Jacking Off

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I jacking off. I REALLY love jacking off. I started jacking off in earnest my freshman year of college. I would pull one off after I knew my roommate was asleep every night. When he went to his morning class and left me alone in the room, I would take off my clothes, lie in his bed and jack off.

I jacked off in the bathroom stalls of the . I jacked off in the restrooms of the library and classroom halls. I would sneak off into the woods of the park near the dorm and jack off. I was jacking off five, six times a day. I just couldn't help myself. It felt SO good! And I would always eat my own cum.

My sophomore year I got a new roommate. I worked up the nerve to ask him if he minded that I jacked off "occasionally." He said he didn't care. So, each night before bed I would jack off under the covers. If he was still up, I didn't care and pretty soon he started to jack off with me in the room too. He would do it under the covers, sometimes with me and sometimes alone. Pretty soon we just didn't care and would jack off right out in the open. It always grossed him out when I would eat my load after I was finished.

It was real seeing him jack off and having him watch me do it. I was so turned on watching him squirt. He would shot all over the place- hitting the wall next to the bed and just leaving it there to dry. A lot of times he would just roll to his side and cum all over his sheets. He rarely washed them and I could see the yellowish cum stains on them.

That got me started with a love for jacking off in front of other people. I would go to the woods in the park and stand off the side of the trail and pull down my pants and go at it, hoping people would walk by and see me. IF it was a woman, I would turn away before she saw me, but if it was a I would just keep doing it.

Most of the time they would glance over and just walk away but a few times guys walked over and joined me. I never let them touch me. We would just stand in front of each other and watch each other stroke off. I also started to jack off in stores standing at the urinal. One time someone told the store manager on me and they told me I was never to go into that store again. It was a Sears and I didn't really care.

When I got a car, I would go out and park in parking lots and pull down my pants and jack off in my car, hoping some one would walk by and catch me. That made it all the hotter whenever I got caught. Ten years later, and I still jack off at least five times a day. I love doing it in public. I love going to the beach and pulling down my suit and jacking off if there is no one else around. It's just so much fun.

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