Mario Cart

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It was my sophomore year at college and I had a roommate I really got along with, a major that I enjoyed and plenty of friends- things were going fine and after a lousy freshman year I was actually enjoying college. I never got along with my roommate my freshman year, so me and a from down the hall who didn't get along with his roommate decided to pair up for the year. Tom was real nice and everything, but there was one thing- he had a girlfriend, Sheri, who I could not stand. She was a total bitch and hated my guts- the feeling was mutual. Luckily, she went to another college in a town across the state so she wasn't around much.

One Thursday, mid-first semester Tom walked into the room, just finishing his classes for the day. I was studying at the time. "Hey- hope you don't mind. Sheri is coming here for the weekend. Do you have anything planned? I figured that she could just stay here in the room with me, so if you're heading out for the weekend or anything that would be great."

I turned and looked at him, frowning. "Well, I really wasn't planning on going anywhere. I have a paper due on Monday for my Psych class and was going to work on that all weekend..." "Oh," Tom replied, "well, shit, then. Maybe one of the guys on the hall is going away for the weekend or something and you could bunk in their room? Or I could get one of the folding beds from Maintenance and she could sleep on that again?"

The last time Sheri had come to visit it was during the week and Tom had gotten a folding bed to sleep on. The first morning he had to get up early and go to class, leaving me alone in the room with Sheri and she had thrown at absolute shit fit when I returned from the showers and got dressed in front of her- it wasn't like she never saw a guy in his underwear before. "Yeah- like that's going to work out" I replied. "You remember the last time she stayed in the room with us. I'll just talk to a few guys and see if they have room for me for the weekend."

That was settled and I talked to a few guys. Two rooms down was Fred and Dave's room and Fred was going to be gone for the weekend and said it would be fine if I took his bed for the weekend. Fred's roommate, Dave, was a pretty decent guy and we got along. Everyone in the dorm called Dave "Doofus"- he was one of those awkward types. boned, everything on his body out of proportion, sort of nerdy but real nice. He was a freshman and enrolled in ROTC, Marines. An added bonus was that Fred and Dave had a big screen TV and gaming console in their room. I returned to our room and told Tom everything was all set and I would be taking Fred's bed for the weekend.

The next day Sheri showed up just after dinner. The bitch didn't even say a word to me when she walked in the door. I just grabbed my laptop and a change of clothes and headed two doors down to Fred and Dave's room. Dave was sitting at his desk studying. We talked for a bit, then I opened my laptop and started to go to work on my paper. We studied until 10PM, not saying a word to each other, just absorbed in our studies, when all of the sudden Dave looked over at me. "I'm done for the night- how about you?"

"Yeah- I'm ready to call it quits too," I replied. I finished up a paragraph then shut down my laptop. Dave was getting undressed, throwing on an old t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants.

"Hey- you wanna fire up a couple bowls and play Mario Cart for a while?" he asked. "Dude!" I replied, "you smoke weed?" Dave laughed. "Yeah- on occasion. Fred left me with some fine red bud. I have enough for a couple bowls."

"Sure- pack one up! I'm gonna change into my lounge pants," I answered, then suddenly realized that I had left them in my room. "Just a second, I'll be right back" I said and went down the hall and knocked on my door, knowing that Tom and Sheri were probably going at it hot and heavy. No answer, so I knocked again. A second later the door cracked open. "What the fuck, Dude?" Tom said, sticking his head out of the partially open door. "I forgot my lounge pants" I replied, I could see that Tom didn't have any clothes on. "Fuck, dude- come on. Just sleep in your underwear!" he exclaimed and slammed the door in my face. I returned to Dave's room. He was sitting at his desk cutting up a bud and packing the bowl. "Where are your lounge pants?" he asked, looking over at me. "Oh, Tom and Sheri were fucking their brains out and Tom slammed the door in my face," I replied. Dave laughed. "I'll just sleep in my underwear." I shut the door and stripped down to my Y-fronts. Dave fired up the pipe, took a hit and handed it to me.

"Nice undies, bro," Dave said, looking down at me, "your mommy buy those for you?" He laughed. They were pretty old- yellowed with age and full of holes. "Fuck off, Doofus!" I replied, laughing. We finished off the bowl and decided to smoke the rest later. I was stoned as hell anyway and I could see that Dave's eyes were now reddened slits and he was moving a little slower. "Fred broke one of the controllers- he sat on it so we'll have to take turns," he mumbled. "Fine by me" I answered and Dave turned on the TV and fired up the console. I went first, and five obstacles in I was out. "You suck!" laughed Dave, and I handed him the controller.

We finished off that game and I ended up kicking Dave's . "How about another round?" he asked. "And this time let's make it interesting. You ever hear of Distraction Mario?" he asked. I shook my head no. "It's easy. You try distract me in any way possible when I'm playing and I do the same to you," he replied. "Okay" I answered. "I'm game!" I took the controller and started playing and immediately Dave started punching me in the arm and grabbing at the controller, cracking up laughing. Shit. Only two obstacles and I was out. I handed him the controller and he started- I did the same, trying to grab the controller from him. He managed to make it through the first course and handed the controller back to me, saying "You're lame, dude!"

This time he started to poke me in the ribs and grab my arms and push me around. I was ticklish as hell and soon tears were streaming down my face and I was laughing like crazy as he poked me in the ribs, but I made it through the course. I handed the controller to Dave and he went at it. I quickly found out that he was just as ticklish as me. This went back and forth for a while and we were both laughing our asses off. The last round started and Dave handed me the controller. He started to poke me in the ribs again and grabbing at me. Suddenly he stood up, turned around, pulled down his sweats and stuck his ass right in my face. "Get that stanky ass out of my face!" I laughed, and he spun around, pulled up his sweats and started tickling me again.

I threw down the controller, grabbed him and threw him onto his bed and started to tickle his stomach - he started to squirm around, laughing his ass off then he grabbed me and we were all over each other, tickling each other like crazy as we rolled around on the bed. I ended up on top of Dave, straddling his stomach, poking away at his ribs- he was laughing so hard he could barely breath and he threw me off him- I landed next to him on my back on the bed laughing my ass off, when suddenly I looked over at him laying there laughing. He had a HUGE tent in his sweat pants and a wet spot right at the tip of it. His boner had to be sticking straight up around 8" long. "FUCK DUDE!" I shouted through my laughter, "what the hell is that thing?"

Dave quickly sat up, spun around, pulling down his sweats and he jumped on me straddling my chest and started to slap his huge shaft across my face, laughing like an idiot as he did it. I couldn't stop laughing and I shoved him off me- he landed next to me on his back still laughing like crazy. We laid there for a second or too laughing, when Dave suddenly stopped, got this serious look on his face, sat up and looked down at me. I stopped laughing. Dave still had his sweats pulled down to his knees and was staring intently into my eyes. I looked up at him. His glance went down to my crotch. In all the wrestling around, my and left nut had slipped out of the leg of my underwear. Without saying a word, he reached down and grabbed my cock and started to play with it.

I just laid there, not knowing what to think, letting him continue to fondle my junk. My cock slowly swelled and soon was rock hard, curving off to the left, extended to its full 6". I just laid there silently looking down at him as he pulled down my underwear. I couldn't believe this was happening. I looked down at his dick- there was a big drop of thick, clear pre-cum oozing from his slit. His hairy balls were drawn tight against his body. What the hell. I slowly reached over, placing my hand around his cock. Man- that thing had to be as thick as a coke can. I muttered "Fuck, bro- that thing is massive" and started to slowly stroke him. He did the same, gently gliding his hand over my cock. Dave kicked off his sweats, released my shaft from his grip and pulled off his t-shirt. I kicked off my underwear. We lust laid there silently, staring at each other's junk, slowly stroking away.

After a bit, Dave released my cock again and rolled over and laid on top of me, grinding his throbbing, vein-covered shaft against my hard meat. His face was inches from mine- both of us were breathing hard. His mouth opened and he pressed his lips against mine. I opened my mouth a bit and felt his tongue slip into my mouth. We started to kiss passionately, our tongues darting in and out of our mouths as we slowly humped each other's cocks. My mind was racing like crazy, not knowing what to think. I had never had a Gay thought in my life- but, MAN, this felt amazing. Dave was the kisser I had ever experienced and our soft moans filled the room as we made out.

What the hell, I thought- in for a dime, in for a dollar. I broke away from our kiss and whispered "Let's suck each other off." Without saying a word, Dave rolled off me and spun around so our cocks were right in each other's faces. I felt Dave's lips rap around the head of my cock and he slowly took it into his mouth, running his tongue all over my shaft. I could barely get the head of his cock into my mouth- I took as much of it in as I could, pressing my tongue into his piss slit, tasting the slight saltiness of his pre-cum. The musky odor of his crotch filled my nose.

Damn- Dave was an excellent cock sucker too! He was really working my shaft, occasionally working down and taking my nuts into his mouth then returning to my shaft. At one point he even spread my legs apart further and worked his tongue down to my asshole and started to lick it, diving his tongue into my tight pucker as far as he could. I reciprocated, and moved slowly down his shaft with my tongue, past his balls to his hole. I could taste the slight tang of his ass and slipped my tongue as far as I could into his hole- he was pretty loose and my tongue dove in deep. I could feel the creamy texture of the inside of his hole against my tongue.

We continued to go back and forth between our assholes and our cocks for what seemed an eternity. Our moans increased in intensity as we worked each other's junk in our mouths. Suddenly I felt Dave's cock start to pulsate. Shit- he was ready to cum. I thought quickly- "Damn, am I going to let him cum in my mouth?" The thought of it sort of grossed me out. Suddenly Dave muttered "Fuck- I'm gonna shoot!" and pushed his cock into my mouth. Oh well- no turning back now. Within seconds I felt splat after splat of cum shoot into my mouth- I counted eight strong spurts and my mouth filled up with his load. Much to my surprise- it tasted mildly sweet, with an extremely thick texture- and, man, what a load it was. I mean a MASSIVE amount of cum. I just kept it in my mouth as Dave glided his cock out of me.

Shit- that did it. I felt my balls tighten and I let out a loud grunt and blasted my load down Dave's throat. Dave slowly slid my pulsating shaft out of his mouth, licking of my shaft and sucking the last of my cum into his mouth. He turned as I laid on my back and got back on top of me. My rather thick, yellowish cum coated his lips- a small dribble was running across his cheek. His load was still in my mouth and I gently spit a bit of it out so it coated my lips. He moved his face in close to mine and kissed me hard. We passed each other's loads back and forth as our tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths. I felt him swallow and I swallowed to. Fuck- I couldn't believe it. I just ate another guy's cum and it wasn't all that bad! I never had even tried to taste my own cum!

We kissed for a while, then Dave rolled off me. Both our cocks had gone soft and we just laid silently in bed next to each other for a good twenty minutes. Finally, he turned to me. "Dude, I have never done anything like that in my life- it was fucking hot," he said, smiling slightly. I smiled back and didn't say a word. After a bit, I got up and muttered "I gotta get some sleep" and walked across to Fred's bed and climbed under the sheets. Dave got up, not saying a word and went over and turned off the TV then shut off the lights and climbed into his bed.

I just laid in bed in the darkness thinking to myself. Pangs of guilt were invading my thoughts. "What the fuck? I thought. Am I Gay or something? That felt so good. Fuck!" That thought went over and over in my head until I eventually fell to sleep.

The next morning I awoke to Dave climbing out of bed. I looked over and he gave me a quick, guilty looking glance then he bent over and picked up his sweats from the floor and put them on. He walked to his closet, pulled out his bathroom kit, grabbed a towel and said "I'm gonna go take a shower." I looked at him a second not knowing what to say. Finally I just blurted out "Throw me my underwear, please." Dave bent over and picked up my underwear from the floor and tossed them in my direction. I slipped them on under the covers, then got up and just sat on the edge of the bed, staring at Dave as he looked back at me. Finally, he muttered "I'll be right back" and walked out the door. I just sat there for a while thinking then got up, threw on my jeans, grabbed my towel and headed to the showers. When I got to the shower room Dave was standing there just outside the shower room drying off. He gave me a silent, guilty look and turned around facing away from me and continued to dry off. I showered, shaved and headed back to the room.

Dave was sitting at his desk working at his laptop. He just turned and looked at me as I walked in the door, saying "Hey" then returning to his computer as I got dressed. We barely spoke to each other all day. That evening after we had climbed into bed and shut off the lights, Dave finally spoke up. "I feel really weird about what happened last night. Do you too?" I muttered "Yeah." I thought for a second. "It was pretty hot, though" I said softly. "Yeah, it was" he answered. We just laid there quietly for a bit when Dave suddenly turned on his desk lamp and looked over at me.

I looked back. "What's wrong?" I asked. Dave smiled nervously, paused then muttered "I sorta feel like doing it again. Do you?" I thought for a second, then without saying a word, got out of bed, took off my underwear and walked over to Dave's bed. He pulled off his sweat pants, removed his t-shirt then looked up at me and smiled. I climbed on top of him and started to kiss him hard and deep.

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