First time for 2

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

We met online chatting. Robbie took me from being a who was a little curious to a semi-expert. Robbie lived real close to me so when we got on line at the same time he was ready to give me a lesson. Robbie started me with sucking my to teaching me how to give a blow job. He is a great teacher with a large dick. His is a solid 8 and nice and thick. Nice mushroom head that I got used to suckling like a baby on a bottle. It got to the point where I wanted to suck him so much that would be all I could think now. Anyway, One night I was over Robbies and I had a sore back. Robbie was so nice and offered a massage. He got down to his boxer briefs and told me to strip and lay on my stomach so he could give me a great massage.

Robbie began with some oil and started working sore my back. I was tired and this felt so good. Soon I was Semi consious. He began massaging my muscles and that felt great to. He worked his finger slowly toward my hole. He slowly worked his finger into me and I jumped a little as his finger penatrated me for the time. He worked it and it felt really good. He continued by adding a 2nd finger and he was finger fucking me and lubing me up with the massage oil. I knew what was coming next and I wanted him to be my first. He layed on top of me our bodies slithering around from the oil and I could feel that sometime during the massage Robbie had lost his boxer briefs. He began rubbing it on my back and started sliding it in my crack. He was so hard and I was scared that he was going to tear me apart if he tried to put it in.

He worked his way down further and I could feel him trying to push into me. He whispered in my ear to relax and it would be ok. I was quivering and did not know what to expect. Finally, I did relax and his head made its way in. He stopped and asked me if I was ok. It was hurting but I said it was ok. He slowly pushed his way into me. Push forward then wait then pushed forward and waited. He never pulled back until he was buried completely in my ass. He layed on top of me slowly grinding into me and it was feeling good. I could feel him all the way into me and his balls against my ass. He asked if I was ready and now I really was ok. He started going faster pulling my hips back to meet his thrusts. I am laying there as Robbie is no longer being gentle. He is strait up fucking me like a man.

I began to glaze over when I heard the front door open. I tried to get up but Robbie said not to worry and I really had no choice. In walks Bill to Robbie's room and he is completely naked and askes "mind if I join in" Robbie answered sure. Bill walked around to where my head was and stuck his semi hard dick in my mouth. Now here I am a bi curious guy loosing all curiosity. Bill had to be 6'2" ex marine muscle man. He was pulling the back of my neck forcing my mouth onto his stiffening cock. He was stuffing his wonderfull long cock in my mouth and I was getting drilled and I was loving it. Robbie started quickening his pace and pulling my hips back a little tighter. I could tell he was starting to get close. Bill was starting to fill my mouth with precum. My head was swimming. Robbie's cock started to swll and he started that moan he does.

Bill took his cock out of my mouth and Robbie pushed my back down keeping my ass. He raised up on me driving me into the bed as he pumped my ass full of his cum. I couldnt even move. The next thing I remember is me being on my back and Bill holding my legs up with his arms as he was driving into me. I was getting everything he had. I really dont know how long he was fucking me as time was lost. I had my hand on his chest as he was driving into me. I could feel the sweat dripping on to me as he was working me out. I could tell he was ready to go and he really started slamming me. I was getting sore so I was ready for him. He pulled out of me and shot his load all over me, I couldnt believe what had just happened to me, and that I loved it.

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