Military Fitness was the workout I needed

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I've had a few sexual experiences with other men (I've written some them about in my other stories on this site), but I still haven't come out to my friends and family.

I know my family would be upset if they found out I was gay so I tried to live life as .

I lasted six months before I found myself in my local park, getting fucked up the arse and watching my swing up and down as months of sexual frustration spunked out and covered the bushes.

I've always liked really muscular guys, cock size was never a deal to me, but I do have a thing for muscle. The first time I saw two each other was in the showers at my gym. They were both muscular men and that's probably what set me off.

When I was trying to stay straight I would go to the gym a lot to check out the guys lifting weights and usually have a wank in the showers afterwards.

That was ok for a while, but as the months went by it just wasn't enough and I really needed to get properly fucked. I didn't want to stray from the straight and narrow so I quit the gym and decided to try style fitness workouts in the local park.

In hindsight, trying to stay straight by watching buff ex-army guys get sweaty together was never going to work, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I singed up on the website and headed to park.

There were 10 of us in the , we met at the gates and waited for the coach to arrive. A small van pulled up and the hottest man I had ever seen got out. He was over six and build like a tank. He had short dark hair and dark eyes.

My cock was twitching into life and I felt my old familiar urges.

His name was Craig and asked us to help carry the cones, kettle bells and other bits in to the park. He started the workout and we all joined in.

I was trying to stay focused but I couldn't stop looking at him and thinking of him fucking me. All thoughts of me being "straight" had gone out of my mind.

He was doing the workout along with us and at one point he pulled his t shirt off to reveal a rock hard body. I moaned when I saw it and I was lucky that no heard me.

When the lesson ended I knew I had to speak to him. I walked over and said "Thanks Craig that was great, do run any other classes?"

"Oh yeah, thanks. I could sign you up a few now if you want"

He took an ipad from his bag and pressed the button to wake it up. The screen lit up and was filled with a hardcore site!

The pictures were all young muscular each others cocks and fucking each other. Craig was frozen in panic. We were both staring at the screen, not knowing what to say.

Suddenly another from the class called out to Craig and started walking towards us. Craig was still frozen so I calmly took the ipad out of his hands and hid the screen just in time to stop the other guy from seeing it.

After the other guy left Craig said "Thanks, I er..."

"It's cool, I like that stuff too. I'd like to do it right now"

I turned the ipad back on and and the porn site was still there, I pointed at a picture of one guy giving another a really hard fucking.

"This is what I want, for you to bend me over and fuck me. I want your cock in me so fucking bad"

The poor guy looked terrified!

At the time I had no idea how inexperienced he was. I would never normally be so forward, but I had six months worth of lust built up inside me and it was about to burst out. I could see a huge bulge in his shorts so I knew it wanted it too.

I slammed the van door shut and led him to a secluded spot that I knew. It was dark by then and there was no-one left in the park.

As soon as we were out of sight I pulled him close to me and kissed him and he kissed me right back. I reached into his shorts and pulled out his beautiful (and rock hard) cock. I dropped to my knees and started sucking him off, it was incredible to have a hard cock in my mouth again. He put his hands on my head and started gently moving me up and down his cock.

I looked up at him and we started making really intense eye contact, I nodded to him as he moved my head. I wanted him to know that he could do anything he wanted to me. He started moving my head faster and pumping his hips into my face,
our eyes were still locked together. "I'm going to cum...I'm going to cum" he said as he caressed my face.

I pulled my lips away from his dick and he pulled me up, we kissed passionately, then he turned me around and pulled my shorts down. He gently pushed me down to my knees and bent me forward, I was trembling with excitement. He put me on my hands and knees, then I felt him pull my cheeks apart. Seconds later he started working his cock into my ass. He pushed in slowly, it hurt a little at first but then it just felt good to get my ass filled with cock again. I pushed back to help him in then started rocking my hips to get our rhythm going.

It felt so good, I started moaning to encourage him to give me more, my own cock was so hard it felt like it might explode. He pulled me up and started kissing my neck and shoulders, my cock was swinging around in front of me, he started to quicken the pace, then suddenly got really fast.

Now I was getting what I wanted, I was getting properly fucked.

He started pumping hard, we were both grunting and moaning, I loved it. My cock exploded with spunk, I'd never cum so hard in my life. It coated the bush in front of us.

Craig pulled me even closer to his body, he had his arms wrapped around my chest, then he buried his face in my neck as he blasted his cum inside me. He kept pumping as he came and I kept rocking back against him, I wanted every drop of his spunk in my body.

Eventually we were both empty and we collapsed in a heap on the ground. We held each other until we got our senses back.

Craig murmured "...sorry, I wanted to last longer for you, but I was so turned on I had to cum"

I kissed him and said "it was amazing, you were perfect, I'll never forget how good that felt"

We started kissing again and stroking each others bodies. I had no idea that a quick, hard fuck in the park could feel so romantic.

It didn't take long for both our cocks to get hard again but it was getting cold by then.

I said "Come back to my place and fuck me in the shower, then fuck me in my bedroom, then fuck me in every other room in the house"

We actually started talking to each other on the way there. We were both nervous at first, but it didn't take long for us to relax.

I told him about how I'd been trying to stay straight but after seeing him I knew I couldn't do that anymore.

He told me that I was only his second man. He'd been seduced by his superior officer in the Army and loved it. They had an affair for a year (the superior was married) but it ended when they were stationed in different places. He left the Army soon after and hadn't gotten laid since.

When we got to my house, we pulled each others clothes off as soon as we got through the door. I grabbed his cock and led him to my bathroom. He asked me to fuck him this time, so we got the shower nice and hot and I fucked him up against the wall. He came for me as I fucked him and seeing his spunk going down the plughole made me realise that wanted to taste his cum. We got out of the shower, I got him in my bed and went straight down on his cock.

His cock was getting hard in my mouth as he pulled my body around and start sucking me off too. We sixty-nined until we both came in each others mouths. His spunk tasted so good.

We've been seeing each other everyday since then, neither of our families know we're gay. We both feel bad about keeping it secret but we're not ready to come out fully yet. The good thing is we've got each other.

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