Deflowered at 50

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I've been actively orally bi for about 15 years. I've enjoyed lots of mutual sucking and have loved every inch of it. For many years I have fantasized about taking a hard cock up my .

About a year ago I made contact with a looking for bottoms. He was especially keen on virgin ass. We communicated occasionally but could never find a time that worked out for us both. Last week he emailed me out of the blue to say, the very next night he'd be home alone and hoped I could join him. Finally a time that worked.

I was so excited! I ran to town and picked up the necessary products to clean myself properly for such things. That was a pain, but I was able to clean up really well.

So fast forward in his bedroom. He drops his shorts and right before me is the biggest cock I have ever seen in person. It was a magnificent perfect of manhood. His balls where smooth and beautiful. In no time I was licking and sucking those balls and that big dick. We were soon in a 69. (me on top).

That lasted about 10 minutes. I was loving his cock, I could have sucked it for hours. He was giving me a really good blowjob too. The way he licked my balls was wonderful. I'm trying my to swallow his entire cock but it's just too thick. The 8" in length wasn't the problem it was just so fat. So I'm sucking this wonderful cock and thinking, how in the hell am I going to take this monster up my virgin ass???

So I decide It's time to go for it. I'm ready to get fucked.

I'm on top trying to lower myself onto his well lubed cock.

Ouch! I'm not ready for this monster cock. He tells me to just relax and it will be fine. It hurt so good and took about 15 minutes to ease myself onto his tool. It hurt but it was also the most incredibly erotic feeling I have ever enjoyed.

I was moaning and gasping and loving it. Once I had it all inside me I just sat on top of him rocking my hips while my ass got acclimated to his hugeness. I had no idea how good a big cock inside could feel. He began to thrust and I began to moan and groan with pleasure.
It still hurt but at the same time it felt so good.

I'm now ready for more so I ease myself off his pole and get on my back with my legs in the air. Wow!!! It again hurt like hell and oh so good. He seemed to be able to reach deeper inside me from this position.

I was loving every inch of it as he slowly fucked me and I'm still moaning and groaning and squealing like a little bitch. We fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck with him on top.

Next thing I know he's flipped me over and is now fucking me from behind. Wow! What a fucking he was putting on me. I reach between my legs and feel his balls slapping my balls. Suddenly his pace intensifies his strokes are more deliberate. I know he's nearing orgasm so I start to moan. Fuck me, Fuck me over and over. He's cumming now. I gently grab his balls and hold them against me.

What an erotic feeling to know a huge cock has just cummed deep inside me. He stays motionless for a minute or 2 and then slowly pulls out of me. I turn to see the condom he's wearing is so full of cum!! Must have been 3 or 4 table spoons full of cum.

So that's it. My first fuck.

I have to say it was great and I want more. I have no other experiences like it to compare. But I can say over all it was the best most erotic incredible sex I have ever had.

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