First Nude Beach Experience

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I had just moved out to California to start a new job- my first "real" job, other than part-time work in college. I had been out there around three months when I overheard a couple in a restaurant talking about a nude beach about 15 miles south of town located on National Park Service land. It was a rather remote area, and a huge stretch of beach located at the base of a cliff, with just a steep, rugged trail going down from the main road to the beach.

I had been down to that beach before, and there was hardly anyone down there. It was a foggy, cold day so no one was lying on the beach and thus I had no idea it was a nude beach. I was really nervous about going down there, afraid that some one I knew would see me (which was pretty ridiculous- I hardly knew anyone at the time) so I decided to wait for the first warm, sunny weekday when I figured hardly anyone would be down there.

After about three weeks, the opportunity came. It was a Tuesday morning, sunny with no wind and about 75 degrees out. I got my backpack ready- a beach towel, some bottled water, sunscreen and a book to read- then at about 10 AM hopped in my car and drove down. When I got there I was relieved to see no other cars parked along the road, so I locked up my car and proceeded down to the beach and walked to the farthest end, about a quarter mile down from the trail. I picked a nice spot, spread out my towel and took a nervous look down the beach to ensure that no one was coming and stripped off my shorts and shirt then sat on my towel and started to put on my sunscreen.

I don't know if it was nerves or the thought of being in "public" but almost immediately I got an erection. I quickly glanced down the beach again- no one was coming- so I just remained on my back hoping my erection would subside. About ten minutes later, much to my relief, I got over the nervousness and my boner went away. I just laid back again and tried to relax, propping up my head occasionally to look down the beach to make sure no one was coming.

Then about twenty minutes later, it happened. Coming down the beach towards me I saw a in the distance. He was wearing camouflage pants and a olive green t-shirt and carrying a camouflage backpack. Definitely a soldier from the army base located just north of the town I lived in. I quickly put on my t-shirt, thinking that at least partially covering up my nudity would make it "okay." I was worried that I would get an erection again and that this soldier would see it and think I was some sort of freak and beat the crap out of me.

Much to my dismay, he walked within fifteen feet of me, smiled, waved and said hello then set out his towel and took off his clothes. He was a short, skinny guy- not what you'd expect as the type- probably no more than 5 8 and 140 pounds. He sat down on his towel, looked over at me again and said "How you doing? Nice day, huh?" I just smiled and nodded as he reached in his pack and pulled out his sunscreen and started to rub it all over his chest, stomach and arms. He then stood up again and started to apply it to his legs and crotch. I was glancing over at him as he rubbed it all over his and balls- he wasn't all that hung but not small either and when I saw him rubbing the lotion into his nut sack and cock my greatest fear happened- I started to get an erection so I quickly sat up and propped up my knees hoping he wouldn't notice.

My erection quickly subsided, but I remained pretty "fluffed up" from the sight of him applying the lotion to his package when he suddenly started to walk over towards me. My only thought was "Oh shit!" He got right in front of me, looked down and smiled and said "Would you mind putting some lotion on my back? My name is Brad, by the way. What's yours?" I answered and he leaned over and extended his hand. I reached up, shook his hand and he said "Pleased to meet you!" He then got on his knees, facing away from me, turned and handed me the of sunscreen. I got up on my knees nervously and started to apply the lotion to his back. He started to make small talk as I rubbed the lotion in, asking me if I had ever been down here before and telling me this was his second time at the beach and that he had just been stationed here after his basic training.

His skin was smooth- no body hair- and well tanned. As I applied the lotion, he said "Lower please" then laughed and said "Get my butt too." I laughed nervously - his was absolutely stunning. Firm, and well muscled. Then it happened. My cock sprung to life and was rock hard, sticking straight up six inches, throbbing and twitching as I applied the lotion, with a bead of pre-cum oozing from the tip. I finished, and he quickly stood and turned around. I quickly placed my hand over my cock and turned beet red . He looked down and smiled and said "Is that for me?" I just laughed and said "Sorry- I'm a little nervous. It's my first time at a nude beach." He laughed and said "No worries. Mind if I sit next to you?" I said okay, laughing nervously and he went over and picked up his towel, brought it over and laid in right next to mine. He then reached into his pack and pulled out a couple of cold beers then handed me one, saying "Better drink these before they get warm." I thanked him and we just started with more small talk. My erection soon subsided, but I couldn't keep my eyes off his package. He was clean shaven, and his smooth balls and cock glistened in the sun from the oily sunscreen. He noticed and said "Like what you see?" and laughed. I just laughed back, saying nothing.

We finished off the beers and I said "I have to pee" and got up, heading over to a rock outcropping next to the cliff behind us. He got up and said "Me too" and followed me over. We got over to the outcropping and he said "Come around here a bit so we're hidden from sight." I immediately thought, "Wow. Is what I think is going to happen actually going to happen?" We went around the corner and started to pee. He looked down at my cock, I looked at his and he reached over and said "Let me hold it. You can hold mine." I reached over and held his and he grabbed mine and we stood there watching the stream flow from our cocks. I could feel his cock stiffen as I held it, mine stiffening up too. We finished pissing, shook each other off, then he started to caress my cock gently. I lowered my hand a bit and cupped his balls, gently rolling them in my hand.

We stood there silently for a bit, stroking each other off, when he said "Wanna suck my cock?" Without even answering I got down on my knees and placed it in my mouth. He wasn't all that - no more than five inches hard, so i was easily able to deep throat his manhood. I worked his cock good for a couple minutes. He was moaning softly as he looked down at me sucking his meat then softly said, "You like to get fucked?" His cock still in my mouth, I mumbled "Uh huh" and he answered "Stand up and turn around."

I stood and he went behind me, gently pushing his throbbing, purple cock into my ass crack. I reached around and guided it towards my now twitching tight hole and backed into it, sliding it slowly into me. I was in heaven. He was slowly moving his cock in and out, pulling it all the way out then slipping it back inside me while reaching around my waist and stroking my firm meat with his hand. He was kissing the back of my neck as he fucked me then he whispered into my ear "I want to cum on your face."

He fucked me for at least another five minutes, increasing the speed of his trusts, jamming his cock deep into my quivering hole and pushing against my prostate. I was dripping pre-cum like crazy and moaning softly when he pulled out and said "Turn around quick and get on your knees." I obeyed and quickly dropped to my knees. He reached down and started to furiously pump his cock right in front of my face. Within seconds, wave after wave of thick, pure white cum was jetting from his cock. I never had seen so much cum shoot from another in all my life. My face was soon coated all over with his musky smelling cream. I stood and he immediately started kissing and licking his own load from my face, then feeding it into my mouth. We kissed passionately for what seemed an eternity as we passed his load back and forth in our mouths.

I was ready to explode and whispered "I'm gonna shoot!" He quickly went to his knees and stuffed my cock into his hungry mouth. I exploded, thrusting my hips into his face as my load of juice filled his mouth. When I finished, he stood and resumed kissing me hard, our tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. Suddenly, off to the side I heard another voice mutter "FUCK!" We both turned to see an standing not ten feet away, looking at us and furiously jacking his cock. Brad looked at him and said, "Come over here" and the walked up to us. He had a massive, thick cock- at least eight inches long and six inches around. Brad quickly dropped to his knees, pulling me down with him. The other guy thrust his cock towards our faces and both of us quickly took turns sucking him off.

After a few minutes he pulled back from our cum hungry mouths and started stroking madly again, then a thick stream of cum oozed out, covering his thick meat. Both of us leaned in and started to lick the load from his meat, then kissed each other hard again, passing the man's thick, yellowish cum between our mouths. As we kissed, the man silently backed off then walked around the corner and walked back down the beach. Brad and I stood. I said, "That was HOT!" and we started kissing and stroking each other's hard meat for another couple minutes before we collapsed into each other's arms, hugging and kneading each other's asses.

Brad whispered, "God that was hot! I am totally spent!" I replied and said "Me too." We headed back to our beach towels and sat for about a half hour, not saying a word to each other, staring out into the waves crashing on the beach There was no sign of the other guy. After a bit, Brad silently stood up and got dressed then looked down and said "I have to get back to the base. My duty starts at four. Catch you later?" I said okay and Brad picked up his backpack and walked back down to the beach. I sat alone on the beach for about another hour. I was still feeling horny after that experience, saw there was no one on the beach, so I laid back and jacked off until I came, then wiped my cum from my stomach and licked it off my hand, thinking of the taste of Brad's load and the other guy's as I did it.

I got dressed, returned to my car and drove off wondering if I would ever see Brad down at the beach again. I never did, despite gong down there many times after. But I will always remember that first time with a soldier on the nude beach.

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