Latin Boy

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

DISCLAIMER: This story is based on a true story but fictionalized. It involves anonymous, consensual between adults. If this is not your cup of tea, please do not read. If it is, then enjoy.

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The quarrel started because I had a family reunion of my mother's extended family. I decided not to bring Mark because it was going to be full to the brim with rednecks, intolerant evangelicals and Trump voters in every direction. I just didn't want to deal with the bullshit and blowback from bringing a boyfriend, especially since he is and who knows how many Klansmen there were going to be there. I was surprised I got invited. I only went to make my mother happy. Mark thought that it was because I was ashamed of him. Actually, I am ashamed of my relatives. So we fought about it. We don't fight enough probably so it got loud and mean. But in the end, we settled it. He works every other week in Orlando, so I drive down every other Friday to spend the weekend with him. I can say this, make up sex is the sex of all, hot and passionate.

On Sunday, I had trouble getting myself up after he left for work. My usual practice was to go to Club Orlando, having a membership, renting a locker and working out there in the gym. Afterwards, take a swim naked and see what kind of trouble I can get into before driving back. This Sunday, I was kind of fucked out. Part of me just wanted to wallow in the bed for a while but I forced myself up.

It is a bit weird working out in a gym where there are monitors playing . It's nice but weird. I'm not complaining either. I like dick. I like it alot. Fortunately, Mark and I have an honest relationship where we recognize that we are both pigs and like to fuck. That is why he and I have memberships here. I am pretty sure he blows off some steam here while I am back home during the week. Actually the place in general was busier than usual on a Sunday morning, more cars in the parking lot at least but I had the gym to myself. Nobody was working out. They must be trying to get some weekend morning dick. Out the window, by the side of the pool, a muscular brown skinned boy paraded by completely naked and hung. That got my interest. I worked out for an hour, got sweaty, felt good before heading out. In the locker room, I ditched my Ipod while an , in good shape, disrobed. I ditched my shorts too.

I like being naked. I always have. I'm in my early 50's but I don't think people in a bathhouse look at me and think that I should put clothes on. I'm not ripped like I was in my teens and twenties but I have never been fat and I have always worked out. It's August and its hot and the water of the pool feels good against my bare skin. I do laps and am breathing heavy but enjoying it. I don't know at this point that I actually am horny except that I am male and healthy, thus always baseline horny. Grabbing up my towel, I dry off some and head inside. Just past the open shower area is the porn theatre. I round the corner and see a fit guy in his late twenties with a tribal tattoo along his flank sitting there watching the banks of screens showing all the selection of porn while a young bearded man sucks his dick. Both boys are good looking. I settle in next to them to watch. I doubt they are much interested in me but if you are getting a blow job here, you can't object to a dirty watching you.

"You like that dick, huh" the hunk says to his fellator. The fellator grunts but keeps going.

"Looks like he enjoys it. He good at it?" I ask

"Fuck yeah"

A couple of guys drift in, watch for a minute and leave. I am hard now, actually warmed up and ready for some action of my own. Mark isn't going to mind. He expects it. I head back to the dark area behind the porn theatre. I step into the ink black area cautiously. I am aware of movement at the far end but can't really see.I think there may be someone there but I am not sure. I head out instead.

"Come in" a voice in the far dim reaches says.

I do.

When I can get close, I see that he is short and stocky. I'd seen him before, as he watched the two boys from down on the main floor. I wasn't attracted to him but I wouldn't turn down a blow job. He reaches out and takes my hard dick in his hand. I put my hand on his shoulder to urge him downward. He gets the hint and sinks to his knees. I feel the roughness of his tongue on my piss vein and warmth of his mouth surrounding my prick. I love getting blown. WHo doesn't? He might not be a guy I really wanted to hook up with but these kind are often the best cocksuckers: willing, enthusiastic, even grateful. It feels good, it always does. Well, if the guy knows what he is doing that is. This guy does. He is stroking me a little but mostly using his lips and tongue to make me feel good.

There is another person there, off to my left, watching.

I motion him toward us. He is younger, late 20's maybe, fit with the de rigeur tattooes. He is hard, his dick sticking straight out. He comes up next to me. I reach down for his pole. I saw him earlier too. He 's fine. His lean, muscular body is next to mine. The guy on his knees goes from servicing my cock to his. I stroke myself to keep the blood up. Hesitantly, i lean over and put my face to his. He kisses me. Both of us have a couple of days of scruff, which is perfect. I like that little bit of scratching that comes from a man's beard. I am queer and I like kissing men. Then my dick is wet again too. Fuck, this is sweet. I reach down and take the fit guys nipple in my mouth, sucking on it and then nibbling between my teeth. I jack him even as I get sucked.

He wants to kiss.

The guy on his knees is going from one to the other. He asks nothing in return for the pleasure he is giving. He just wants to worship our cocks. I put my hand on the fit guys firm round . I would love to put a finger in his ass. I would love to do more than that but don't think I will be able to. We kiss and it feels good and we get sucked and that feels good.

It's decision time, though. Do I stay here until I climax or do I leave this behind in search of the next encounter. I have, in a span of less than 36 hours, had sex 4 times. This would be number 5. Let's face it, at this age, I will cum once here and that will be it. It'll take hours to recharge. So, the blowjob is good and one of the guys in the threesome is a hunk but I am going after new conquests. The fit guy has made another decision. He is been playing longer, I guess and he is close. I stick around for a while longer, kissing him and pawing at his ass as he gets sucked. His breathing is ragged and he is enjoying it, his hips bucking back and to into the guys mouth.

Then, nothing. He stops. He came. He picks up his towel and moves off. I do the same.

I wrap the towel around my waist and leave. As I walk out of the theatre, the boy passes me by. Damn, he's hot. My height, tall but not giant, flat bellied and brown skinned, young, with jet black hair, a goatee and almond eyes. Fuck. He looks at me briefly as we pass. It's a shame. HE looks at me and sees someone old enough to be his father. I look at him and think that it wasn't so long ago that I could have gotten him. Oh well, time moves on and I am not suffering for lack of sex. I make a quick pass around the rooms, to see if anybody has their door open and laying with the ass in the air. No one does. So, it's on to the Man Cave. I cross paths with the latin boy again, me going out and him coming in. Again, nothing.

I make the loop in the Man Cave. There isn't much happening. On a bench, right up front by the entrance is a on one end of the bench and a white guy on the other. They are both naked. The white guy is jacking himself but the black guy isn't. I am definitely attracted to the black guy. Muscular, a bit of facial hair and the color of dark chocolate. He is fine. I go and sit down next to him, opening up my towel, freeing up my hard cock. I have pretty good size and men usually go for it but he doesn't react. I stroke it some, to let him know I am interested. I am staring at him. He isn't moving but he isn't leaving either.

I put my hand on his thigh. He doesn't stop me.

What I want is that dick. He isn't horse hung like some but he has a pretty tool, not hard though. Looking at his eyes, I slowly reach for his crotch. He doesn't stop me there either.

"I might not get hard," he says. "I just came"

A challenge. I think I can make a man hard. If he's queer that is. I stroke him gently, playing with the circumcised head of his penis. Again, he isn't stopping me. I will just have to say that I love black dick. Brown dick too. Well, white dick too but I am attracted to masculine, fit, black men. I am like a moth to the flame. This one is watching me as I paw all over him. I am stiff just touching him. He stiffens too, slowly but definitely. He reaches over and strokes me.

I am just about to suck him when he stands up. "Wait here, I'll be right back"

I don't know what to make of that. He need to piss? wants to get a condom? Just wants to leave?

Well, I am horny and attracted to him, so unbelievably I wait for him. I try to estimate in my mind what an appropriate time interval would be as I look down at the far end of this half of the man cave. While I am waiting, Latin Boy comes into the mancave, looks in my direction and goes to other side. I am a bit disappointed because the boy is hot. Feeling a bit self conscious, I look around. There is a man there, white and my age, masturbating himself, watching one of the monitors tucked up into a corner showing porn. When I decide the black guy isn't coming back, I gather my towel and head down there.

I don't ask permission or play coy. I get in front of him, grab his cock, sink to my knees and open up my mouth. I take him all the way in. He has a cock ring on and bloated balls. I slide my face up and down on his shaft, take it out and lick it. Then I put his balls in my mouth.

"Oh yeah," he moans, "Play with my balls"

Okay. If you like it, I'll do it. I don't really have limits. But his hard dick needs attention too. So I give it.

iterally been sucking dick since I was a preteen and I am good at it. To really suck dick, you gotta just love dick. I love dick. I use the tongue and I use the hand and I use my lips and he is fucking loving it.

"Fuck" he says.

People drift through and past as we go at it. You have to go through our room to make the circuit. I am aware that they stop and watch a while but I don't look up to see who or how long. I don't care if they watch. It's fine with me. We are all men and we are all queer. If you want privacy, this is the wrong place to do it. An older man comes and joins us. He takes over the sucking duties from me. I stand up and kiss my new lover, playing with his nipples. After a while, he makes me stand on the cushioned bench so he can suck me.

He has some skill himself. This goes on for a while. I find myself back on my knees, competing with the older man to have the dick in my mouth. When I lose the pole, I go for the balls. He really responds to that. This guy really likes his balls played with. While we are jointly sucking, I reach over for the older mans crotch. He is soft. I stroke him. He stays soft. It sucks. I know it'll be me one day and that depresses me but not today. Today, I am hard as steel and ready to go. The man we are sucking is hard too. I bob my mouth up and down on his dick.

Soon my jaw is sore and I plead for a break. I put my towel back around my waist, my erection sticking straight out and go around back the other way. In the room next door, there is nothing. The space beyond is different. There is black guy in the sling, naked and hard, about to be fucked by a fit and lean white guy. They seem to know each other, maybe lovers but maybe friends. Anyway, it is . There are a half dozen guys watching. Again, if you are fucking here, you can't complain about the audience. Over there, though, watching is Latin Boy. He has his towel around his waist and I am yet to see him naked. I figure I will never actually get to touch it but I want to encourage him to show it. I drop my towel and pull on my dick as we watch the black guy get sodomized.

Nothing. Latin Boy doesn't respond. He doesn't feel himself or anything. Damn.

Well, I am horny and I want some action myself and not just watch. I put my towel on and head out. I head back for the porn theatre area. No one is in there right then. I spread out my towel on the higher tier of bench and begin to stroke myself. I don't mind masturbation. I started when I was 11 and my right hand (since the internet, the left) has been a loyal friend. I enjoy all forms of sexuality, well gay sexuality. Whacking one off isn't a problem.

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