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*** 01. The Lake.

The thing about your first love is that you never get over it no matter what anyone says. And so it was with me.

It was the summer of 1988 and my parents had rented a summer cabin on a lake in the mountains. The cabin was situated about fifty yards from the water’s edge and surrounded by a pine forest. Along this stretch of the lake shore, the cabins were spread out and our closest neighbor was at least a quarter of a mile away. It was peaceful and deathly quiet apart from the random forest noises.

Just the sort of place that I, at 18 did not want to be at. I would have liked to spend the summer in the city with my friends, where everything was happening. I complained to my father that life was passing me by and I didn’t want to miss out on any of it. His reply as usual, was clever and profound.

“Life Mark, passes you by no matter where you are.” He said solemnly. “Life happens whether you’re in the city, at the north pole or . . or here for that matter. It’s a fact of, well, life! So enjoy it and stop complaining.”

So here I was, stuck in a boring old cabin; next to a boring old lake; out in the boring old country and the thought of spending the next three weeks here was a little daunting because I just knew that it was going to be, well, boring! There was very little to do but take walks, swim in the lake and then take more walks.

The first three days out there were terrible. I moped around the place, desperately wishing that I was in a mall with my friends in the city. The fourth day was a little better because we met our closest neighbors and they proved to be quite entertaining. Their son Donovan, was about a year or two older than me and was taking a last family vacation with his parents before he went on to college.

Donovan proved to be my savior. Being an only child, I was desperate for the company of someone my own age and Donovan filled that niche although he was slightly older than me. He happened to be in a similar position, being an only child himself.

The moment we met, we hit it off. He was funny, handsome and like me, starved for young company. We met them all on one of our family walks which my father insisted that we take at least once a day. We had walked just past the neighboring cabin when we saw them. They were walking towards us, a middle aged couple and a young, tall good looking guy.

We stopped and introductions were made while I stood behind my parents. Donovan stood behind his, with a bored look on his face. He eyed me up and down and then smiled shyly. I lifted my hand and gave him a small wave and said, “Hi”!

My parents and his got into an animated discussion on the merits of vacationing on the lakes while Donovan and I stood behind them looking bored. Our respective fathers made arrangements to meet that evening at our cabin for a barbecue and then both families continued on their walks. I rolled my eyes and Donovan smiled. Then as he passed by me, he slowed, leaned in close to me and grinned.

“A family barbecue.” He whispered. “How thrilling!”

“Be still, my pounding heart!” I replied softly and returned his grin. He laughed, winked, waved and joined his parents. I watched as the family turned up to the cabin we had just gone by. So they were our neighbors, which meant that Donovan was not that far away from where we were staying. The thought of this pleased me somewhat. I liked him immediately and as the day wore on, I began to look forward to the evening when I would be seeing him again.

They arrived shortly after seven and my father immediately delegated Donovan and I to do the cooking. Steaks and burgers were thrown onto the barbecue and the ladies busied themselves in the kitchen making salads while our fathers settled themselves in lawn chairs on the porch, drinks in hand. Donovan and I stood by the barbecue, tongs ready and primed and watched as the meat sizzled and smoked.

He looked great in a worn T-shirt and a pair of baggy jeans, the legs of which had been cut off at mid-thigh. I surreptitiously studied him as we turned the meat on the grill. His hair was light brown and cut in a casual, shaggy style. He was very good looking in a clean cut way with brilliant violet eyes above which his brows arched cleanly.

His body under his tight T-shirt was well toned, with broad chest and flat ridged belly. His arms were strong and muscular and his legs, were long and tanned, well muscled and wonderfully hairy. On the whole, he was quite an impressive young man and I was immediately attracted to him. His voice was low and soft and he had an infectious gurgling laugh.

Now for a bit of background. I had discovered that I was gay at the young and tender age of fourteen. I broke the news to my mother and she carefully advised me to keep it from my father for the time being. He was not as bohemian or free thinking as she and would not be quite so tolerant. In fact, my mother told me that he would be upset and disappointed greatly by my news, so she suggested that we should wait until I was a lot older before we broke it to him.

So there I was in the country, cooking barbecue with the most stunning guy I had ever laid eyes on. We laughed and joked around the barbecue, and eyed each-other cautiously. When the meat was finally done, we piled it all onto a plate and set it on the picnic table. My mother told everyone to help themselves and after we each had a full plate, we settled down to eat.

I sat on the grass cross-legged and dug into a delicious burger. Donovan, bearing a plate piled high with steak and salad, plopped down close to me and began tucking into his fare. When he had finished eating, he put his plate down and lay back on the grass, his wonderful body supported on his elbows, his hairy legs stretched out in front of him with his ankles crossed.

“Your folks are pretty cool.” He said softly.
“So are yours.” I replied.
“Yeah!” He said. “Although my Dad’s a bit of a nutter for football. It drives my Mom wild.” He laughed gently.
“Join the club.” I said with a grin. “My Dad’s crazy-mad for it too. When he was at school, he was this great football hero.”

“Quite frankly,” he began, “I can’t stand it. Can’t see the point, all those macho guys chasing around after an inflated pig’s bladder. It’s just an excuse for a grope fest. It’s beyond me.” I laughed at the mental image this conjured up.
“Finally!” I crowed. “Someone who actually hates football. I thought I was the only guy in the world who hated it. My friends think I’m a bit of a freak because it bores me to death.”
“I think I was the only one in my entire school that never went to any of the games.” He laughed. “No, I like the finer things in life; art, music, theatre and so on.”

I stared at him. Was this guy for real? And if he was, where had he been all my life.
“Me too.” I said softly. “I often get the feeling that my Dad’s a little disappointed that I’m not like him.”
“I know the feeling.” He replied.

We sat in silence for a few minutes.
“How old are you?” He asked.
“18. I’ll be nineteen next month.” I replied. “You?”
“Just turned nineteen.” He said. “So tell me, what else do you like?”

“Um . . let’s see. I like movies, good movies mind, something with a clever story line; not those crappy kung-fu things.” He nodded solemnly. “And I enjoy a really good book. Something gripping. Comic books leave me cold; can’t see the point.”
He nodded again.
“What about you?” I asked.

“Much the same as you, I guess.” He paused and his violet eyes stared at my face steadily. “Oh, and just so there are no surprises, I happen to like guys!”

I stared at him for a moment, surprised at his frankness, and then I started to laugh quietly. He frowned and looked away.
”Why are you laughing?” He asked softly. “It’s not funny.”
“Sorry!” I gurgled. “I’m not laughing at you, please don’t think that. I’m laughing because I can’t believe it.”
“What do you mean?” He asked, his violet eyes dark. “What’s not to believe? It’s a fact of my life, I’m into guys and I freely admit it.”

I leaned in close to him.
“What I’m trying to say is that I can’t believe that the first guy I happen to meet out here in the boondocks is gay.” I replied. “And now you can laugh because here’s the funny part; so am I!”
He grinned broadly.

“Oh I get it now.” He said. “Well that’s okay then.” He paused for a moment and I could see his mind working at what he wanted to say next. Then he leaned even closer to me. “And I’m really glad because I think you’re super hot!” He finished.
His eyes held mine steadily and I could see that he meant what he said. I was so thrilled that I felt a warm tingle in my shorts. My dick swelled slightly and a warm shiver ran up my spine.

“Thanks.” I whispered. “And I think you’re the hottest guy I’ve seen around in a long time. Even hotter than Jack Turner.” I finished.
“Who’s Jack Turner?” He asked with a smile.
“Jack Turner happens to be the cutest guy in my school. A typical super-jock!” I said. “Trust me, he is uber-hot and the entire school is mad for him, even the teachers.” I paused. “I think it’s hilarious.”

He smiled as he digested this and then he sat up and put his arms around his bare knees. He turned and looked at me, his eyes travelled from my face, all the way down my body and over my bare legs. Then his eyes moved back up to mine and he winked.
“So you think I’m hotter than this Jack Turner?” He said.
“Without a doubt!” I replied adamantly. “The kids at my school would have gone crazy for you.”

He smiled slowly and his eyes glowed purple in the evening light. Then he lay back on the grass, put his hands under his head and looked up at the sky.

“You’ve got really great legs.” He said softly.
“Thanks.” I said. “So have you.” He nodded and smiled again.
“Do you have a ?” He asked softly.
“No.” I replied. “You?”

“Nope.” He said and grinned and was silent for a moment and then he rolled onto his side, dug his elbow into the grass, propped his head on his hand and settled his violet eyes on me. “I have a feeling that this vacation is not going to be as tedious as I first thought.” He continued quietly. “One more question; quite personal if you don’t mind? You don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to.”

“Go ahead.” I said. “This has been a pretty personal conversation so far anyway.”
“Top or bottom?” He asked, his eyes roaming up and down my body, pausing on my thighs. I was aware that sitting cross-legged, the hems of my shorts gaped and from his low vantage point, he could probably see right up my legs to my crotch but I didn’t care. I wanted him to look.

I smiled slowly. “Now that is kind of personal so I suggest we do a trade off. You tell me something personal about you and then I’ll tell you the same thing about me, okay?”
“I like your style so okay!” He grinned. “What do you want to know?”

“I don’t know.” I said thoughtfully. “Tell you what, I’ll leave it up to you, but it must be something really personal, like a deep secret.”
“You drive a hard bargain, but okay.” He said and sat up facing me cross legged. Now I could see up his shorts. His muscular hairy thighs drew my eye up to his crotch where I could just make out a bulge in his undershorts. Tit for tat!. He leaned closer to me and whispered. “I like to swallow.”

It took me a second to realize what he meant. Then I got what he was saying and looked at him and smiled slowly.
“Good one.” I said softly, beginning to get really turned on by this amazing up front guy. “I like to swallow too.”
“Now it’s your turn.” He grinned.

I thought about it for a moment and then went with the obvious one.
“I’m cut and about seven and a half inches.” I whispered.

“Cool.” He said. “Me? About the same, also cut. Now answer my first question; top or bottom?”
“Well, I think that that is something for you to find out, isn’t it?” I said evilly, dropping a hint so broad that he couldn’t help but trip over it. He did, he stumbled, hard!

He grinned. “Trust me, I want to and I intend to!” My pulse quickened at the thought.

He lay back again and wriggled down into the grass and crossed his long amazing legs. As he did so, he thrust his hips up quickly and subtly, just enough for me to see the large bulge in his cut-offs. I lay down on my back next to him, making sure he got an eyeful of my own over full crotch. I turned my head slightly to face him.

“Do your folks know you’re gay?” I asked softly.
“Oh yeah.” He whispered. “Although my Dad’s having a hard time accepting it. He will eventually.”
“My Mom knows.” I said. “She says I should wait until I’m a lot older before we break the news to my Dad, although I can’t see why. He’s going to be pretty upset regardless.”

He turned his head to face me.
“You want to hear something funny?” He asked and I nodded. He shifted closer to me slightly and laughed. “I’ve been warned by my Mom to lay off you.”
I stared at him.
“Really?” I laughed. “That is funny.”

“Yeah. She thought that you looked too conservative to be gay.” He paused and his eyes became serious. “What I want to know is; do you want me to lay off?”

I was again amazed at his candor. I stared into his violet eyes and shook my head slowly. My leapt in my shorts and stiffened instantly, sending a thrilling shock up my spine.
“No.” I whispered. I looked across at our parents chatting animatedly on the porch. “And trust me, I couldn’t lay off you if I tried.” I looked back into his startling eyes. “And just so you know, I don’t mind either way.”
“Don’t mind what?” He asked, a small frown creasing his brow.

“Top or bottom; it doesn’t matter to me either way.” I replied. He grinned slowly.
“Better and better. I’m pretty easy either way too.” He whispered and laughed softly. “This vacation is turning out to be a lot more interesting than I expected.”

We stared at each-other for a few minutes, both aware of the heightened sexual tension between us. I could see the naked desire in his eyes and I knew that he could not help but see how much I wanted him.
He leaned closer to me. “I would really like to kiss you.” He whispered.
“Yeah, I know.” I said softly. “I want to do the same.”

He smiled and licked his lips suggestively.
“Do you like kissing?” I asked quietly.
“Very much.” He whispered. “For me, it’s a real turn on.”

“Do you want to know what’s getting me hot right now?” I asked softly. He nodded and I continued. “The way you have been so up front about everything; no beating around the bush, no stupid small talk. I love it, it’s so refreshing. I’ve never met anyone like that before.”
“I find all that crap tedious and a total waste of time. I mean, if you’re attracted to a guy, why not just say so. If I want something . . ” He paused and looked at me meaningfully. “ . . I just go for it.”

I kept my gaze on his face and slowly nodded.
“Well,” I whispered. “If you feel the inclination to ‘go for it’ at any time, I certainly won’t stop you.”

He nodded and smiled slowly, his eyes glowing. Then he sat up and looked down at me, his eyes taking in the length of my body. His gaze lingered on my bulging crotch and then continued on down my bare legs.
“Oh God!” He sighed. “I so want to . . !” He stopped and sighed heavily. Then he leaned in closer to me, his violet eyes on mine.
“What say we get the hell out of here?” He said huskily. “Go for a . . walk.” He winked suggestively and smiled.

“You’re a fast worker, aren’t you?” I grinned.
“Oh you have no idea.” He remarked with a gurgling laugh.
“I like it!” I said and jumped up. “Let’s go then.” 

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