Getting to know the boss

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It's 8:15am. I'm late.

I head to the bathroom, get out of my boxers that I slept in and jump in the shower. I quickly wash my body. I get out the shower and have a moment of realization: I've forgotten the towel and my clothes. I quickly run back to my room, my flapping about everywhere, and get dry and dressed.

I drive to work and quickly notice the time. 9:01. Only a minute late for work. I walk into the shop to find Charlie (the boss) stood there looking confused.

"Morning Charlie. What's wrong?" I ask him, genuinely concerned.
"It's just me and you today. Everyone else phoned in sick. Don't worry, it shouldn't be too busy" he replies.

I was delighted. He has a gorgeously slim body, but he has a wife. Every time I see him I get butterflies, especially when he is going out biking. He wears full Lycra when he does that, and my eyes just focus on his dick. It looks huge through them, but I've never seen it yet.

It gets to 3pm and we have spent most of the day chatting. He isn't very good at conversation, but we have tried.

"Right, I just need to go and check on something, I'll be back in 10 minutes" he says walking out the door.
"Okay" I reply. I am fixated on his as he walks off. It's so perfect. So easy to grab. So sexy.

"James!" I hear suddenly. "Get off your phone and serve the customers". He was angry. I shouldn't have taken my eye off the ball for a second, I quickly run to serve the customers.

"Sorry Charlie," I say very apologetic.
"We will talk about this later" he replies.

5pm rolls around and we close the shop. I know what's coming. He tells me again we need to talk to we head over to the office.

"James you shouldn't have been on your phone" he says to me.
"I know, I'm so sorry, I'll make it up to yo-"
"But I'll let you off" he interrupts me before I can finish. "I've always had a soft spot for you."

I can't believe what I'm hearing. A soft spot? What does he means?

Suddenly his hand is on my leg. I feel a twitch and try to control it.
"Actually, I've grown to really like you," he says, grabbing my hand and putting it on his tight jeans that are clinging to his dick. "And I mean really grown"

His dick is rock hard. Before I can think he pulls me towards his and we lock in the most passionate kiss ever. My head is spinning and my is at a full 8 inches.

He undoes my trousers and pulls my boxers to the floor. "Wow, its huge" he says.
"I bet it's not as huge as yours" I reply. I undo his trousers and pull them off. He hasn't got any boxers on. Perfect.
"Fucking hell!" I exclaim. I'm faced with his what must be 10 inches of dick.

I get to my knees and start sucking. I can't take it all, but he moans and moans with pleasure. I stroke his gorgeous six pack with one hand and play with his balls with the other.
Seconds later, he pulls me up and bends me over the office table.

He licks my ass. It feels so good. I never knew my boss was gay, and now I have him all to myself. His marriage must be a cover up.
He sticks his tongue in my ass and I moan loudly. "Oh Charlie. Keep going"
He stands up and leans over to kiss me. He whispers in my ear "Ready?"

"Oh yes. I've wanted this for ages" I reply
"I've seen you stare at me and I've stare at you" he replies

And with that, he sticks his dick deep in my ass. He pounds my ass. Faster and faster. I'm moaning so loud. The desk is moving with the force. "Harder" I scream.

He flips me over. My legs now over his shoulders. He grabs my dick and begins to wank it. The pleasure is too much, I'm going to shoot I think to myself.

But then he stops.
" me" he says.
"With pleasure" I reply

He takes my place. He lays on the desk on his back and I stand between his legs and put his feet on my shoulders. I press my dick against his hole and push slowly.
"Be gentle, I've never done this before" he says. I'm taking his virginity.

I start fucking him harder. He screams. I kiss him whilst fucking him and we both moan in pleasure.
I grab his dick and start wanting him off. His moans get louder and louder
"I'm going to cum" he exclaims.

I lower my mouth to his , still fucking him. And with that, he explodes. So much cum. And I swallow every last drop. Going back to kiss him, I begin to pound his gorgeous ass harder. And within seconds, I cum inside him, pressing my dick further in.

"I you" he says to me
"But what about your wife" I reply
"I'll sort it. I want you" he says. I'm in shock but just kiss him passionately again.

We get redressed and leave. I kiss him goodbye and he says "I'll tell you off again tomorrow. Make sure you go on your phone so I have a valid reason in front of the other staff"
"Okay" I reply.

I get home and go straight up to my room and have another wank just thinking about what happened. I cannot wait to have him again.

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