J. and B. : It All Began With A Kiss

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

To the various readers, this is my attempt at erotic fiction. I would to make this story into an ongoing online series.
However, a series can only come into fruition if you, the audience, likes the characters and the plot and the themes so I hope that you like the fantasies that dwell in my mind after reading some many stories time after time.


Jason rang the Winters doorbell. Mrs. Winters swung the door open with an almost destructive force. She had obviously had a fight with Mr. Winters yet again about some trivial misunderstanding. "What do you want Jason Draper?" she looked at Jason like leftover Chinese food that had gone bad and rats had spread their feces and diseases on it. "Can you just get Braden out here please?" he said with a tone of anger and agitation in his voice.

Mrs. Winters never liked her 'prized' son Braden hanging out with the neighborhood kid that she dubbed “The Charity Cause of the Century." She took it so far as to give Braden one hundred dollars every Christmas to buy Jason good clothes. "I'm tired of seeing him wear clothes that vagrants and bums wouldn't even consider as something to sleep on," she'd say every year.

Braden rushed down the stairs upon hearing Jason's voice. Jason had, many times over, provided Braden with an escape from his mother's crazy, menopausal fits and Braden had given Jason new clothes every year (He just never told Jason what his mother said about him). "Don't go playing in any mud or dirt... or the dump, you hear me Braden Antonio Jacob Emilio Andr-" By the time she could say Braden's full name, him and Jason were already past the curb. "Dude, your mother's a major bitch. Didn't she get the package of Menopause-Away pills I sent her?" Jason said to Braden as he halted at a stop sign briefly then continued on with driving. "I don't want to talk about her. Can we just get to our spot so we can relax? I had a hell of a day."

Two hours and almost 50 miles later, Jason pulls up onto a secluded cliff they called their spot. They called it “Their Spot” because it was where they first met when they were 10 year olds (now 19 years ). They both sit underneath a tee that, year round, produced the most beautiful pink flowers in all of Almond Ville. “So what happened today? She caught your father using her vibrator or something?” Jason jokingly asked. Braden scowled and looked at the city below him. It was so beautiful, even in broad daylight. The patches of green forest and the beautiful gardening meshed perfectly with the mall and skyscrapers, it was so picturesque.

Braden looked over at Jason who was resting his head on a root. “Jase, do you think we’ll ever get out of here? Away from all the crazy and psycho mood swings…and Christmases with my parents?” Jason pulled himself to sit upright and faced Braden. He looked into Braden’s icy blue eyes that looked like the oceans he’d seen in pictures and movies. “Do you want to? Leave, do you want to leave?” Jason looked at Braden.

Suddenly tears started falling from his eyes. Jason reached out to hug him and comfort him like Braden used to comfort him when he was younger. “It’s ok. I won’t leave you. I promise.” Jason looked into Braden’s jade green eyes and, without notice, kissed him. Their lips touched, softly but not too soft, passionately enough to harden Braden and Jason’s members.

Jason broke the kiss and looked at Braden in shock. “Um…”


To be continued…
(Just trying to build up the story. The erotic and strong sexual content is coming up…if you guys like the story. Like I said Rate and Review!!!)

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