Edging with a friend

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Been spending a lot of time recently with a new friend. We've been getting together, a little wine, some soft lights, oil, towels, and watching each other indulge in no-holds-barred self - which includes anything we are into, like mirrors, oil, vibrators, nipple clamps (that's all me!)

My new friend is a half Chinese university student who I met online. We nervously hooked up a few months ago, fumbled around with each other, decided that we really felt comfortable with each other, and set about exploring what things we were into. Luckily we love the same kind of things - masturbating, watching, being watched, etc.

His body is gorgeous - slender, smooth.... I've been really encouraging him to let go of all his inhibitions when he's making love to himself for me. There is nothing sexier than a young loving himself, and lately he's been a dream! I drip the warm oil on his little body, and he goes to town on himself, kissing his arms, getting up on his knees so he can grope his sexy, tight little butt. I've been enjoying watching him, and performing for him too. Nipple clamps are my newest passion. Wow!! I grip the chain between them in my teeth, so I can tilt my head back and pull on my nipples... the most amazing feeling... especially while he's watching me, and I'm slowly pulling on my oiled balls and stiff penis.

Our sessions often last a few hours, with both of us holding off cumming until it gets too hard. A couple of times we've both timed our climaxing so that we are lying next to each other in a 69 position - his near my face and my cock near his face - and we both pump our beautiful penises until we tell each other we are cumming, then we position our faces under the others' spurting cock, until we are covered in each other's cum. So fucking hot.

He's a beautiful lover, and a fun partner in self love.

Very soon I want him to be the person to me.

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