More Lido Tales

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

100% fiction!

Here's a tale that I've always thought was funny. It happened one Saturday afternoon in an adult bookstore called Lidos in Dallas. When you go in the door, on the left is the bookstore where you pay your admission, on the right is a gay theater and upstairs is the straight theater. The hallway leading back to the adult theater is line with private viewing rooms. They are fairly large room with paid TV, a full size couch and a lock on the door.

I'd been sucking there for a couple of years.

When I showed up there was no action in the gay theater, the rooms or the upstairs straight theater. I had about a dozen guys that I met there and sucked on a regular basis. On any given Saturday three or four of them would generally show up. Plus I’d usually score three or four other cocks. So it was unusually for the place to be empty.

I eventually grabbed the far end seat in the back row on the right side of the theater in the straight theater. I liked this seat because there’s room for a to stand beside me while I suck his cock.

Eventually people started coming in.

Later when I glanced over my left shoulder, there was a cowboy standing against the wall behind me while a Hispanic guy rubbed his crotch through his jeans. When the cowboy saw me looking, he pushed the Hispanic guy’s hand away, and moved close enough so I could reach him if I wanted to rub his crotch. When I put my hand on his crotch I could tell that he had a . But, when I tried to un-zip his pants, he moved away. I figured that he was just a tease, so I forgot about him.

When I looked over my right shoulder again, there was another guy standing against the wall with his out stroking it. I guess he saw me looking at him, because he walked over to the open space to the right of my seat and stuck his dick in my mouth. I’m such an exhibitionist that as I sat there sucking it, I glanced out of the corner of my eyes to be sure everyone was watching. Not only was everyone watching but they were moving nearer so they had a better view. Just as I was getting him good and hard, he had to move away because the guard was coming in.

There is a partition in front of the door so that when it was opened the light doesn’t shine on the movie screen. Not really wanting to catch anyone doing anything sexual, the guard all ways made a lot of noise coming in so everyone could stop whatever they were doing. Normally the guard only stayed in there for a couple of minutes and then he’d leave. Today for some reason he leaned back against the wall and started watching the movie.

It was obvious he was going to be there for a few minutes so instead of waiting around for the guard to leave, the guy asked me if I wanted to go to one of the private rooms and finishing sucking his cock. Not unusual, guys were always inviting me to the private rooms.

As I followed him out of the theater, the cowboy that didn’t want to play before stopped me and asked me if I wanted to suck his dick. Again not unusual. Guys who’d heard about my oral skills were always asking me to suck their cocks. I said, “Sure, but you’ll have to wait your turn. I have to suck this other guy’s cock first.”

While the guy was putting money in the TV monitor, he told, “I don’t reciprocate. I like to receive blowjobs but I don’t suck.”

I told him, “That’s no problem. I like sucking cocks enough for both of us. I wasn’t expecting you to return the favor.”

I hadn’t been sucking his dick too long before I heard him mutter, “Damn, you really do like to suck dicks, don’t you?”

When he cummed he almost screamed for joy and when I swallowed I never saw a guy so happy.

He was different than most guys. After I gave him what he called ‘the blowjob in his life’ he didn’t flee like the devil was after him. He sat down and we jokingly bantered back and forth about my dick sucking and how good I was. He mentioned a couple of different times that his wife condescendingly sucked his cock but she never let him cum in her mouth. And don’t even mention her swallowing.

Besides liking the way that I lick off his dick when I finished swallowing his cum, he was amazed by my soft lips, and my warm, moist mouth.

He even thought it was funny when I ask him to leave the door ajar so the cowboy could come in. In the hall I heard him telling the cowboy how lucky he was because I was going to suck his dick for him. He told the cowboy that he was in for a rare treat.

It turns out that this was the first time that the cowboy had been to a porno gay theater and possibly the first time that another guy had ever sucked his dick.

While he was putting money in the TV monitor, I un-zipped his pants and tried to take out his dick. But he was so nervous he made it hard for me to get it out. It was tough trying to get him calmed down and interested in getting his dick sucked.

Once I got his pants down and his cock in my mouth, things got much better. He got as excited about getting his cock sucked off as the other .

After I finished sucking him off and went back in the theater to catch my breath, of all the people in the world, who should come in but my ex-FATHER-IN-LAW. We hadn’t seen each other in years, so even though I recognized him, he didn’t recognize me.

At first I hung back from playing in front of him for fear he’d eventually recognize me and ‘out’ me to everyone we knew.

After we’d both moved downstairs to the movies theater and back, I couldn’t help staring at him. I finally gave up worrying about him recognizing me and went back to work.

I guess he noticed my undue attention when I was staring at him because when I returned from my second trip to the private rooms, he stopped me to ask me if I wanted to suck his dick. All of a sudden I had this fantasy about how kinky it would be to suck my father-in-law's dick so I quickly answered, “Let’s go to a room.”

Like most short guys he had a big dick, a good eight inches. Like the other guys, he couldn’t believe how good I sucked. I have to admit that it’s really good for my ego to have guys moan and rave about my hot mouth and my super sucking.

He churned out a pretty good load of cum for an old guy, too.

I’m wasn’t surprised at how hot he was and his sexual powers though, because his daughter, my-ex was as hot as a firecracker and would fuck at the drop of a hat…and more often than not-she'd drop the hat. While we were married and a few times after, we did everything that it was possible for a and woman to do with each other, except . Other than the fact that I wasn’t into anal, I have no idea why we never did it. Because she never refused me sex…any kind of sex. Just to test her, one time I stated fucking her every night to see how soon she would refuse me. I fucked her forty five nights in a row. The forty sixth night I was the one that wimped out. Between working nine hours a day, working out three days a week in the Do Jo and fucking two girlfriends, I was exhausted and couldn’t go one more night without arrest. My balls were so drained that for the next week she had to content herself with getting her pussy ate.

My ex’s brother and sister were as horny as she was and they were always talking about how their parents were always getting it on.

While I was sucking him off, my ex-father-n-law told me that his wife had died recently and that he’d driven all the way there from Durant, Oklahoma to Dallas. Well over a two hour drive either way, just to get his dick sucked.

So ended the saga of me sucking my ex-father-in-law's dick...

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