. “Now we get into foreplay. There is hundreds on different things that you can do during foreplay. Some people don't like foreplay, but I do.” He said. “I'm going to show you two some of the main types. First, there is the oral. This includes blowjobs, licking a woman's pussy, and eating your partner’s . Obviously we can't lick a woman's pussy, but we can do the rest.”

He continued, “So if your having sex with a woman, she'll suck your cock. I'll your cocks just to show you how it feels.” I was amazed, but strangely excited.

Daddy got onto the floor and put his head between my legs. He lowered his mouth onto my cock, licking my head. He wrapped his lips around my throbbing dick and sucked it. He stopped and said “When a woman throats your cock, it means that she takes all of your cock into her mouth, and it goes down her throat. If you have an inexperienced woman, she'll most likely gag. I'll show you how it's supposed to go.” Daddy slowly took all of my cock into his mouth, his nose was pressing against my body, and his chin was touching my balls. He took my cock out of my mouth and continued to suck it for a few minutes. He stopped and said “I don't want you to cum yet.” Then he moved to Josh and did the same thing.

Daddy got up and sat back down on the couch. He said “Now, if you decide to have , which is perfectly normal, the you'll have to suck another man's cock. So I'm going to teach both of you how to give a man a great blowjob. Cameron, get on your knees on the floor like I did and put your head over my cock.” I followed his instructions and hovered my head a few inches above his cock.

Daddy pushed my head down slowly onto his cock. I licked the tip, just like he did. Then I let him push my head down further so that his dick was inside my mouth.

“Try not to gag. Just relax and breathe through your nose. I'm going to make you dee throat my cock.” He said. I breathed through my nose and relaxed. I felt the tip of daddy's long cock go deeper and deeper down my throat. Then I felt daddy's smooth skin rub my nose, and my chin touch his balls. Then daddy lifted my head up and let go. I sucked his cock for a few minutes until he stopped me and gave Josh a turn.

“That was great guys, I can tell that you guys are going to be very good at this.” Daddy said. “Thanks daddy.” I replied.

“Next, is my personal favorite, eating ass. Here you will either give or receive licking in your ass. But first, you must always make sure that everybody's asshole is clean, so that you don't get any poop. So let's go upstairs and I'll show you the proper way to clean yourselves.” Daddy said.

Josh and I followed daddy up the stairs and into the master bath. “Cameron, get in the tub on all fours.” Daddy said. I followed his orders and got into the tub. I felt so vulnerable in doggy style. Daddy got a wet washcloth and covered it in soap. Then he rubbed it all over my ass, and my asshole. Then he covered with more soap and wrapped it around his finger. He slowly pushed it into my asshole, making me moan. He went as deep as he could, then he spun his finger around. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this.

Daddy took the washcloth out and rinsed all the soap off me. “You're all good . Josh, it's your turn.” He said. He did the same thing to Josh as he did to me.

“Let's go into my bedroom.” Daddy said. Josh and I followed and sat down on his king size bed next to him.

“Cameron, I want you to go up to the head of the bed and get on your knees and lay your head on the bed.” Daddy said. I crawled up the bed and laid my head down, sticking my ass in the cool air. Daddy crawled over to me and smelt my clean asshole. Then I felt his tongue lick it. I instantly moaned in pleasure. He kept going and started to tongue-fuck me.

Daddy stopped and told Josh that it was his turn. Daddy did the same thing to Josh. It was almost as hot to watch than it was to receive.

Daddy stopped and got into the position that he told Josh and I to get into. “Now, start of by smelling and small licks, then work your way to longer licks, , kissing, and tongue-fucking. Cameron, you go first.” He said.

I crawled behind my father and smelt his clean asshole. It smelt good. Then I licked it slowly. I started to get more adventurous and rim him. When I heard daddy moan, I knew that it was time to tongue-fuck him. I slid my tongue into his open asshole. He tasted wonderful. I stopped and Josh took a turn.

As I sat there and watched Josh worship daddy's asshole, I licked my lips and savored the taste of my father’s asshole. I realized that my cock was still hard, so hard that it hurt.

Josh stopped and daddy sat up and faced us. “Next I'll show you how to worship another person’s body. First, is the armpits.” He said. Daddy crawled over to me and lifted up my arms. He ran his tongue up and down my right armpit, tickling my hair. He kissed it and moved to he other armpit. Then he lifted up Josh's arms and did the same to him.

“Now, I'll worship your feet. Cameron, lay down on your back.” Daddy said. I laid down and daddy straddled my body. He licked and kissed my belly button. “A little extra for my beautiful baby.” He said. The he moved to my feet.

Daddy kissed each of my toes. Then he ran his tongue up my entire right . He licked between each toe and then took all five in his mouth and once. He moved to my left foot and repeated the same thing. I was moaning like crazy. It felt so good.

Daddy worshipped Josh's feet and then we worshipped his. Josh and I did the same process that daddy did.

We all stopped and sat on the bed. “Now it's time for the main event, fucking. I'm going to slowly fuck you guys until you get used to it. Cameron, get on your hands and knees.” Daddy said. I got into the position and heard daddy squirt lube on his cock. “Josh, lick your brother’s asshole to get it lubed up.” Daddy said. I felt Josh's tongue touch my ready asshole. He spread his salvia all around and inside, getting me lubed up.

I felt daddy's cock put pressure against my virgin asshole. He slowly pushed inside, making me scream in pain. Josh came around and tried to comfort me by making out with me. It worked, but I started to cry a little bit. Once daddy was all the way in, he paused. Then he slowly pulled back and then pushed back in. The did this multiple times, each time getting a little faster.

Daddy stopped and pulled out, telling Josh that it was his turn. This time I licked Josh's asshole, using my spit as lube.

Daddy fucked Josh for a few minutes and then stopped. “Now, if you're having gay sex, you should clean the man's cock. If you're fucking a woman, sometimes she will clean your cock, but don't ask her too.” Daddy said. “Cameron, come clean my cock.” He said. I crawled over to him and laid down underneath his cock. He put it in my mouth and I start to suck.

“Daddy, can I fuck you now?” Josh asked. “I'm so glad you asked. Just grab the lube and put a little on your cock. I don't need any on my asshole.” Daddy replied. I kept sucking his cock.

I knew when Josh was all the way in, because daddy said “That's it baby, fuck me”. Josh slammed in and out of him, making daddy's balls hit me face as I sucked his cock.

“I'm going to cum Cameron. If you want, you can keep sucking and taste my cum, or stop.” Daddy said. I chose to keep sucking. I heard daddy moan and then he started to cum inside my mouth. I swallowed some, and kept the rest in my mouth. I got up and kissed Josh, pushing daddy's cum into his mouth. Then I got back down and milked daddy dry.

Josh stopped before he came. I took my turn fucking daddy. I didn't cum inside him either.

“Wow guys, that was wonderful.” Daddy said. He looked at Josh and I’s hard cocks. “Why don't you two get into the 69 position and relieve each other.” I liked the idea, so I laid down on my back. Josh climbed on top of me and lowered his body down, putting his cock into my mouth. I went crazy. I made him cum in two minutes. He tasted amazing. I milked him and then worshiped his hairy balls until I came in his mouth.

All three of us went and took a shower together. Then we fell asleep cuddling each other in daddy's king size bed.

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