Kyle and master

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Karl was a nice lad in his early twenties blonde hair green eyes 5ft 10in tall but what no one knew about him was that he was a sex slave, his master was an who would order him to do whatever he could think of some sexual some not.
(The rest of this story will be told by Karl)

It was a rare occasion when master left me alone in his house but this day was different from other days he left me I was hornier more daring then I had ever been.
Master would tell me to watch TV or take a bath or clean for him when he was out but today I decided to do something else.

In masters house I could not wear any clothes I had to be naked apart from a leather collar and a penis ring.

As I was on my own I went into masters bedroom and into his closet (usually private) I found his private toy box and pulled out his 8in dildo I lay on his bed and started to suck on it before I pushed it inside me filling my up, I moved it in and out groaning in pleasure I was hard instantly my eyes closed I was there for about 15 mins before I could feel my cum rising I pulled the dildo out and cum all over my stomach I grabbed a cloth and wiped myself clean .

I put the dildo back and took a bath when master got back I was sat watching TV like nothing had happened
I left that night ready for work the next day I got a text around 10 am
“Master needs to see you after work” it read

I text back saying I would call round I was only at work one day that week due to the amount of flexi time I had built up.
I got to masters house around 5:30 pm I knocked on the door and master opened it looking rather annoyed

We went into the lounge he looked at me with a stern look
“you have been a bad ” he said
“no master I have been a good boy”

He ordered me to strip naked and get on my knees on the rug he picked up my clothes and put them in a bowl of water I knew that I could not go anywhere now.
“you used one of my when I was not here” he said
“No master no” I pleaded
“don’t lie to me slave I know you did” he shouted

He pulled the dildo out of the box and held it up
“you used this dildo by yourself” he said

I knew I was caught and there was no point lying
Before I could say anything he said
“go and clean yourself and come back here”

I knew what was coming I would have to present myself to him to do whatever he wanted to do I was going to be punished.
After I took a bath I dried and went to my master I got on my knees and looked at him
“master please forgive me I was weak and I have been a bad boy “i said

He put the collar on me and attached a lead he pulled at the lead making me walk on all fours into the study which was actually the dungeon he replaced the lead with a clip that was attached to a bench I had my legs spread apart and shackled to the base of the bench my wrists were cuffed and tied to the bench.

I was bent over naked and shackled master got behind me and slapped my ass hard he left the room and came back with the box of toys and a bowl of water shaving foam and a razor.
He told me he was going to shave my ass and my pubic hair I was scared at this point but I had no choice he first shaved my ass I knew if I tried to move I would be punished more and would also end up cut.
Master finished shaving my ass and give a few light slaps and then he sat underneath me and shaved my pubic hair off so I was completely bald he then replaced the ring.

He stood up and looked at my ass with a wicked look
“as you like to have things in your ass take this “ he said inserting a butt plug in me then he left the room

He returned about 10 mins later I thought I was going to be released but instead he removed the butt plug and slapped my ass with his hand 5 times it hurt a little then he picked up the lead and hit me on the ass 10 times I began to whimper a little he came to the front of me
“if you whimper or cry slave I will punish you even more” he snarled

I tried to stifle any more whimpers and tried not to cry as the beating continued he punished me with the lead his hand and I thought that would be it but no I wasn’t he picked up a black paddle with studs on one side and smooth on the other he hit my ass 10 time with each side I was sure my ass was bleeding but I could not reach it or see it.

After being hit with the paddle he released the chain holding my head down and released the shackles I thought great I was free, then he reattached the lead to the collar and lead me on all fours to another bench this one was wider he told me to put my hands above my head as I did this he handcuffed me to the pipe on the wall he cuffed my ankles to the bottom of the bench so I could not move again. As I lay there I could sense that things were going to be more pain then had ever felt but I knew the consequences for disobeying my master I knew I would be punished and I had entered into this of my own free will.

My master instructed me to lay still I did not knowing what to expect he then blindfolded me I closed my eyes I could not see anything anyway then a bolt of pain hit me something hot had been dripped on my stomach then more followed I knew it must be wax I felt the heat from the candle near to my groin the next drop hit my cock which was now rock hard.

After only a few mins master took of the blindfold and wiped the wax from my body he realized my legs and pushed them up and pulled the butt plug from my ass.
He realized my arms and once again reattached the lead I got on all fours and he lead me to the bedroom he to the lead off and he stood in front of me and stripped down to his leather underwear and sat on the bed.
“on your knees slave” he ordered
I did as I was told
“now take off my underwear and suck masters cock” he said

Once again I did as was told as I went to suck his cock I noticed he was holding something in his hand as I started sucking he hit my back with the object which was a whip I carried on sucking until he told me to stop.
He stood and threw me on the bed telling me to lie face down, he got on the bed and spread my legs he started to lick my asshole I started to writhe in pleasure he stopped and whipped me 10 times across my back and 10 times across my ass.

He sat between my legs I thought he might be trying out but boy was I wrong he pushed the dildo into my ass and then pulled it nearly all the way out then rammed it back in he did this repeatedly for around 4 mins my ass hurt.

He then turned me over and applied nipple clamps and he then pushed my legs up and told me to hold my ankles which I did and he rubbed his cock around my hole then pushed his 7in cock into me he fucked me slow and built up speed he stopped pulled his cock out and told me to get on all fours he quickly pulled some cuffs that was tired to the bed and cuffed my wrists he positioned his self behind me and thrust his cock back in me I whimpered in pain he started to fuck me once more this time he grabbed my hips
“Mmmm yes master please more “i said

He quickly stopped and looked at me he withdrew once more and gagged me with a ball gag he rammed his cock in me grabbing hold of hips again he fucked me with force I just thought to myself that he will be done soon I could feel his body tighten against mine I knew he was going to cum soon he pulled his cock out and unleashed one cuff so I was half on my side he knelt there and wanked his cock till he came all over my face he quickly got of the bed and got his camera he took pictures of my freshly fucked ass with a dildo in it my cum covered face he then told me if I ever disobeyed him again he would send the pictures to my boss my family and put them on the internet.

The end.

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