In the Shower

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

My name is John. Iím nineteen years old and in college living away from home for the first time in my life. I've dated the same girl since I was fifteen and Wendy is thrilled that Iím now home for the summer. The problem is, I had my experience while away and as much as I love her, these experiences were hot as hell and I get hard just thinking about them.

It all started in late October. Iím going to school on a wrestling scholarship and after our first practice the coach picked a few of the freshmen to clean up the gym before hitting the showers. We were a little late getting in there. The showers were open bay and I was taking an extra long shower when I noticed almost everyone was gone...except for Tyler.

He asked, ďWhere are you from?Ē

And I told him.

He asked me a few more questions and I answered. It was a little strange because normally there wasn't much conversation in the showers. Next thing I know Tyler was right behind me extending his hand and saying, "Hi, I'm Tyler."

I was a little uncomfortable shaking hands with a naked , but while I shook it for some reason I did a head to toe scan. Tyler had dark hair that I would later realize was curly when dry. Six two inches tall, muscular, six pack abs, lightly hair pecs and a happy trail which got thicker around the navel and spread out to his bush. Even though my first glance was quick, his hung down out of his bush and was at least five inches soft.

I paused for a moment too long I guess because Tyler grabbed it as if holding it out for display. I was nervous, said a few stupid things and then turned around to finish rinsing off.

He walked over to the door and looked out then turned back. ďThereís no one here. I can leave or I can stay. What do you want me to do?" he asked, his voice echoing throughout the shower.

"Do what you want," I answered back. Honestly, I found it intriguing but was unable to explain why at that moment. I'd be lying if I didn't say I hoped that he stayed just to see what would happen. My heart was beating wildly and my mouth felt dry causing me to swallow some water which was terrible because it was warm.

Tyler's cock was still semi-hard and swayed back and forth as he walked back towards me.

A moment later he was behind me. Without another word, Tyler slowly ran his fingernails from my shoulders down to my . I didn't freak, but I froze. He wrapped his arms around my chest and cupped my pecs. Then chills went up and down my spine when I felt his mouth on the back of my neck.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked.

I responded with a combination head shake and garbled, "No."

My body froze as Tyler ran his hands down my abs and grabbed my cock, which was rapidly rising. His mouth was near my ear and I could hear him breathing heavy. I could feel my cock throbbing in his hand as I turned my attention to my cock. The head was swelling up even bigger and its eye was opening and closing with each stroke of his hand.

Then I felt his hard cock against my ass crack. Iíd never had anything in my ass before but at that moment, I wanted him to try.

Tyler spun me around and lifted my arms over my head. His face was moist from the shower. A drop of water rolled down the side of his face, gathering at his chin before dripping down onto his chest. Tyler was solid. There is strength in his form. He leaned closer and pressed his lips against mine. The kiss was soft gentle yet passionate as we softly flicked our tongues in each other's mouths. As our tongues continued to explore each others mouths, our nipples, abs and cocks were pressed together.

Between the hottest kisses I've ever had Tyler would lower his head and suck on my nipples.

Placing his hands on my shoulders, Tyler gently pushed down. Taking a breath, I got down to my knees.

Tyler moved around in front of me and offered me his hard pre-cum drooling cock. I didn't hesitate. I opened my mouth wide and his thick cock slid inside it. The ridges and veins of his throbbing cock caressed my lips as he slowly fucked my mouth.

I couldnít believe it. Once Tylerís cock was in my mouth I loved itÖI loved sucking his cock. It is the most sensual and wonderful thing to me.

Holding my head Tyler slid his cock in and out of my mouth as he reached down and pinch one of my nipples. As my nipple hardened he increased his hip movements until his cock was going so deep that his balls were banging against my chin and I was gagging.

"Suck harder," Tyler demanded as I noisily slurped on his salty shaft. The taste, the feel and the scent was incredible. I was consumed by the act.

He held my head tight and forced his dick down my throat until tears streamed down my cheek as I fought my gag reflex.

"Suck me bitch," Tyler yelled as his cock pumped in and out of my mouth.

Bobbing my head rhythmically in his lap, I felt Tylerís balls tighten and I knew he was close. I was tense with anticipation. I forced his cock deep into my throat as it started to spit. His thick cream filled my mouth and throat as I gulped and swallowed his cum like a common whore.

Tyler grunted and groaned as he cummed in my mouth. "Swallow it," he demanded as glob after delicious glob of thick cum shot from his cock.

I swallowed every drop of his salty cum.

That was the start of a semester of me sucking Tylerís cock every chance I got.

Now Iím back home with Wendy Iím conflicted. I love having a dick in my mouth but I also love having a pussy in my mouth, both are delicious. Bobbing up and down on a round head, tongue rubbing against the vein, feels great, but pussy has a better taste and licking a clit is amazing. Pussy tastes better than balls. But both taste OK.

Women make it harder and men are easy to get, so both have their place. But you can never admit to sucking cock because people are so hateful and want to label us all fags.

Is it so wrong to want to continue fucking Wendy or any female for that matter and still suck dicks too? I hope not because I intend to keep doing both. Itís a shame that people are so judgmental that I canít do both openly.

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