How I sucked my brother

(Part 1 from 1)

This story was translated from french... hope no mistakes..100% fiction!

I hesitated before publishing this story because I never told anyone indeed. I must say, I'm a bit ashamed of it. Ashamed because when I think about it, it makes me fucking horny and it concerns my brother. Incest is sick. Unhealthy but so good.

Anyway, let's get started. It happened in August 2011, on holiday with my brother. He is 3 years older. At that time, he was 24 and I was 21. My brother is tall, blond with blue eyes. It's handsome, very handsome. And straight, completely straight. I've always felt kind of jealousy towards him. First of all, he's the oldest. And then he's more manly, more athletic, more popular, more, more, more. But I do him as a brother. I must admit that sometimes he attracts me and I catch myself staring at him. Like when he's laying on the couch in his underwear, I sometimes watch at his bulge.

But it always remained very fleeting. It is not a deal and I never jerked off thinking about him. Besides, he thinks I'm straight. Back then, we were both working and still living at our parents. As a result, we had a lot of money and we often made beautiful trips together.

That summer, we decided to go to Thailand to . We were really motivated to mess it up, especially that we only had six days there. As soon as we got to the airport for departure, we got ! We even bought some duty free whisky to sip it on the plane.

We landed in Bangkok in the late morning and had to take a flight the next afternoon to Phuket. So we had booked a room with a double bed for the night, just to sober up a bit from our night in the capital. That night, we went out to Bangkok! And we really had fun, and we drank a lot, too much.

In the taxi that brought us to the hotel, my brother was comatose and I had to support him to the elevator. Then, once arrived in the room, he slumped in the middle of the bed. After several attempts to make him react and move a little, I had to make myself a reason: he wouldn't move by himself.

So I began to undress him. So I took off his shoes, then his pants. And then...! My brother was having a boner! He still had his boxer short, sweaty from the evening we had spent, but I could see him being horny!

And so I was by this amazing sight ...

I hesitated... but my blood alcohol level took my reason away....

I was starting to grope him through his boxer short. Her was very hard and I was surprised at how much it looked like mine. My brother still didn't move.

I approached my face in order to feel his package then to lick it. Finally, I pulled out his dick and swallowed it greedily while off.

I knew this situation was so bad and , but I didn't care, it was so good tasting my brother's cock! I'd been sucking him crazy for like 20 minutes when I felt his hot cum invading my mouth! I had just made my brother coming! It didn't take me long to do the same. Once I came to my senses, I realized what I had just done and was torn between shame and desire.

I always wondered if my brother knew what happened that night. Damn, he came anyway! I'd like to think he knows...

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