French rest stop

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

In the summer of 1991 I took three weeks off work and decided to head off for the continent in my car with a copy of Spartacus in my glove box and a hardon in my pants. I was 27 years old, in good shape, horny and up for fun.

I drove from Glasgow to Hull where I caught the overnight ferry to Rotterdam, with Amsterdam my first destination. Amsterdam was everything I hoped it would be as far as gay experiences were concerned and I had the time of life. After a couple of days I waved goodbye to the clubs and saunas of the city and headed off on my road trip.

Using my European atlas and my Spartacus, I traveled through Europe seeking out interesting experiences both culturally and sexually, having a great time along the way.

All of this was just a warm up to the most amazing and unexpected sexual experience of my life to that point.

I had made my way through the Mont Blanc tunnel to the Italian border and spent the day in a little coastal town. In the late afternoon I decided to hit the coastal road and see if I could make it to Monte Carlo. The road was full of sharp bends, breath taking views, and stunning scenery, which made the journey much longer and a bit scarier than I expected. After a few hours it was dark and I was tired and when I spotted a rest area ahead I decided to pull over to grab a few hours’ sleep before continuing on in the morning.

After a few hours’ sleep in the car I awoke when the sun came up and I seen a toilet block tucked away in the corner of the rest stop. I grabbed my wash bag and headed over to use the loo and clean up a bit before continuing my drive. When I entered the men’s toilet I was pleased to see it was clean and well maintained and surprised to see it had a shower. The shower was a strange set up being open to the room with just a curtain for privacy and being raised about 2 feet from the floor. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to get ready for the day so headed back to the car to grab a bigger towel and a change of clothes.

I turned on the shower and was pleased to find that the water was hot so I stripped off, hanging my stuff on a hook by the shower and leaving the curtain open just a little to keep an eye on it. The shower was on a flexible hose so I decided to have a douche to get myself cleaned out on the inside too.

As I was finishing off I thought I heard the low rumble of an engine outside so decided it was time to get dried off and dressed. I turned off the shower and pulled back the curtain to grad my towel and that’s when I saw two guys in motorcycle leathers standing at the trough peeing and another one waiting for his turn. All three of the guys looked over at me with one of the guys at the trough holding eye contact with me for a few seconds. I started drying myself off while one of the guys finished up letting the third take his place to pee but the guy who made eye contact with me stayed at the trough and was showing off his growing .

I realized that I was starting to get hard and so stepped down from the raised shower and turned my back to the room to hide myself. However as bent down to dry my feet and legs Mr eye contact took this as a sign and came over, and started rubbing my arse. I turned around to see he had pulled his trousers down and that he was now sporting a full erection as were his two companions. Without saying a word he started fingering my arse whilst pushing me to bend over which I did. I reached for my wash bag and found a of lube which I handed to him along with a condom. He threw the unopened condom into the shower tray, opened up the lube, lubed my arse and then his raw cock.

He kicked my feet to make me spread my legs further and then smoothly and slowly entered my arse. He was in no hurry and took long and slow strokes in and out of me, sometimes going all the way in and sometimes teasing around my hole with small in and out movements. This guy’s cock was driving me crazy, he really knew how to fuck and he was really going to town on my arse. For the twenty or so minutes that he was fucking me he never spoke to me at all, although he did say a few words to his companions in French, which I did not understand.

Then he whispered something in my ear in French as he really started pounding away at me, I could tell he was going for the finish as he tore away at my arse, he whispered in my ear more urgently and I realized he was asking me something, as I didn’t understand him I just nodded my head, not realizing I had just given him permission to unload inside me. Seconds later his thrusts gave way to one almighty push as he buried himself inside me deposited his seed in my guts. He stayed deep inside me making only the smallest movements to drain his balls completely. He slumped on my back for a minute or so before slowly sliding his cock his cock out of me. He then gently took my face and kissed me before gesturing towards his friends, seeking the go ahead for them to fuck me too. I smiled over to them, winked, then turned around and presented my arse to them.

The first guy to take up the offer had the biggest cock of the three. It was long, thick, and veiny, with a big head and an ample covering of foreskin. It was the kind of cock that I really liked sucking. He positioned this monster at my hole and gently pushed into me using only the cum from Mr eye contact as lube. He entered me in one swift motion and I felt really comfortable despite the size of the beast inside me. He was a really vocal fucker and would grunt and groan while saying what sounded like really dirty stuff in French. I was really enjoying having this beast fuck me like this and was getting really excited at the thought that he would also come inside me when he withdrew quickly and spun me around and buried his meat in my mouth. As I was relishing the feel of his cock in my mouth and the taste of his mates cum on my tongue, biker number three entered my arse.

For the next hour or so the two friends took turns fucking me in all positions, spit roasting me, kissing me, stroking me, really giving me a session that I would never forget. During this time, I looked around to realize that another guy had entered the toilet block. He looked like a trucker and did not seem to be with the bikers. He was standing at the urinals wanking, but did not come over to join in with us. I got on with the job in hand and soon forgot about the trucker. After a while the trucker started a conversation with the bikers but as it was in French I had no idea what was going on.

The bikers seemed to be trying to convince the trucker of something and then I made out a word that sounded like “ “. The trucker approached and big cock, who was fucking me at the time, seemed to withdraw to show trucker that he was fucking me raw. After some more conversation big cock stepped aside to allow trucker access to my arse. The trucker rammed his cock into me and thrust at me like an animal for a few minutes before screaming as he unloaded his nuts in my arse. He withdrew immediately, zipped up and was out of the door like a shot. This had nearly driven me over the edge as I had the realization that, not only were these the bikers using me as a cum slut, but they felt free to offer my arse up to anyone else without any reference to me. I knew then that, at that moment in time and in those circumstances, I would let these guys and anyone else use me in any way they wanted.

Eventually, Mr eye contact re appeared and said something to his mates which seemed to be a cue for them to finish up and get going. They moved me back over to the shower area and bent me over in my original spot and the bigger of the two guys re- entered me and without mercy pounded away until he was unloading his cum deep into me, as he was working his load around my guts he was talking in my ear and, even though it was in French, I knew from his tone that it was pure filth. When he withdrew he came around and offered his dripping, cum covered cock to me which I took into my mouth, sucking away and savoring the taste of three loads of cum. As I was devouring big cock, biker number three was now pumping away at my hole. After a few minutes, he too was unloading into me, giving me my fourth load of the day, and all before breakfast.

The second and third bikers went over to the sinks and rinsed off their dicks as Mr eye contact came over to me. He kissed me very tenderly on the lips, said something in French and then the three guys walked out of the toilets, the sound of their engines firing up following a few seconds later. I figured I needed another shower and climbed up onto the shower platform. I turned on the water as I released my muscles to let the torrent of cum that my three French bikers and my trucker had deposited in my ass run out and down the drain. I cleaned myself up and turned off the shower. As I grabbed my towel and stepped down from the ledge I heard the familiar sound of a motorbike engine again. I wrapped the towel around my waist and waited expectantly. Mr eye contact came in the door, walked over to me, handed me a piece of paper, and said “if you ever come to Paris”, before turning around and walking away.

Three days later I was in Paris...

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