Keep it in the family

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100% fiction!

He was just a bit older than me, maybe 45 or so, and though his dark hair was going a little gray around the temple, he had the body of a man 15 years younger. His pecs were perfectly round and hard, and covered with a dusting of hair, and his nipples were fucking awesome-they were huge and dark, and whenever I saw him strip off his undershirt, I always imagined myself sucking on them hard, while breathing in the sweat from his pits. He had huge shoulders and hands too, and I liked to think about what those huge hands would feel like on my , pushing me toward him as I sucked on his chest.

The guy made me hard, pure and simple. But unlike a lot of other guys at the gym who just worked on their upper bodies, he pushed his lower body hard, too. He had a firm, round, Italian ass that I got a full view of every morning when he pulled his shorts down; two rock-hard cheeks framed by a perfectly white jock strap. I couldn’t start my day without looking at them. I never got to see his , because he would put a towel around his waist before peeling off his jock, but I could tell by the bulge in the towel, and the way he walked around the locker room, grinning and joking with the other men, that he was hung, and that he knew it. He would wear the towel low around his waist, just enough so I could see the top of his ass crack, and the patch of thick, curly hair over what I was sure was a thick, dark, cock. When he stood at the mirror shaving in the morning, his thick cock pushing against the edge of the sink, the muscles of his hot ass straining against the cheap towel, it was all I could do not to get hard and cum on him right there.

I was shaving next to him one morning, trying not to stare at him in the mirror when I heard him talking to one of the other guys in the room.

“That’s right—my boys turn 21 today. I got ‘em both memberships to work out with me in the mornings. They’re coming in with me tomorrow.”

“Both of them?”

“Got twin boys—they both moved in with me after college, are a bit tight for cash, and have been dying to work out. Thought it would be a good gift for them. You’ll see them tomorrow.”

He wiped the stray bits of shaving cream off his face, and walked back to his locker. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched him as he slid a pair of black briefs up his legs and under his towel. He turned, dropped the towel, and I nearly missed catching a quick glimpse of the top of his cock as he adjusted his package into a huge, beautiful bulge.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about what he said. Twin sons? Here in the gym tomorrow? I nearly creamed in my shorts.

I was just getting done with my workout the following morning when I heard the sound of laughter and people giving each other high fives. I heard Don’s voice the loudest, saying “This is Mike, and this is Jer. Think you can tell them apart?” Laughter. I held my breath as I heard them coming around to my side of the locker room. Don came round the lockers first. I don’t know if it was my imagination, but his towel seemed to be hanging a little lower, and his cock a little bigger as he walked in front of his two boys. He was swinging his arms wide along side of him, making his shoulders look even broader and wider than usual, and he had a shit eating grin on his face, as if to say “these are my boys. This is what my cock is capable of making.” As if on cue, he reached down and with his dark hands, gave his balls a firm tug.

But his boys weren’t boys—they were fucking men. A little shorter and stouter than their dad, they both had his hot Mediterranean good looks, and same huge bulges outlined by white towels. One of the guys had his hair cut short, like a crew cut, and had a look on his face as if he would kick the shit out of you if you looked at him the wrong way. His brother had the same face, but his longer hair curled over his eye as he looked at me. And smiled.

Both men had bodies that were in even better shape than their father’s. Their skin was a perfect dark brown, and every muscle, every tendon was clearly defined. The military looking dude had slightly bigger arms, and the biggest fucking shoulder muscles I had ever seen; his brother, while also wide and large, had a little less bulk around his middle; each of his ab muscles was clearly defined, and he had that awesome muscle that drew my eyes from his waist, down the lower part of his stomach and down to a package I was dying to bury my face in. I glanced up and saw that he caught me looking. He smiled again.

“Well boys, what did you think? You worked hard out there today.”

“It’s a good gym, dad. I see why you like it here so much,” military guy said. “What’d you think, Jer?” he turned toward his brother.

“It was great. Had a good ab workout this morning” he said, as he absently ran his thick fingers over his ab muscles, slowly rubbing down his flat stomach before slowly rubbing it over the bulge in his towel. My dick began to ache.

“Glad you like it. Hope you keep it up. Now I gotta get dressed if I’m going to make it to work. ”

I expected Don to turn, as he always did, and put on his briefs under his towel. But not today. While looking at his boys head on, he did what I always dreamed he would do; he grabbed the top of the towel, gave it a pull and let it fall to the floor, giving me my first look at his gorgeous cock.

It was better than I could have imagined. It was thick and dark, and fat, and hung over the lowest-hanging, most beautiful balls I had ever seen. It was still wet from the shower, and I could see beads of water falling off the tip of it, like precum oozing from uncut meat. It was fucking beautiful, and I looked at Don’s face smiling bigger than ever, as he showed his boys his beautiful cock, the very piece of meat that brought them into being. This was a guy who was proud of his boys, proud of his huge cock, and proud to be a man. He was letting his boys see his father wonderfully, beautifully naked.

The boys stared at their father, still wet from the shower, standing there in his naked glory, and dropped their towels at the same time. They were just as well hung as their father, and proud of it, too, and I started oozing precum into my jock looking at these three perfect men standing there, admiring each other. There were mirrored walls in this part of the locker room, and when I looked the right way, it seemed like the room was full of perfectly formed men, huge cocks, and firm, powerful asses wherever I turned. The one with the curly hair looked my way for a second, and damn if I didn’t see his cock get a little more full when he saw me nearly drooling over them in the mirror. He reached down and gave his low-hanging balls a firm tug.

They stood there, staring at one another in silence a moment longer. Don smiled again. “You look good boys, you look good. Keep it up,” he said, and turned to his locker and started to get dressed. Military brother, did, too.

“What’s a matter, Jerry?” Military man said. “You not getting dressed?”

“Nah,” he said, putting the towel back around his waist and pushing it down to the top of his cock. “I don’t have work today. I think I might hang out in the steam room for a bit.”

“Careful, Jer” Don said, as he slipped on a pair of red, low-rising briefs. “Sometimes faggots like to hang around the steam room and get something started. I’ve had to beat them off from getting their hands on this meat more than once.” He grabbed his thick dick through his skimpy briefs and laughed.

“Don’t worry, dad.” Jerry turned and I could swear he caught my eye for a moment. “I got it covered,” and walked back to the shower, where the all-male steam rooms were. I watched his ass for as long as I could, all the while listening to his brother and father getting dressed. Was I imaging things, or…. t was all I could do to wait the few minutes to follow that sweet ass into the steam room without his twin brother or his father figuring out what I was doing. The guys’ father Don, had gotten dressed quickly, and slapped his other son on the back as he ran out the door with his briefcase. “See you at dinner son.”

“Later dad,” Mike said. The military guy was dressed in white Calvin Klein briefs, and I could see his thick, cut cock lying above his heavy balls inside them as he fixed his hair in the mirror. I only got a quick look at his huge ass, nearly bursting through the cotton, as I wrapped my towel around my waist, tried to hide the huge boner I had sprung and followed his brother into the steam room, trying not to look as horny as I felt.

I passed by a wall of mirrors on my way there, and was proud of what I saw. I didn’t spend all my time at the gym looking at the guys. I worked out hard, almost every morning, and it showed. I had muscles where I wanted them; not too big, and certainly nothing like these brothers had, but enough to make me look like a man. I didn’t like all the skinny twinks I’d see at the bars and at the clubs; I liked my men to look like men, and walking past the mirrors, I realized that’s exactly what I looked like—a real man at last. I had a good upper chest, big round nipples, and thick hair leading down my pecs to my big hairy bush and balls. I loved it when a guy was sucking me off and ran his thick hands through my hairy bush as he shoved my fat cock head in his mouth—to me, that was a man. I liked it when some guy licked the sweat off my hairy balls and put his thick fingers on my sweaty ass, getting me ready to take and ride his big cock. And that’s just what I had in mind when I walked in the steam room.

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