Gym Time

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

So my name is Michael and I'm a white male. I'm roughly 190 lbs and about 6'2. I played basketball growing up and had hopes of getting a scholarship from college. I wound up getting injured seniors year of HS and also found out my high school girlfriend was pregnant. I gave up on pursuing sports and got a 9 - 5 and got married at 19. About 6 years in our marriage fell apart. We agreed it would be to separate. 6 months ago all the papers were finalized and we were legally divorced. I had grown extremely unhappy in my marriage. Besides all the daily stress of life I was living with a huge secret. I was gay.

While the boys would be changing in the locker rooms and talking about girls I would be fighting to keep from staring at them. There was a on the team named Daquan who had the hottest . The other guys would make jokes about his bubble butt. I would go home and jerkoff to the thought of sliding my inside of that sweet ass. I would watch and I would look on craigslist at the ads and wish I had the courage to be out and answering a ad. After my divorce I would drive about a hour and a half to a gay bar so nobody would know me. The first few times I just had a few beers and left after a short time.

Finally I had loosened up a bit and got a few guys to blow my in the bathroom or parking lot. It was so exciting and guys could give way better head than any girl I was with. I was finally stepping out of the closet even if in small steps. After having a few guys give me head I really wanted to fuck another guy. I wanted to feel the tight asshole wrapped around my cock. One day at the gym I was bench pressing and pushing on the last few reps the guy next to me came up placed a hand under the bar to spot me. " I got you bro keep pushing". I finished my last few reps placed the bar back on the rack and sat up. "Thanks" I said and stuck my hand out. "I'm Michael" I said.

He told me his name was Dante and he was visiting family in town and gotten a week pass for the gym. We made small talk about the equipment and different tips for fitness. Dante was about 6'4 with a more bodybuilding physique. He had short tight curly hair and lips. He had thick thighs and a muscular gluts and a round ass. I bet he could suck a mean dick I though to myself. He said he'd spot me on the next set so I laid back down and started my set. His penis was about 6 inches from my face and I could smell the musky scent of a man who was working out. I got so distracted by the scent and thoughts I only did have my sets. Guess I wore myself out on the last set I said.

We worked out next to each other and made small talk between sets for the next half hour. He told me he was finished and shook my hand. "Hopefully I see you around again" he said. The way he looked at me and said it made me think to myself is he coming on the me? As he walked away I watched and imagined what his body looked like naked. I couldn't help myself I headed towards the locker room hoping there was a small chance I'd get a glimpse of him changing. By the time I came in he had already stripped and was wrapped in a towel around his waste. I was very disappointed. I played it off like I was just coming in the change.

He nodded and walked back towards the shower. I got my stuff and also headed towards the shower. As I walked past his shower stall I glanced through a crack in the curtain. I caught a slight glimpse of his cock and it was huge. I stared without noticing and realized he saw me. I rushed to the next shower stall and closed the curtain. I was so embarrassed and hoped he didn't notice I was staring. I started to clean up when I heard his voice say "hey man you got any extra shampoo? I must've forgot mine". Sure I said and handed it to him ofver the partition. I figured he didn't notice me looking and things were all good. I heard his shower cut off and curtain open.

He was leaving without giving me my shampoo back I thought to myself. As I was in mid. Thought I heard my curtain slide open and turned around to see Dante fully nude stepping in my stall. He had his huge cock in his hand as he stroked it. I was startled and didn't know what to do. I started to stutter and before I could get any words out he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. I went along and wrapped my hand around it. It was so thick my hand barely . I was hoping he'd drop down and start to blow me but he put his hand on the top of my head and gave a slight push. He wanted me to suck his dick. I instantly became submissive. I dropped in a squatting position and took him in my mouth.

He grabbed the back of my head and started face fucking me as I made gagging noises. I had to push him back to get a small break. I grabbed him and took him backing after I caught my breath. He nudged me to stand up after a few minutes. He pushed me back against the wall and started kissing me. He was so strong and his muscles were huge. I wrapped my arms around him and felt his rippling muscles in his back. He places his hands right under my ass cheeks and lifted me up. My back was leaning against the wall and he was holding my legs up off the ground. I could feel his rock hard cock against my asshole. He rubbed against me and tried to slide inside of me.

I had never been fucked before and I was too tight. I had been so excited and now I was nervous I wouldn't be able to handle him. He put my legs down and I thought he was done. Instead he turned me around and pulled my hips back so I was slight bent over. He took his finger and slid the tip inside of me. Even his hands and fingers were huge. He reached over to his small shower bag and pulled out a bottle of something. He squirt a blob into his hand and ran his hand over my asshole. Started at the bottom of his palm to his finger and slid the end of his finger in as he ran it across.

He kept his finger there and starts rubbing around and started putting more and more of his finger inside. Eventually I started to get loose and the pain turned to joy. I started thrusting with the motions of his hand. He pulled his finger out and stood directly behind me. I could feel the head of his massive penis rub against my hole and I braced myself for the pain. It slid in easier than I though until about the 6 inch point. He still had 3 inches left. I pulled up and went back in an little more each time. After a few minutes of this I finally felt his body pressed against my ass and knew he was all the way inside.

He had his hands wrapped around my hips and was pulling me back and forth to his long stroked. It was still slightly painful so i grabbed my cock and starts to just rub the area. That seemed to take the pain away and get me extremely aroused. I started throwing my ass back into his thrusts. He knew I was opening up and the long slow strokes started getting faster. I could feel his ball starting to slap against me and a clapping sound from our bodies slamming together. He was really fucking me now. He had his hands on my hips still and was slamming into me as he pulled me back into him. I wanted to look at him and his sexy body as he fucked me so I told him to turn me around and try the other way again.

I put my arms over his shoulders and he lifted me up again. This time I was gushing wet from the lubes and I was completely loose now so he slid in. His cock was more upright and it was a up and down sliding motion as he lowered me as he raise his cock up into me. I grabbed his face and slid my tongue into his mouth. We were kissing passionately and I was loving it. He was fucking me so hard and I could feel his muscles start to tense. His cock stiffened even more and then I felt his cock pulsating inside of me. He lowered me down and push into me as far as he could.

I could feel the warmth inside my me then deep long strokes. He held me and kissed me again. He pulled his long cock out and my insides felt empty. He kissed me again and I ran my hands over his muscles. I could hear people talking and realized anybody who came in the locker room could hear us. Dante with the body of a God with full confidence slid the curtain open fully nude his huge dick swinging and walked to the lockers and got dressed. I was so embarrassed I waited a few minutes and came out hanging my head as other men stared at me. I started getting dressed and realized Dante had already left. I never saw him again.

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