In my teens

(Part 1 from 4. Fiction.)

I thought I would like to share this with anyone interested in what happened to me when I was still at school in the early 1960’s.

Sean was the brother of one of my old schoolmates, I didn’t know him that well, just nodding terms, he was, I suppose mid 20’s quite a bit older than me.
I was taking my dog out for a walk one day and stopped to look in a sports shop window at the air rifles. I lusted after one of those things. Sean happened to be walking past and saw me; he came over and asked what I was looking at. I told him the air rifles, he said if I was interested he had an old one I could have.

Portsmouth back then had loads of old empty abandoned houses and as kids we would climb over the garden walls get inside the house to see what was around. Sean said if I wanted the rifle to meet him in this old house. I wanted the rifle badly so agreed to meet him after taking my dog home.

The house was accessible by going down an alleyway over a low wall into a small back garden and pulling back a sheet of corrugated iron covering the doorway.
Sean was waiting for me, true to his word, he had the rifle complete with its carry bag.

There was always something very erotic about going into those old houses, perhaps it stems from way back when as kids we were always in them, one adventure park we had. We would get up to “no good” playing with each other’s private parts, just fun.

Sean said if I wanted the rifle would I be willing to do something for him, so, being a little bit naive said O.K. with that he pulled his great coat to one side, he always wore one of those ex army things and pulled his out, o.k. “what do you want me to do I asked,” “can you give me a wank and if I give you an extra 2 bob can you put it in your mouth and suck on it” he said.
I was up for doing that.

So I bent down to give him a tug and put his cock into my mouth, he’s going back and forth into my mouth, I have a hard on like I’ve never ever had before, he’s fumbling for my cock, I stopped what I was doing to pull my jeans and underpants down around my ankles. Sean was surprised that my cock was circumcised, he said he only thought people of certain religions had to have it done, I told him I was done years ago because my foreskin had been too tight, next thing we are on the floor of the old house doing a 69 sucking each other. I was at the age when I could orgasm but not actually ejaculate, he however, came all over my face, that bit I wasn’t expecting. He apologised for covering me in cum and gave me his handkerchief, a clean one I hasten to add, to wipe it away then said he was so sorry but got carried away. I went home very happy that day. I remember going to bed that night with another hard on thinking about earlier, I still had the cumm soaked hanky and couldn’t resist tasting it until I had satisfied myself again.

Sean had asked if I would meet him again in the same place the following night, why not I thought, I had thoroughly enjoyed what we had done together.

The following night we both arrived at the same time and went upstairs to one of the old bedrooms, within two minutes we were both naked. He had my cock in his mouth in seconds and proceeded to put one of his fingers into my bum hole, I loved it, he did it very gently, then proceeded to push it in and out going slightly deeper in every time, we then swapped over I sucked him putting my finger inside him. Within seconds he came, catching me unawares again, this time his cum filling my mouth, I found it pleasant tasting not nasty at all, slightly salty, he was so surprised when I swallowed it, I didn’t say I had spent ages licking the cum off his hanky the night previous.

He said it was sad I had no cumm to fire into his mouth but he would it if I would pee into his, peeing with a hard on, such fun, he ended up with more than a mouthful but he swallowed quite a lot to my amazement.

We met in the old house every night that week, I loved it, Sean was never pushy or demanding always making sure we both enjoyed it. One of the nights he said how he would like to “fuck me in the arse” he didn’t usually swear at all. I must admit I didn’t really fancy something that size going into me but I was curious as to how it would feel, Sean had often put a finger into me and I was o.k. with that. I took my jeans and underpants off and he told me to bend over on all fours, next I could feel his hot breath on my bum cheeks and then his tongue going into my bum hole, he hadn’t done that to me before I was loving it. He had some lube stuff and wiped it all around his cock and then pushed some into my bum hole he then proceeded to push his cock into me. He went in a short way perhaps only the tip of the head, I had to stop him at that point with” I’m not ready to take all that” he finished himself off by rubbing between my bum cheeks and coming all over my back.

Sean knew I needed to cum too, so he said I should “fuck him in the arse”, O.K. I slopped some of his lube stuff onto my cock and then pushed it straight into him, I was balls within a couple of thrusts, it felt so good, needless to say I came very quick.

Sean asked if it was O.K. for his friend to come and watch on one of the nights, he said his name was Jim, he was about 50 and he only wanted to watch us and wank, I was up for that.
I was thinking about what was going to happen that night and I walked around with a stiffy all day.

Sean and Jim were in the old house waiting for me, we went upstairs toward the back bedroom, so long as we didn’t go too near the window we couldn’t be seen. Almost before I’d gone through the bedroom door Sean is tugging at my belt to remove my jeans and pants, one minute later I’m completely bollock naked, I could see Jim was standing to one side with his cock out, Sean told me to get on all fours then rammed his cock into my mouth, he was usually very gentle but this time not so. I certainly didn’t care I was enjoying it, he then turned me around and started to put his tongue into my bum hole, that felt good. He must have been putting lube onto his cock whilst he was licking me because he started to rub it between my bum cheeks and it was sliding up and down very easily, I could feel the head of his cock going past my hole, teasing it, I remember thinking, please push it in and hard, I want to feel it all inside me. Jim was standing right in front of me pulling on his cock, I reached forward and grabbed it bringing it toward my mouth, I so wanted to taste it. I wanted him to come in my mouth.

Sean was still rubbing his cock up and down my bum cheeks making no attempt to penetrate me, I pulled my bum cheeks apart with both hands offering him my hole, he gently pushed his cock up inside me then proceeded to “ fuck my arse” I was loving it. I had a cock in my mouth and one in my arse, I was one happy and very aroused lad. Sean came first inside my arse then Jim shot his load into my mouth, I swallowed the lot they then took it in turns to suck me that was good. Jim had by this time got hard again and asked he if could rub up and down on my bum cheeks, I was still covered in lube and Sean’s cum so I said it would be O.K. I got on all fours again, Sean got beneath me and started sucking on my cock Jim got behind me and started to rub himself on me, I pulled my bum cheeks open again so he could push his cock inside my hole. Now he was really fucking me in the arse, Sean was sucking me off, it felt so good.

I’m not sure just how many orgasms I had that night, but needless to say it was a few.

As we got dressed we were talking and I told them how I like to repair things, anything electrical Jim said he had an old radiogram ( a radio gramophone the size of large cupboard ) he would like to have working again, I said I would take a look at it for him so it was arranged for me to go to his house the following evening.

Jim was married to a lady named Mary but I’ll come to her a bit later, anyway the following evening I turned up at Jim’s. As soon as I got there he thrust a 10 shilling note into my hand, I said I hadn’t fixed his radio yet he said it was for the other night, of course I knew what he meant. So there I was, screwdrivers in hand ready to take the back off his radio, Jim had other ideas though, “leave that for a minute,” he said undoing my belt and reaching inside for my, what was at the time flaccid cock, next he pulled it out of my pants and was sucking on it, within seconds it was hard, he then pushed me onto the large couch turning me over at the same time pulling my jeans and pants off.

He buried his face into my buttocks and began licking my hole, at the same time removing his trousers etc. He began sliding his cock between my bum cheeks, using both hands I pulled my cheeks apart so he could enter me, it went straight in, it didn’t hurt at all, I remember thinking he must have put some lube on it even before I arrived, that particular thought didn’t last too long. I was being, as Sean would put it “ fucked in the arse” Jim was thrusting at me really hard in fact a bit too hard, I just wanted him to get it over with as he came inside me I came too, I actually came too, my cock was wet for the very first time. I had to tell Jim, he said congratulations then got down in front of me to lick the very first cum out of my cock, pulling and squeezing on it to get the very last drop out. I felt good but a little bit sore from having my arse pounded like that.

Jim and I had only just got dressed when Mary came home,( talk about luck) Jim said I was there to try and fix the radio, so screwdriver in hand I got to work, 5 minutes later I had it working, a loose connection that was all. Mary came into the room and asked if I wanted a drink, she was fairly plump, about 50 years old I would say with dark shoulder length hair and the biggest pair of tits in a sweater I had ever seen up close, they were huge, well huge to a young like me anyway. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, I had a huge hard on just imagining what was under that sweater.

We were doing the small talk thing and I said it was time for me to go, Mary asked if I was going to meet a girlfriend I replied no, Jim piped up and said “ just as well he has just spent half an hour looking at your tits, I could have crawled under the table, she must have sensed my complete embarrassment, with that as if to embarrass Jim for saying it, she lifted up her sweater to show her white bra and very ample bosom, came over to me and said I could ” help myself anytime”. We all fell about laughing, it was so funny.

Mary saw me to the front door, as she did she whispered “ if you want to see more come around tomorrow, Jim’s at work and he won’t be home until late or the early hours of the morning”, needless to say I didn’t need telling twice. I had the usual hard on all day in the anticipation of seeing Mary.

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