Hotel Romance : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I woke up in thinking everything that I went through last night was just a super-hot sex dream. I could not believe that it was true. I went and looked at my phone thinking that maybe I would find some information that told me it was all a lie. I found the text to my friend asking her to go get my clothes for me. I knew then that last night really did happen, and that I have a date tonight. The more that I thought about the night the happier I became, until I realized that we never exchanged phone numbers. I don’t know what I was worried about I worked at the hotel and I could just call the hotel, and ask to speak to him.

I did just that. I called the hotel. Austin was not in his room! I wanted to leave a message but there was no way to do so. I figured I would wait until 5:30pm and that way he should be back in the hotel form work. I figured a business man like Austin probably gets off work around 5pm and so he would be in the hotel around 5:30pm due to traffic.

I when ahead and did some house work. I kept thinking about the night before and how we made out. How our hard cocks in our jeans were rubbing against our bodies! It made me hard instantly. I had to take some time and go watch some porn I was just too horny from thinking about Austin, and our cocks. I when to my office where I kept my computer. I when to a website that has some hot armature, , scruffy men. It reminded me of Austin so much. I watched two men go at it and it got me all hot a sweaty. I was super turned on. I shot a huge thick load all over my chest. Even getting some on my face. I was just so turned on.

I when and cleaned up, and continued to do my house chores. I wanted 5:30pm to be here so bad, but it was only 1:12pm in the afternoon. I finished my house work and looked at the clock. It was about 2pm by now. I figured I would just go and work on homework. After all I did have a big paper due in my Ethic class. I started working on the paper still thinking about Austin in the back of my mind. My phone started to ring. It was my friend. She was probably calling wanting to know what the hell was going on from last night. I never did tell her. I also told her I would explain later, and even know she knows I would explain in my own time. Her time was now.

I picked up the phone “hello? Hey so tell me this dirt on last night”. “Oh well I met this from work. He asked me out and I didn’t want my work clothes on for a date”. “OMG….that’s awesome. How was it?” “It was good, we have another date planed for tonight”. “I am so excited for you Logan. You need a good man in your life”. She was not lying when she said that. I have had some of the worst luck with men. Even my own father is nothing to be proud of. My stepdad is more of a father to me then my real . I can’t complain too much as my dad might not understand me. Here I am a big nerd and he is your typical guy who likes sports, building things, hunting fishing, and fixing cars.

“Yes, it would be nice to have a good man in my life for once. I need to let you go. I am working on this ethic paper. I want to get as much done as possible before my date tonight”. “Okay, well let me know what happens. I want all the juicy details”. “I will tell you everything when I have a free moment”.

We hung up and I went to by books. I wanted to get as much homework as I could done before 5:30pm. I figured I might be with Austin all night and I didn’t want to take the chance of not having time to work on homework. I studied for what seemed like hours, but was only about 40 minuets when my phone when off. It was a text message. It was from an unknown number and it read…. “Hey are we still on for tonight”? I was not sure what to think. Could it be Austin? If it was Austin how did he get my phone number? I was a little confused about the whole thing, but I fidgeted I better respond to the text. “Hello, may I ask who this is”? I sent the text hoping I would get a response fast, but no such luck. After a few minutes I went back to working on my homework.

It was about 3:33pm when I was finally finished with the reading I had to do for my paper. I needed to get to work on the argument part now. I needed to do my research or at least the research on my argument for the ethics paper. I was trying to figure about what I even wanted to argue. I was not 100% sure I was for or against genetic enhancements. I took out my laptop and got my paper all ready to go. It was an APA style paper being that it was for psychology class. I really hated writing in APA. It was much harder than just writing in MLA. All of a sodden my phone when off again. It kind of made me jump a little. I was just not ready for the sound.

I looked at my phone. It was a message from the unknown number again. This time the message simply read “my lips meet yours at twilights moon”. I blushed as I read it. I knew then it was Austin. He was being romantic and I could not believe it. He was such a catch. I sent a message just to be sure it was him. “Austin, you are so sweet”. I didn’t want to ask if it was him just because I was afraid I would upset him. He responded this time very fast. “Logan are we still on? I would to take you out and see what develops between us. I was thinking 7pm at this places called Lazlo’s its rated 4 starts”. “yes, we are still on”. This time it took a few minutes for him to respond back. He asked for my address in the text, but something was telling me he already had it.

I was still trying to figure out how he got my phone number. I never gave it to him, and the hotel would not have given it out either as it would be a HIPA violation. I wanted to know how he got it but was afraid to ask. My mind was trying to figure out how this was able to get a phone number just from going on one date with me, and me never giving it to him. Something was weird about the whole situation, and I wanted to find it out more. I mind wanted to tell me that something was wrong with the man, but my heart would not allow it. I figured I would ask at dinner. By then I would have a little liquid courage in me to ask that question.

It was still only 3:45pm in the afternoon and I still had a lot of time before my date. In the last text message with Austin he told me he had another meeting to go to and that he can’t text in them. I told him I would see him at 7pm at my place. We left it at that. I when back to my homework. I still have so much to do. This school thing can be a pain in the , but defiantly worth it in the end. I finally got my paper all typed up just needed to re-read it and edit it so that I can turn it in. It was about 6:30pm. I was in a rush by now knowing that Austin would be at my place in 30 minutes or less.

I put all my school work away and rushed to the bathroom. I needed a shower after all the house cleaning I had done earlier that day. Of course once I got to the bathroom I started thinking about Austin and the night before. I was still horny and I was still focused on his cock. I still had not seen it, but I could feel it was big and that’s what made me horny. I got in the shower with a now rock hard cock. I had no time to get off in the shower being that I only have a little while before Austin would be at my front door. Plus maybe we would end up doing something. After all Austin would be leaving to go back home soon, and I might not see him anymore. The though made me a little sad.

I needed to pick out my outfit for the date. Even though It would be the same thing I always wear on dates. A plaid button up shirt bark jeans and my cowboy boots. I got dressed and when back into the bathroom. I needed to do my hair, brush my teeth, and make sure I put on cologne. Had to smell good.

I was not even finished with my teeth when my doorbell rang. UGH…..he was here on time. Damn it. I hurried up with my teeth I didn’t want to answer the door with my toothbrush in my mouth. Then ran to the door. He stood there looking sexy as hell in a back button up shirt with some white stitching, dark jeans, and shoes. He also smelled so good. “Hey, are you all ready”? “not yet I am running late because of some homework. Would you mind waiting inside for a couple minuets why I finished getting ready?” “not at all take your time”.

He looked a bit annoyed. You could tell that Austin was the type of person who is always on time for things and that he bothers him when people are late. I hurried as fast as I could. It only took me about 5 more minutes to finish. I was hoping that would please him. I put all my stuff away and when back to the living room. He was playing on his phone. “Okay I am ready, sorry again about that. I am normally pretty punctual.” “Not a problem, I am glad that you take school seriously. There are many college kids who don’t.”

We got into his nice bran new Chevy Impala I was defiantly impressed. It was very fancy compared to my older Pontiac G6. When we got into the car he started a conversation about school, asking what I was taking and what I had planned on doing etc. We talked all the way until we got seated at the restaurant When the waiter came over and asked for our drinks. I was still curious about how he had gotten my number, but before I could ask he made a comment about it. “So I bet you are wondering how I got your phone number”? “actually yes, I am”.

He smirked a little with a small chuckle “well, I work in law enforcement. I was able to run your license plats and came up with everything”. I was not sure what to say. In a way I was mad that he did that considering that I don’t know him and he had no right to do that. In the second place I can understand him wanting to make sure I was not some crazy criminal. “well that explains how to get that information”. “yeah I hope you don’t mind. I just remember we never exchanged information, but I memorized your plat. It’s just a habit to remember small information like that being in the business that I am”.

I was pretty curious about his job now. I have always liked criminal shows and police shows. Nothing like the show “Cops”. That show is beyond fake and stupid. I like the more intense investigation shows. “So are you a police man than or something else”? “I am a detective, I investigate old cases or cold one”. “That’s really cool. I like that kind of stuff myself, well at least on television shows I do”.

We talked about our likes in T.V shows and how they were similar to his job. We also talked a lot about his job and what he does. I was so interested in it. I like that kind of stuff, but I also like the psychology filed. He also had interest in psychology. It was crazy how much we had in common.

We sat there for hours in the restaurant talking and getting to know each other. We just were so interested in each other we didn’t want to leave. I think we left like if we left the restaurant we would have to end the date. I finally said “Austin I think they are going to close soon. Maybe we could go back to my place and continue this conversation”? He gave me a big smile and and agreed we had wasted the waiters time. They were trying to clean up and we and a few other tables were the only ones left in the building.

When we arrived at my house we both looked at each other before going into the house. He leaned in a gave me a kiss. I was beyond happy. I was so happy I finally meet a guy who was looking for more than just sex. I mean my dick is good an all, but I am worth so much more. At least in my opinion I am. I unlocked the door and walked inside. I offered him a beer. He said no. Then said “I’ll take a glass of wine if you have it”. I did I was more of a wine drinker then beer. I never did like the taste.

We sat on the sofa talking more about his work. He did disclose some case related information about the case he was working on, and the reason he was here. Apparently there was a murder that took place in a small town outside of Minneapolis about 25 years ago and he was investigating it. The person who was murdered was from a small town close to Lincoln Nebraska. He told me he could not tell me to much as it was a case, and privet information. I understood but was still dying to know more.

After a few minutes of talking some more and after a full glass of wine. Austin leaned in and kissed me some more. His lips were so soft, and he really knew how to kiss. It was so passionate, and soft. He was rough with his hands but soft with his lips. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me close to him. It didn’t take long for our body heat to turn up. He kissed my lips, then down my neck. Taking my shirt off and kissing my body, then working his way back up.

I was so turned on and you could tell he was too by the massive bulge in his pants. I took his shirt off kissing his lightly hairy chest. Lightly biting his pecks. His skin was so soft and tan. He pushed me up and straddled me. Kissing me some more and rubbing our bodies together. We were getting all sweaty, it was so hot. Our hard cocks in our pants throbbed as they rubbed our bodies. My hands wrapped around his bubble butt. I could not help but squeeze it, and give him a spank as we continued to make out and rub our bodies together.

I was getting more and more turned on by the minuet. I was having an amazing time, until he said “I think we should slow down. I am sorry I got a little carried away. I don’t want to move to fast, I just could not help it after kissing you I couldn’t control myself. I want this to last and I don’t want you to think I just want sex”. I was shocked that he said that, but was also very happy. My dick wasn’t, but I was.

“Its ok I am just as to blame. I want it just as much as you do trust me. I respect that you want to take things slow. I also feel that is better”. We stood up and when to get out shirts that magically were tossed to the other side of the room. We got them on and he said he had a meeting in the morning so he should get back to the hotel. I walked him to the door, and we kissed again. Saying goodnight. He again asked me out. Asking if I was free tomorrow. It was my normal school day so I didn’t work, but I did have school.

“I am free as long as I don’t have a lot of homework. I have school tomorrow so that comes first. How about you come to my place and ill cook us dinner. I am sure you are tired of fast food anyway”. “That sounds perfects Logan. I’ll see you are 6:30pm tomorrow”?

“Sounds perfect, I will see you then”. I watched him drive away wishing he has stayed, but with my hard throbbing cock still in my pants I needed to get off. I when to the bedroom and stripped. I put on some porn and grabbed the lube. I wanted to make sure I shot a good load. I was still sweaty and turned on. I started slowly rubbing my cock up and down. I watched as my cock throbbed with every stroke. My pre cum dripping all over. It felt so good. I moaned as I stroked my cock, watching the in the porn videos fuck each other hard.

I could feel my orgasm getting closer and closer so I started stoking faster and harder. Betting my hard cock hard. Hearing my hand slap against my body with every stroke. Using my other hand to cup my balls, and moaning louder and louder.

AH!!!! My creamy load splashed all over my face, chin, and chest. I laid there trying to catch my breath. It was a big load and big work out for sure. I finally got up, and showered. When I got back into the bedroom I saw a text from Austin.
“goodnight beautiful”. It also have a kissy emoji next to it as well.

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