Go Figure

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Charles and my first swinging experience wasn’t at all what we expected. Of course, we really didn't know what to expect, but we were both excited and willing to go all the way with sharing intimacy.

And I know I was excited about the prospect of getting laid by a relative stranger and my husband Charles was completely prepared to watch me have sex and orgasms with someone else.

We met them on a swinging web-site in South Florida. Guadalupe in her forties was a fiery Brazilian cougar. And I say cougar because her cute young, white husband Randal was barely into his twenties. Actually I was expecting Lupe to be dark like a Mexican but mostly Portuguese she was as white as me.

They invited us to their house in Kendall and we went with open minds. We didn't know the rules, how to be intimate in a couples setting, or how the fun starts. I guess it was a lot like a first date.

When we got there, they were very nice and we got along great.

We were put at ease, chatted, shared some wine, and then without much beating around the bush, Lupe took my husband Charles to their bedroom.

That was my cue so I took her /husband Randy by the hand and was right behind them.

They got on the bed

I’d had the foresight to wear clothes easy to take off, a sundress that would slip easily over my head and no panties and bra. So excited, I quickly undressed. Randy was wearing a light blue Niki t-shirt and dark blue cargo shorts. Unsnapping and unzipping, I helped him off with his shorts.

Of course I only had Charles’s to compare him to but I gasped, "Oh god," when I saw Randy’s beautiful . It was over inches long and very thick with well-proportioned reddish/purple head that glistened with pre-cum and a maze of thick veins that begged to be traced by my hungry tongue.

I didn't even bother to take a peek at what Lupe and my husband Charles were doing, I just got down on my knees, took him in my mouth and started sucking on him.

I’d been a virgin when Charles and I got married so had never had sex with anyone else so this was the first cock other than Charles’s that I’d ever had in my mouth. My first thought was, "we're really doing it," and then I was thinking about how it was going to feel to have him stick that thing in me. I was ripe and so horny.

My thoughts and anticipation came to a quick ending though. I sensed Randy’s excitement and felt his balls tighten. I stopped and told him to fuck me.

I got up and quickly laid back on the edge of the bed close to Lupe and Charles. But they were too busy with each other to even know I was there.

I saw that Randy was losing control so I asked him if he was cumming. But he didn’t answer. Instead he whimpered and his body jerked a little and I knew the answer when his cum hit my leg. I jumped off the bed as fast as I could to get my mouth back on his cock and at least give him a warm wet place to finish his orgasm.

Randy just stood there for a minute and I eventually got up, put on my dress and took him to the living room. And believe it or not, I sat on the couch with him, playing with the idiot soft cock, while watched boxing on TV. I tried my to get him hard for me and nothing worked, not even sucking it.

Even the Spanish language screams coming from his wife Lupe's nasty mouth didn't arouse his interest. Apparently he didn't understand the language. The "fuck me, take me, penetrate my , give me your milk," demands coming from the bedroom had no effect on him.

So while my husband Charles was thoroughly screwing his wife Lupe, I resorted to standing on the couch, squatting in front of his face, and masturbating. I got off and managed to squirt a little pee on his goatee and blue Nike t-shirt.


Randy and I waited until Charles and Lupe finished fucking and emerged from the bedroom. I was a little jealous. Lupe had a towel around her and her hair was tousled and looked like she had been fucked to exhaustion.

All dressed, we thanked Lupe and Randy for a wonderful evening and went home.

It's a good thing I’m a good sport and we did find out on our first date that we are capable of taking one for the team. And to compound our commitment to get it right and believe in the lifestyle, we actually made a second date with them.

Like before we some wine and charred to get everyone comfortable. And like before I wore an easy to remove sundress with no panties and bra. But tonight because the sexiness of stockings and it made me feel sexy to wear them I was wearing a garter belt and thigh high stockings.

This time I thought I was better prepared for Randy’s youthful tendencies. But Lupe threw me a curve. This time instead of Charles, she took my hand and led me to their bedroom,

When Lupe and I headed up the hall towards their bedroom, Randy kept Charles in the living room for a little talk and I found out later some sex.

When Lupe took my hand I felt an odd chill running up and down my back at her touch and once in their bedroom I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra and I could see her hard nipples through her light beige blouse. I didn't realize I was doing it, but I was staring at them.

Before I even knew what was happening, we paused in the hall and Lupe took the hand that she was holding and moved it to her breast.

I couldn't believe this was happening.

Lupe’s breast was so firm.

Completely drawn to her, like a moth to a flame, I moved my other hand and cupped her other breast.

"Have you ever been with a girl?" she asked.

It must have been obvious because I was cupping her breasts like a teenage boy touching them for a first time. "No," I admitted, as I continued to stare at her breasts barely covered by her thin blouse.

Lupe leaned in and kissed me. I saw fireworks in my head. It was the softest, most tender kiss I’d ever experienced. Her tongue parted my lips and explored my mouth and I did the same. I was completely intoxicated with her and my pussy was leaking.

I forgot about Randy and Charles or that they could see me kissing another girl. I just allowed myself to be taken in completely by the moment.

As our tongues twirled inside each other's mouths, I felt Lupe’s hand go under my dress and directly to my very damp pussy.

"No panties, I like that," she purred, as her finger slid between my damp lips.

"Ooooh my fucking god," I moaned, in shock and awe about what was happening.

Lupe’s kept kissing me while simultaneously fingering me. I was moaning in her mouth, my body reacting with unbridled lust. She broke the kiss, looked into my eyes and purred, "Cum for me, Barb."

Her finger found the g-spot that I wasn't sure I had until that moment and I screamed, "Oh God."

My body exploded, my cum flooded out of my pussy like a broken dam.

"A squirter," Lupe murmured softly, even as she kept stroking my clit.

"Oh God," I repeated, as I put my hand on her shoulders to hold myself up, my legs feeling like jelly as all my energy was usurped from me by her masterful touch.

"You look so cute when you cum," she complimented.

"Thanks," I whimpered, barely able to do anything but try to breathe.

Lupe looked down and smiled, "You created a pretty puddle."

"Sorry," I whispered, embarrassed by the puddle that was between my legs.

"Never apologize for getting off, sexy," Lupe said, kissing me again.

Again I melted into her touch until she again broke the kiss and ordered, "Come with me," a few seconds later, even as my orgasm continued to tremble through me and I continued to feel cum leaking down my legs.

At this moment, I would have followed Lupe anywhere, although walking after the most intense orgasm of my life was very challenging.

Lupe took my hand with the hand that had just had a finger in my pussy and led me on down the hall and on into their bedroom.

Moving near the bed, she ordered, "Take off my blouse."

I was completely intoxicated by her and utterly under her spell. I didn't consider myself a lesbian or even bi, but at this moment I was whatever Lupe wanted me to be.

My hands trembled as I started unbuttoning Lupe’s blouse. Once it was unbuttoned and her breasts were free, she ordered softly, "Go ahead, Barbara, suck them."

I didn't need to be told twice as I leaned forward and took her left hard nipple in my mouth as I simultaneously cupped it. I was in awe, the entire situation was completely bizarre.

I swirled my tongue around her nipple, I playfully bit it, before duplicating the attention on her other breast.

"That's so good, Barbara," she purred then after a moment ordered, "On your knees, sexy."

I’d been called that many times, but never by a girl. I lowered myself to my knees and watched with eager anticipation as Lupe unzipped and pulled her skirt off. She too wasn't wearing any panties and I was now staring at her beautiful, glistening, shaven pouting pussy.

I felt like her pussy was calling my name.

Lupe sat down on the edge of the bed, lay back, spread her legs and murmured, "Go on, Barbara, lick me."

"I-I-I've never done this before," I stammered, not that I didn't want to. I desperately wanted to. I just didn't want to disappoint her.

"Now don't be shy, sexy, I know you'll be a natural," she purred, her voice so tender and alluring.

Moving between her tanned legs, I moved my face toward Lupe’s inviting pussy extended my tongue and started licking.

There is nothing more arousing than to first view, then feel the lovely softness and moist aromatic arousal of Lupe’s beautiful pussy before diving in to lick her precious dew from the lips of a hot woman! To make her produce more of her nectar and be the cause of her orgasmic release as she squirts her love juices into my mouth and with her dousing my face in her ejaculation.

Oh my god, I loved diving into Lupe’s juicy pussy. Her pussy tasted so sweet, unlike what I'd imagined, especially considering how most men bitch about eating pussy yet they sure expect us ladies to suck cock at the drop of a hat.

I wanted more of her taste; I wanted to fuck her pussy with my tongue. I tried to use my tongue like a small cock. I struggled at first, but I eventually got my tongue in her small tight hole.

"Finger me too, Barbara," Lupe ordered, her moans soft and sexy.

I moved my tongue between her swollen lips as I slid my finger inside her. I searched for her g-spot, not something I had any experience in finding, while simultaneously flicking my tongue on her clit.

"That's it, your tongue feels so good," Lupe moaned, as her hands went to the back of my head.

I didn't find her g-spot, but I was making her moan.

She grabbed my head, and started grinding her pussy all over my face. I pulled my finger out and focused on licking while she literally fucked my face.

Lupe soon screamed, "Yes. Oh god yes," and I received my first female cum .

Unfortunately, even though Lupe and I got together a couple more times, it was never as thrilling as the first time and eventually Charles and I hooked up with another couple where the husband was more obliging than Randy.

This time it was me who came out of bedroom tousled haired, heels, thigh highs, garter belt and looking well fucked.

I’m not sure what all Charles and Randy did while Lupe and I were entertaining each other in the bedroom, but when we came out Charles was lying on his back on the carpet and Randy was on top of him in the 69 position and they were sucking each other’s dicks.

Turned out the problem between. Randy and I had been my lack of a cock.

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