How I Fell In Love With A Nigerian Insurgent

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

My name is Aliyu. I am twenty years old, from the northern part of Nigeria. My father died when I was only fourteen and in secondary school-leaving a gulf that forever changed my large, polygamous family. Because of our large family, (he had three wives and sixteen children), we owned one of the biggest house in the village of Bama. My mother was the first wife and I was the seventh of her eight kids. Each wife had her own compound within the family house but since out of the sixteen, we were only four boys, we had room to ourselves. I was the youngest , so I was prohibited from my older brothers shenanigans. I found solace in hanging out with my sisters. My father was a very successful farmer. He had corn fields, cotton and rice farms. But at his death, no one took over the family farms and we were all left to fend for ourselves.

I was the only male from my mother and hated any manual jobs. In fact, I was so effeminate that boys used to teased me mercilessly, calling me Aunty Fatima. I loved playing with my sisters and her friends while other boys were busy hunting, farming or playing football. I loved being in company of females, but I would only admire boys .Sometimes I would fantasized being my friendís girlfriend. My friend, Aminu was a gangly teenager then but I was like nine years old. Each time he came to my house, his eyes would be on Zainab. I actually felt he was using me to get close to Zainab. Boys were forbidden from entering our house because of the large number of females. But Aminu was an exception because he was my friend and I was my fatherís favorite.
At fourteen, I dropped out of school because we could not afford to pay school fees. I left Maiduguri, our home based and located to Kano where I was involved in all sorts of juvenile delinquencies imaginable. I ran wild with wild peers.

I took my fatherís good looks; he was Fulani and my mother Kanuri. I was of average height and not tall like him but I was very good looking. I am not a modest person so it is true. I had pointed nose, soft, fair hairless skin and well rounded that even I admired it. Once my mother caught me wearing my sister Zainabís make-up and gave me the beating of my life. She forbade me to ever try anything female and warned that if I did it again she would tell me father and he would send me away to the village to go and become and almajiri. That is to go and study Islam under a teacher and would become beggars and destitute. The thought alone scared me but I still secretary fantasized being a girl.

At nineteen I started selling sachet water by the road side making enough to get by. That was when I met Bala. He was from Abuja. We started meeting some guys and discussing about venturing into business. I didnít know what type of business but I went along. We first started by robbing people at night under the fly-over bridges. One of us would engage an innocent bystander or passerby and another would yank her bag or phone and ran away. Or sometime in a traffic jam, if we spotted expensive phones, we would hit the car from behind and the unsuspecting driver would think it was an accident. Once his attention was diverted, one of us would quickly snatch the phone and vanish into the sea of people during rush hour. It was easy money and I didnít have to stand in the sun selling water for peanuts. In the evening we would converge, share our loot and drink beer. While others would patronize prostitute, I kept to myself. As of that time, I was yet to enjoy the joys of sexual activity.

Everyday fro the thief, one day for the owner, an adage says. One of our gang members was arrested and tortured for days in the police cell. When he could not the torture he named us and we were arrested and sentenced o three years in a prison.
It was in the prison that my new and alien journey started. In my cell, we were four. Sale, Chucks, Ike and myself. Sale was a hug muscular mean looking man in his early thirties serving twenty years for armed robbery. We were only serving for far lesser offences. We got on well and respected Sale as our boss. We had seen him fight men in the prison and knew he was brutal so we appeased him in every way we could. First time we showered, my eyes almost bulged when I saw his nakedness. He was really hairy and his thighs looked like trunks. His chest was like a barrel and when I saw his dick I almost shouted. I had seen men peeing and I have seen porn, but that before me was an elephant . It must be up to ten inches and its girth was like my wrist. Huge twin balls hung loosely from the flaccid dick. I was mesmerized. He caught me looking at him and he scowled so I quickly averted my eyes.

I had spent a month in the big house and so far, I wasn't beaten or molested. Once, Ike slapped my ass and commented that my ass cheeks were soft like a girlís. He said if I was a girl he would fuck me every day. He was only seventeen but tall and lanky. I asked him if he had fucked before. He laughed and said he had been fucking since has ten. He said that their fifteen year house-girl seduced him and taught him how to fuck and since then he had fucked countless girls. He then revealed that he fucked the pastorís daughter and she got pregnant, that was why he was in jail. Twice, I caught him in the cell when others were out and he didn't mind my watching. He had a long dick and uncircumcised. It was fascinating and I felt my five inches dick hardening. The second time he asked if I would give him a hand. I ran away and heard him laughing.

Ike mysteriously left one day and we later gathered that his father pulled some strings and the boy was pardoned. Chucks fell ill and was vomiting blood. He was taken to the infirmary and a week later he died. He wasn't a strong boy but what caused his death remained a mystery. Now, it was just Sule and I in the cell for the first timeÖ

(Follow me and discover what happened next.)

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