Me and Jacob

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

"Okay, everyone hit the showers except for Eric and Jacob" Coach said. "You two are the players on our wrestling team and i want to which one of you two would win against each other"

So me and Jacob went to the mat. Jacob was 6 feet tall. he had short blonde hair, a nice six pack that i saw a couple of times in the locker room, a 5 inch that i also saw a couple of times in the locker room and a nice bubble butt. I have short blonde hair also, I'm 6 2, i have a nice muscular body and a 6 inch dick.

So me and jacob started wrestling, Jacob leaped at me and he grabbed me when trying to bring me down. it seemed like he kept his hand there for a little longer then he needed to but i didn't care. In the end Jacob ended up winning. Coach told us to go the the locker room now.

By the time we got there, no one was in there. Me and jacob went to our locker which was right next to each other and started to get undressed. Jacob and me both took off our wrestling and were just in our jockstraps.

"Nice match dude" Jacob said.

"Thanks, you too" i said

"you going to that later?" he asked

"Hell yeah. Gonna be hella fun"

"Yeah i'm hella excited for it, well i'm going to go to the shower" he said and then took off his jockstrap.

"Yeah me too" and I then got naked.

The shower area is set up by stalls that are open on the sides with no curtains. he went into the first one on the left and i went to the one right across from him. While i was washing my self i couldn't help but to look and him was his body with his back to me, it was hard to try not to get a boner. When he was still covered in soap his shower just turned off.

"What the heck?" he said "Why won't it turn back on? Ay, do you care if I come into your shower to get the soap off me?"

"Nah, i don't care"

So he came into my shower and it was very close in there. he was washing off the soap. "You don't care that it's so cramped do you?" he said "Nah, it doesn't bother me, we're both dudes"

We got out of the shower and went back to our clothes to dry off. We put on our clothes and then i drove both of us to the party.

The next morning i woke up to my mom calling me on my phone telling me that they will be back at about 6 PM from their vacation. I couldn't remember anything from last night. Then i heard "Who was that?" i quickly turned around in my bed to see Jacob laying in my bed also.

"My mom, what happened last night?" I asked.

"We got hella fucked up at the party last night but i don't remember coming here after" Jacob took off the covers because he said he was too hot and i saw he was naked.

"Woah dude, where are your clothes?!" i said

"Shit dude, i don't know" he said.

"I'm naked also, what the fuck? you don't think we did anything last night do you?"

"Haha i doubt it."

"Do you care if i take a shower real quick?"

"Nah, I don't."

He walked over to my bathroom and turned on the shower. he took a shower for about 3 minutes then turned it off. he walked out of the bathroom and said "Where is the towel?"

"The only one i see is on the floor beside my bed." i said

He walked over to the side of my bed to pick up the towel then he fell over on to me. He as laying over my stomach and said "Woah sorry haha" he got up half way and then looked at me. We both stared into each other's eyes then he leaned forward for a kiss. We made out and then i said "i didn't know you liked me haha"

he said "I didnt know YOU liked me"

Me kept making out the he went down and put my 7 inch dick in his mouth he then got all the way on the bed and we 69 each other. He put all of my dick in his mouth then went up and down with his mouth. "Stop, I'm about to cum." I said" I want to try something." so i got up and lay on my back with my ass in the air "I want you to fuck me" he got up and put his dick in my ass. He started out slow then sped up. he fucked me for like 30 minutes and said "I'm about to cum!"

"Cum in my ass!"

He came inside me and he collapsed on top of me. we then started kissing and then we fell back asleep. I woke up at 2 and i was in Jacob's arms. He woke up and said "hey babe"

I said "So, do you want to be and boyfriend with me?"

He said "Are you kidding me? Of course i do!" then we started making out again.

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