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100% fiction!

"So... When can you be here?" my mom asked.
"I'll check the flight tickets. Hopefully, I can get there the day after tomorrow" I answered.
"Okay, sweetie. you!" My mom said in a worried voice.
"Love you too, bye!" I said, and she hung up.

My step-father had broken both of his wrists two weeks ago, and they were still in casts. He couldn't do anything, not even open doors or eat, so my mom had to be home most of the time. She could do most of her work from home, so it wasn't a problem. Unfortunately, next week she had to go on a business trip. She couldn't take him along, and there was no one who could care of him... Except for me.
I had moved to Chicago for college and had just stayed there afterward. Luckily I also could work from home, so I was pretty mobile and could spend the week at my parents.

I arrived there after two days. My mom picked me up at the airport, and we went straight home. I hadn't been here since last Christmas, so I was feeling a bit nostalgic.
When we arrived home, she took me to greet Terrence, my step-father. He was living in the guest bedroom downstairs as he didn't have to walk down the stairs to go outside.

Terrence was a few years younger than my mom. My mom gave birth to me when she was 18, but my father didn't want to be with her, so she was a single mother for most of my childhood. When I was 18, she met Terrence, and they fell in love instantly. Shortly after I moved away to college, so I haven't really lived him, and our relationship isn't too close.
Terrence had gotten his injury in a motorcycle accident.

Mom left the next morning. I waved her goodbye from the living room window and went to see Terrence.
He was still sleeping so I went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. A few minutes later I heard a shout coming from his room. "Amy..." I came to the door.

"It's only me here..." I said standing in the doorway.
"Oh, yeah... Sorry, I forgot." He was lying still in his bed.
"It's okay. Anything you need?" I took a few steps forward.
"Ugh, yeah... I really need to take a piss..." He seemed uncomfortable speaking to me about this.
"Okay." I didn't really mind. I had done some work in a nursing home, so stuff like that didn't bother me.

I went to his bed and helped him get out of the bed. He didn't have a top on so I could see his muscular chest and arms. I was still amazed at how he was. I was too lazy to go to the gym, and I was naturally skinny, so I didn't really see the need for it.

We went to the bathroom, and I pulled down his sweats. He wasn't wearing any underwear, so I was a bit surprised, by the big dangling in front of me. He sat down and started peeing. When he finished, he stood back up. I squatted down to get his sweatpants, and once again his big cock and balls were dangling in front of my face. "Damn this is big," I thought to myself.
We went to eat breakfast. More like I fed him breakfast because he couldn't do it on his own.

Throughout the day I just helped him around the house - turning on the TV and switching the channels, going to the toilet, eating, calling people - stuff like that.
The evening came, and it was time to go to sleep. But before that, I had to shower him. I took him to the bathroom and dressed down to my undies.

"Oh, you can take them off too. No need to get them wet! I won't mind!" He said looking at me. He had gotten more comfortable with me after the many pee breaks we had had today.
I hesitated a bit, but then took them off too. Next, I pulled down his sweatpants, and we went into the shower. Luckily, the shower was large, and there was enough space for both of us.
He got his body wet without my help, and then I started to wash him with soap, rubbing his firm muscles... And then it came down to his crotch. I took his cock in my hand and started rubbing it lightly, then I moved on to his balls. He was getting a bit hard.

"Sorry" he blushed.
"No worries, it's just natural" I wasn't too fazed by it.

I moved lower onto his legs. After the shower, I dried him off. When working around his crotch, he got hard again. I put on his sweats and helped him lay down. Only then I realized that I was still naked too. Usually, when I was home, I was naked all the time, so I hadn't noticed that I wasn't in the appropriate attire. I blushed a bit and went to get my clothes. I dressed up and came out of the bathroom.
"Is there anything else you need?" I asked.

"Well, please don't get too weirder out, but I would be very thankful if you gave me a helping hand." He seemed a bit uncomfortable.
"Sure. I've already been doing it all day!" I answered and stepped closer.
"Well... This is a bit different. You see, since the accident, I haven't had sex and I'm also unable to jerk myself off... I was hoping you could rub one out for me. I'm horny like crazy." He talked quietly and slowly.

"Well... okay..." I was a bit surprised by this idea, but I also understood his struggle.

I pulled off the blanket, his sweatpants were already tenting. I pulled them down and saw his cock. I took it in my hand - it was too large for my hand to wrap around it completely. I started stroking it.
"Ahhh... Oh, yes..." he moaned "go faster, please!"

I started going faster, and, before I knew it, thick, white ropes of cum shot out of his cock. It went everywhere. His chest, abs, legs, the bed, my hand, and arm.
"Looks like you'll need another shower..." I said a bit sarcastically.
"Yeah..." he laughed.

SO we went to the bathroom, got naked and hopped in the shower and got clean.
For the next week, I helped him with his "little" problem and sometimes even joined in.

By the end of the week, we were very close.

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