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Romance-Therapy : Part 1 8.17: vote

I have always been a lonely boy, and after a long time of no school, i finally go back to college... its there i find something worth living sex in this part...

Added: 03-Dec-2010

Rating: 8.17
Fire in the Firehouse 19 9.33: vote

The long-awaited next installment! Enjoy!

Added: 19-Jul-2005

Rating: 9.33
Chester, my sex boy 8.70: vote

My dick again straining forwards, constantly brushing and bumping into his firm, shapely buns. I want to just grab his hips and rub myself inbetween those mounds of muscle until I cum again...

Added: 22-Sep-2005

Rating: 8.70
Fire in the Firehouse 10 9.88: vote

More of your favorite young firemen and the condition of Mitch!

Added: 20-Mar-2005

Rating: 9.88

Random My schoolmate's son

The narrator is a teenager and witnesses the copulation between their cow and a bull. This excites him and he shares it with his classmate Karthik and his junior school mate, Mani. Thus begins a long story of 6 chapters...


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