In the Shower

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Seth made his way to the bathroom and idly wondered why the door was shut but didn’t dwell on it. He opened the door and walked in before he even heard the running water. He stopped in surprise, his hand on the door handle. Thom was standing in the bath, the shower curtain slightly open with the water running.

And he was masturbating. Seth froze and a rather shaky “Oh shit!” escaped him and his jumped from limp to steely hard in a matter of seconds.
Seth’s eyes raked up and down Thom’s exquisitely athletic body in a flash. The tattoos on his arms, chest and legs imprinted themselves on Seth’s brain like Polaroid photographs. They were beautiful, exotic Celtic designs, with intricate knot-work.
Thom stopped stoking his very hard, long cock and turned to face Seth casually, his arms at his side, not even bothering to cover his pulsing tool.

“Hello,” he said slowly, not at all phased at having been caught off. In fact, he looked like he might be enjoying the idea of making Seth feel awkward.
“Um……hi! Sorry……didn’t know you were in here!” he said quickly, acutely aware of his tenting jeans.
“No worries,” Thom grinned. Seth turned away, hesitated and then started out the door.
“Like the tats!” he threw over his shoulder quickly and stepped into the passage. As he started to close the door, Thom’s voice came out to him, making him freeze yet again.
“You want to get a closer look?” Thom’s voice was even, without any hint of his intentions.

He thought, what the hell, get a good look while you can!
“Um…..sure, why not!” Seth went with.

So without another moment’s hesitation he turned back to Thom. Thom watched him carefully, the stream of water falling onto his head, plastering his dark lush hair down onto his flat cheeks
Seth moved back into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He knew Kane would be back soon and he didn’t want his brother bursting in and seeing him inspecting Thom’s body minutely. He stepped closer to the shower-bath. Thom turned off the water and faced Seth, his almost too blue eyes dark with un-guessed at thoughts.

Thom held his right arm out slowly so that Seth could study the Celtic design on his forearm. The tattoo was divided into three panels, each panel an intricate, indigo swirl of complicated knot-work.
“It’s amazing.” Seth breathed, very aware that Thom’s cock was in full view behind his arm. Thom flexed it and it jumped up invitingly, the foreskin retracting a little more to reveal his purple-pink head. Seth swallowed and cringed at the loud gulp that came from his throat.
He straightened and looked into Thom’s neutral face.

“You like it?” Thom asked, his question double barreled. Of course Seth liked it. It was an unbelievable cock and all he could think about was having it in his mouth. His own rock hard erection wouldn’t let him think of anything else.
“It’s awesome,” he whispered with another loud gulping swallow.

“How about these?” Thom asked and turned his shoulders towards Seth one at a time without moving his hips. Thom’s right shoulder boasted a panel of Celtic knot-work with two horses twisted into the intricate, entwined ropes. His left shoulder had a similar panel but with a sun and two intertwined serpents. Thom smiled secretly and clenched his groin muscles again. His cock gave another jerk and the foreskin retracted yet a little more. Thom reached down with his hand and adjusted his balls slowly, his eyes on Seth’s.
“It’s….they’re incredible. So....detailed,” Seth managed without a shake in his voice.

Thom turned around and put his back to Seth. The top of his back was emblazoned with a magnificent circle of knot-work surrounding a twisted detailed tree, the branches of which were threaded through the encircling border. The small of his back sported the pièce de resistance!

The tattoo was in the shape of a crown, in fine Celtic knot-work and spread across Thom’s lower back completely. In the centre was the face of Death and on either side were the figures of Christ and Satan. Under Death’s gaze, the forces of good and evil were playing cards. It was a perfect depiction of the story told in Chris de Burgh’s classic song Spanish Train. Across the bottom of the tattoo, the word ‘Illustrator’ was pricked out in upper case. Seth took the tattoo in quickly, his interest more on what lay below it. Thom’s arse cheeks were milky white and Seth suppressed an overwhelming desire to push his face between the inviting globes.

“Wow!” Seth gasped, his exclamation more complimentary to Thom’s backside than the tattoo. The inviting mounds were solid, lean muscle and indented at the sides as Thom clenched them. The fine, almost invisible dark spray of fluff just at the top of the crease of Thom’s buttocks, made Seth’s mouth water.

Thom turned to face him again, his cock still jutting from the wet patch of almost pubic hair at the base of his belly.
“I……, I like the dragon,” Seth remarked and without thinking, reached out and touched the head of the dark blue tattoo on Thom’s left pectoral. The feel of his smooth skin under his fingertips causing a shudder to run through Seth’s wanting body. Thom drew in his breath at his touch, but stood stock still. He had been playing with Seth, but now the game was turning on him. Seth’s touch was dangerously captivating.

“Do you have any tats?” he asked Seth, fighting to keep the same harder tone in his voice. Seth stepped back slightly and nodded.
“Yeah, two,” he replied breathlessly.
Thom stared into his green eyes for a heartbeat, knowing he could get lost in that emerald fire, and then with a small smile said, “show me!” a challenging note to his voice.
Seth didn’t need a second invitation. He quickly stripped off his shirt and turned his left shoulder to Thom for his inspection.

“A tribal! That’s very cool,” Thom said and reached out and stroked the winding ribbons of indigo ink. Another tremor ran through Seth’s body at the light cool touch of Thom’s finger tips. Thom’s eyes were drawn more to Seth’s hairy chest than the ink. Holy , the man was edible! His fingers itched to investigate the way Seth’s body felt. His mouth positively watered at imagining how it would feel to have his own body locked together with the one before him.

Thom also marvelled at the softness and warmth of Seth’s golden skin. Seth sported an even bronze tan, the result of days spent on the white sandy beaches of the Cape Peninsula. He ran his fingers down Seth’s arm and up again and was thrilled to see a small tremor run through him. Seth’s already steely erection intensified and he felt the wetness of his juices on the inside of his jeans. Thom was a beautiful man in an untamed, feral way and he had never met anyone quite like him before so he was totally captivated.
“Where’s your other one?” Thom asked curiously, for he could not see any other tattoos on Seth’s torso..

Seth had a dilemma. He never wore underwear and right now, he suddenly became very aware of the fact that he’d have to remove his jeans to show off his other tattoo. He could feel the indigo sword burning into the back of his right calf. His jeans were just too narrow to pull the leg up high enough for Thom to see the sword.
“On my leg,” he answered with another gulping swallow.

Thom held his gaze for a moment, the promise of unknown delights blatantly clear in them. Then he smiled, a small all knowing smile full of invitation.
“Show me,” he whispered breathlessly.
What the hell, here goes! Seth thought and quickly undid his jeans and pushed them down his thighs, his eyes on Thom’s. His cock leapt free and slapped against his furry belly and Thom smiled again, a small secret smile that spoke volumes, his stare holding Seth’s with a penetrating blue lance of desire.

“It’s on the back of…!” Seth began but Thom cut him off.
“Fuck that!” He said and reached out and caressed Seth’s thick cut cock. “I’ll take a butcher’s later.”
“Oh God…..!” was all Seth could manage as Thom’s fingers teased and manipulated him. He couldn’t hold back any more, so he reached out and wrapped his fist around Thom’s throbbing cock.
“You’re cut,” Thom whispered, his voice thick with lust, “Neat!”

Seth nodded, not trusting his voice for the feel of Thom’s warm hardness in his hand was unbelievably good.
Thom’s hand slid up Seth’s cock and squeezed. A spurt of pre-come shot out and ran over his fingers.
“Juicy,” Thom whispered admiringly. Again Seth nodded, his mind on Thom’s incredibly, long uncut miracle of flesh. The velvety feel of it had him breathing fast and the sight of the shiny purplish-pink head appearing and disappearing beneath the delectable foreskin made him moan softly.

Thom, without releasing his throbbing cock, gently took Seth’s arm and helped him step over the side of the bath-tub. They faced each-other in the tub, each still gripping and stroking the other.
Thom reached out and ran his hand through the hair on Seth’s chest.
“Nice,” he whispered hoarsely, his desire for more as naked as his body.

“Never had…..I mean, I’ve never been with an uncut before,” Seth breathed, still fascinated by Thom’s generous foreskin.
“Never?” Thom asked with a smile. Seth shook his head.
“Then you’re in for a treat,” Thom continued. “Watch this.”

He let go of Seth’s cock and brushed the pleasuring hand away from his own. Then he stepped closer so that the tips of their cocks were almost touching. He took Seth’s cock in his left hand and his own in his right, retracting his foreskin back completely. Pressing their bulbous heads one against the other tightly, he slid his foreskin back over his helmet and then over Seth’s as well. They were joined by their cocks and Seth gasped at the feel of it.

“Now you know what it feels like,” Thom grinned. Docking with someone who was circumcised had been a secret desire for a very long time. He slowly worked his foreskin back and forth over both their cock-heads and the sight of it had Seth trembling uncontrollably. And it was heaven; the slick wet feel of the soft skin sliding over his glans was something he’d never felt before and it took but a couple of minutes for him to feel the familiar build up of his climax within his groin.
“Oh fuck……..!” He groaned. “I’m going to…….!”

Thom quickly pushed his foreskin over Seth’s cock-head and held it there as Seth came. His semen squirted out from under Thom’s foreskin and then with a shudder, Thom came, adding to the copious flow that pumped out. The heat of Thom’s semen on the head of Seth’s cock made him gasp. Thom released their cocks and his foreskin retracted slightly. A large dollop of milky semen fell from between them and landed on the floor of the bath with a splat.
Thom stepped back.

“Cool huh?” he said, a very knowing smile tugging the corners of his mouth.
Seth could only nod in reply. He was still trying to get over the intensity of what had happened and what he had felt.

Thom turned on the shower, casually tossed Seth the soap and turned his back on him. Seth soaped his back like it was the most natural thing in the world.
And so, the two beautiful but very different men bathed each-other. Seth was in heaven and his thoughts strayed to the promise of things to come.

Excerpt from "Riding Steel", co-authored by jacksilince and denel; soon to be available on Amazon and Kindle.

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