In A Strangers Car

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I was at a popular hang out spot in Kingston Jamaica with some friends it was like any other night they had all had too much to drink and i was reaching the brink of boredom. I decided to do what i always did go for a walk which would end on a street notorious for prostitution and the selling of drugs, I wasn't into either of those things but it was always interesting to hear the sad stories of a man who had been robbed while fucking a prostitute or to laugh at the druggies begging the dealers for a fix.

I left the bar and started walking i always felt uneasy walking on the streets that late at night because i always felt the stares of the public as i embarked on my walk to hooker land as i called it. They all thought i was working or at least angling for something. I had made it to the dark street and there weren't that many people there. I thought it was strange but figured that it might have been due to the constant patrol of the police who i had learned to ward off by pretending to be on a phone call.

I saw that my usual seat on the wall in front of the bank was occupied by some weird Indian Perv who decided it would be a good place to play with his . I looked at him almost entranced by the up and down movements of his hands as he pleasured himself he looked on me smiling but i had no interest in that i wasn't into guys i just felt at ease here and i could think freely speak freely and always met someone interesting to speak to.

Before long i had gotten tired of sitting and waiting on good conversations none had come my way so i started to walk back to the bar knowing that my friends would have either missed me by now or be so they would need my help getting a cab. As i made my way back a car pulled up beside me the windows rolled down and before he could get a word out i blurted "I'm not a whore you can just continue looking". A laugh came from the car and a voice spoke out from the darkness "And I'm not looking for a whore."

I continued walking but the car crept up beside me again the driver looked on me again and asked for directions to the Knutsford court Hotel. I looked around this time gazing into his eyes they seemed almost grey and the wavering light from the moon made them even more mesmerizing. I went over to the car leaned forward and gave him the directions. The car sped off and i continued walking before long i saw the same car again it stopped beside me and driver said "I cant find the place.

I finally gave in i was going to walk by the hotel so i decided to go with him and walk the rest of the way to the bar this way i would make it back to my friends quicker. he seemed so relieved when i told him i would follow him i almost felt sorry for him. He was obviously from out of town and was lost.

During the ride and me directing him i never once thought to ask his name or where he was from, but i figured it wasn't important he wasn't someone would want to see again either. He was dark almost as dark as the pleather seats he obviously had installed in to this old Toyota corolla himself. we were approaching the hotel i told him to turn in but he ignored me. I was now scared senseless half wondering if he hadn't heard me and the other half thinking this was the end of the road for me i was dumb enough to get into a strangers car.

He sped up passing the bar that my friends were still drinking at. finally he pulled into what looked like an open lot with high bushes all blocking all sight from the street. He got out of the car, I sat petrified unable to move thinking i was dead he walked around to my door opened it undid my seat belt and told me to get in the back. I didn't move i was afraid of what would happen when i got there he grabbed me by my wrist and forced me into the back of the car, I wanted to scream but the sound seemed to be caught in my throat. i was sitting on the back seat my legs still outside the car when in a daze when i felt something tapping me on my cheek.

It was hard and warm i looked and hear him say "suck it.... If you don't Imma your sweet young ." I could see the throbbing piece of meat in front of me it was massive a shaft that when he gripped it seemed to have space enough for two more hands to grab hold. it curved going past mt lips and to my right cheek. I opened my mouth unwillingly he was much stronger than i was and i had no idea what kinds of weapons he might have.

He forced it into my mouth. I could taste his precum it was slightly salty it felt velvety smooth as it touched my tongue my mouth now full of hard dick he pushed farther now entering my throat I was choking and pulled back to try and breathe but he pulled my head back on and let me know that if i bit down i wouldn't be leaving alive. he realized i had no intention of sucking so he grabbed a hold of the top of my head and my chin and started to fuck my mouth tears streamed down my face i was afraid of what would happen. my pants seemed to get closer to my crotch it felt tight there i pulled away to look down and noticed i was hard. I wasn't enjoying it I thought to myself i couldn't be he saw me staring at my hard and grabbed it he pulled my pants ripped them off of me and threw them out of the car i struggled but it was no use he flipped me overexposing my round virgin ass. i turned my head crying and looked at him he looked like a hungry beast ready for the kill.

I felt the cheeks of my ass spread and a warm wet sensation his tounge was wetting my hole and as i struggled to get his mouth off my ass it only made my erection bigger. he pulled up a finger and before inserting it he looked on me " Your not gonna get off with a finger being the thing inside i want you to feel my cock and remember it your gonna feel my cum drain from your ass and your gonna be my little cum slut for tonight. he pulled my ass up and pressed his hard dick against my tight anus. it was so painful i screamed choking on the precum he had left in my mouth and coughed i struggled to get away from his huge cock but the grip he had on my waist proved to be more than i could fight off. He told me to relax or i would tear.

I tried to calm my crying taking breaths but the pain was too much i could feel the huge heard of his dick making its way inside me i was shivering my knees shaking my body felt hot and as he made a promise to go easy on me and as he saw a faint feel of belief in my eyes he forced the rest of his dick inside i shouted.

The pain was incredible i was sure i was bleeding he started with a a steady rhythm pounding away in my tight ass as i wriggled and tried to escape from his dick, he got more excited thrusting faster i could feel his balls slapping on me and his firm flat stomach on me back as he bent over me biting on my ears and putting a hand over my mouth so my screams wouldn't be heard. He flipped me onto my back i tried to kick him away but he pulled my legs up to his shoulder he smiled, I saw his eyes again and moaned.

He laughed and asked if my moan was just for him I felt ashamed and looked away as he kissed my legs and forced his way in again i felt like i never had i started to grind on his dick matching the movements he made begging for more of his dick he pulled it out teasing me and i begged him to put it back in i had gotten used to his dick without even noticing loving every stroke of his cock. He put it back into my now relaxed ass fucking me and calling me his 'lil prized whore.' my back arched i let out a moan and i released a spray of cum the white liquids viscosity caused it to stick to his stomach the wash board abs which were dripping in sweat had now gotten a coating of my cum. He looked at me and smiled I had never cum like that before i was exhausted but he continued to pound away i heard him moan he threw his head back and braced his cock inside me. His pubic hair rubbing against my ass he pulled out and fell on top of me he got up quickly ran to the front of the car and returned with my phone he took a picture of my cum filled hole and brought it to me showing me that he had filled me up. I could feel the warm liquid draining from inside me he took me out of the car and brought me over to a pipe with a hose attached he held the hose over his head pulling me close to him and let the water wash over both our bodies. When we were clean again he told me to get dressed and get back in the car. He dropped me off at the bar where my friends were without me even telling him where to take me and as i got out of the car he looked on me and said "next time be careful of stalkers."

I've never seen him again and i took a blood test and came up clean i was relieved but i have been waiting on the day when he would fuck em again.

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