Lunchtime lust

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

My name is Spencer Lewis. I am 22 years old, 105kgs, muscular, 6'3", dark brown hair and blue eyes. My day started as normal. Having breakfast, arriving at the site of the latest construction site, preparing for a long day.

It was the middle of summer, so naturally it was . So as the day progressed, I took my shirt off as most if the other guys around here do. However, I had noticed my fellow co-worker, Josh, eyeing me off. ( Josh was bit quite as tall as me, and only being 20, he had a chiseled jaw line and sometimes i would sneak a peek of his developing abs) Now I know he is straight as he is always telling me about his latest girl friend or how many times he fucked someone over the weekend. I had started to question whether or not he was as straight as he said he was.

It was lunch time and because it was so hot I decided I would head home for lunch. Since I had noticed Josh eyeing me off I decided to invite him over, and not surprisingly, he accepted. We got into my car and the smell of sweaty, muscular wafted throughout the car. When we got home I decided to test my theory even more. I went to go and have a shower to cool off, but I "accidentally" forgot to take a towel with me, and I walked out and Josh was staring at me for really long time.

He looked at me as if he knew his secret was out. I signaled him to follow me and as we approached my bedroom, I tossed him a pair of my boxer shorts I was wearing the precious night. He put them to his face and inhaled deeply. His eyes rolled back into his head in pleasure. He started to play with himself as he inhaled more and more. I approached him and we started kissing ferociously, like to alpha dogs tearing at a price of meat.

He tore his clothes off, revealing his toned muscular body and 7" , as I pushed him down onto his knees. He opens his mouth as if he knew he was mine to use. I rammed my 8" large cock into his mouth making him gag like a pussy. We sucked and sucked for a while, I then pushed him onto the bed and gagged him with a dirt pair of boxer shorts.

I, without any hesitation, shoved my rock hard cock into his cunt and make him scream like a baby. I fucked him with all my might, as he moaned for me to keep going. He was on his back and his cock as I ploughed his hard and long. Josh started to yell "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum. I need to blow my load." He blew his hot sticky load all over his chest, and all over his own face. I finished fucking him, pulled out and screamed in immense pleasure as I covered his body in a hot load of sticky cum. I layer on top of him and we kissed for a few minutes.

We both jumped into the shower and cleaned up, also playing around a bit, dressed up and went back to work. All day we looked at each other with pleasure. When the day ended he came up to me and told me how much he enjoyed today. As he was leaving I told him to meet me at my car the same time tomorrow.

*** Authors note:- sorry if I jumped into the sex too quickly or wrapped it up in a hurry. I'm new to writing story's and it feedback would be appreciated, as well as ideas for future stories.

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