More than just a game

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I have always loved tennis. I’ve watched and played it since I was at school and enjoy it more than any other sport. Apart from the cut and thrust of the game I guess I enjoy watching the players, especially the . I think it was tennis that made me aware of other guys, in the changing rooms as well as on the court. There is something about the white shirts and shorts that turns me on. After I got married I tried to turn off these feelings. I hadn’t had any sexual contact with guys since I was a teenager, but there was a whole part of me that wanted to try again and this was always strongest when I was involved with tennis.
I belong to a tennis club with friendly guys, many of them married too and we enjoy the social side as well as the games. I still get a bit horny in the dressing room watching people changing or on the court seeing glimpses of briefs showing through the shorts or of waistbands over the top when shirts ride up. But until a few weeks ago nothing else ever happened.

Then a new member joined and everything changed. He was called Tom, and was in his thirties, I reckoned, a few years than me. He had fair hair, very neatly and fashionably cut, was about 5’10” tall and looked in good shape. He wore smart clothes and often arrived at the club in his suit straight from work. I was instantly attracted to him and found myself making sure I was around when he was changing. I chatted to him and tried to make him feel welcome and he was friendly and responsive. After a couple of sessions I asked if he would like to partner me and he readily agreed.

One of the things that I liked about him was that he bucked the trend of wearing his tennis shirt loose. He always tucked it into this shorts and I also noticed he tucked it into his briefs too. This really took me back to school days when several of us used to do that, and I remember watching professional tennis players on the TV all neatly tucked in. Sometimes you could get a glimpse of the waistbands of their briefs showing where their shirts were tucked in the underwear and that always turned me on.

One evening, after we had played together a few times, we were the last on court having just beaten Will and Bryan. We went back to the changing room and, while the other two got changed quickly and left to go home, we took our time. Tom took off his tennis shorts and then spent time sorting stuff in his bag wearing just his shirt and briefs. This was really getting me going and I could feel my hardening in my own briefs. I tried turning away but I was enjoying looking at him so much that I gave up and just slowly got changed.

After a while he suddenly said ‘Do you like what you see?’ I was so embarrassed and made some feeble response but he said ‘It’s OK, you must realise I’ve seen you looking at me changing these past few weeks. I thought I’d give you a longer show tonight!’ I said that I didn’t realise I’d been so obvious and apologised. He told me he enjoyed seeing me changing too and that he loved seeing guys in briefs. By this time the bulge in my briefs was and I noticed his was growing too. I said that I was married and didn’t know why I had all these feelings and he said he had a girl friend too but still enjoyed being with guys.

‘So what are we going to do about it, then?’ he asked and I looked at him and smiled as he came over towards me and took me in his arms. We kissed, gently at , but then more passionately and he pushed his tongue into my mouth. Our bodies pushed against each other and I could feel his bulge pushing against mine. We started to rub each other and as we did I could feel the precum starting to ooze from the slit in my cock and make a damp patch on my briefs. Tom’s hands came down and stroked my cheeks and then reached up and deftly tucked my shirt inside my briefs. ‘Mmm,’ I said ‘That feels good, I remember doing that at school’. He said that he did too and has just carried on ever since. He asked why I stopped and I said that eventually most of my friends stopped and when I got a regular girl friend she didn’t like me tucking either. ‘You should start again’ he said, ‘You look great like that’. I told him I wasn’t sure how my wife would react, and he said his girl friend wasn’t sure at first but had got used to it now. I said I would give it a try.

After this ‘brief ‘ interlude Tom suddenly went down on to his knees and put his lips against my bulge. It felt so good as he kissed it and then his tongue started to run up and down the outline of my cock as his hands gently stroked and squeezed my balls. I moaned out loud and said ‘oh yes, suck me, Tom.’ His hand went inside the leg of my briefs and pulled out my uncut cock, so moist on the head. He licked some of the precum off and then slowly started to take my six inches into his mouth.

This felt so good – he certainly knew now to suck cock, and I had to admit it was much better than the few times my wife had done it. I stood there still moaning with pleasure when suddenly the door opened and Bryan burst in saying ‘Think I left my phone here... oh shit!!’ The last bit was when he saw what was happening. He mumbled something like ‘Sorry guys’ and hurried out the room. I had pulled my cock out of Tom’s mouth and it had gone limp. I was really anxious about what Bryan would do because he knew my wife. I said I ought to go after him but Tom said he would speak to him later. He was sure there wouldn’t be a problem. I wasn’t so sure but by this time Tom was working on my cock again and I immediately got hard and forgot about the interruption.

After a while I pulled him up and kissed him on the lips, sharing some of my precum, and then I said that it was time I returned the favour. I knelt down and went to work on his bulging white CK briefs, stroking the waistband, sliding my fingers inside it, stroking his cheeks and starting to lick and suck at his cock through the fabric. Judging by the sounds coming from Tom I was doing all right, considering I hadn’t done anything like this since school days. I was about to take his cock out of his briefs when he pulled me up, kissed me and then said ‘ me, Simon’.

I hadn’t been expecting this and he could tell I was taken aback. I said I’d never fucked a before and he told me it would be fine as he started rubbing his cock against mine. I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity go by so I agreed and he reached into the pocket of his suit jacket and produced a condom and some stuff that I assumed was lube. My cock was still sticking out of the leg of my briefs and I started to take them off, but he told me he preferred to be fucked with them on. He gently rolled the condom over my cock and then turned his back on me as I eased his briefs down revealing his gorgeous cheeks and hole. I took some of the lube and started to work it with my finger into his hole. He said ‘Oh fuck yes’ as I pushed right in and found that spot. ‘Now push your prick into my mancunt’ he said.

I started to push in gently and found my cock slid in easily with the lube. I also guessed he had done this a few times before! He cried out with pleasure, shouting ‘fuck me, Simon, fuck my hole’. I was getting so excited now that I thrust in as hard as I could and then withdrew and started pushing in and out in regular steady movements. Suddenly he pulled away from me and said, ‘Lie down on the floor’. I did as he told me and he came and knelt down facing me and eased my cock back into his hole. This felt so good, and it was great to look at him. I pulled on his long hard uncut cock and gently wanked him as he took control of the fuck. He rode up and down on me, shouting out all kinds of words, which clearly got him even more excited.

By this time I was ready to shoot my load and he could sense it and said ‘Shoot your creamy cum inside my mancunt, Simon. Let me have the fucking lot’. I didn’t need any more encouragement and let go of what seemed like loads of cum inside him. At the same time I was pulling hard on his cock and he too seemed ready. He finally lifted himself off my cock and leaned over me so that his prick was over my face. Then he said ‘Here you are, your gorgeous little fucker, taste this’ at which point globules of cum shot on to my face and into my open mouth. It was an amazing feeling. I licked the remaining cum from his cock and then he leant over and kissed me taking some of his own cream from my face and sharing what was in my mouth.

We both lay back on the floor and relaxed in each other’s arms. ‘That was fantastic, Tom’, I said. You weren’t so bad yourself’ he replied, ‘Are you sure you haven’t done this since you were a teenager?’ I assured him I hadn’t. He also said that it was a real turn-on being fucked by a guy with his shirt tucked in his briefs; he’d never done that before. But then apologised for all the language he had used saying it really helped him enjoy it. I said it was fine, and in fact found it very horny myself.

We finally decided it was time to get up and start getting dressed. As we were putting our trousers on we both stopped and looked at each other. There was a strange almost moaning noise outside the door. Tom pulled his suit trousers up quickly, still making time to ensure his smart white shirt was tucked neatly in his briefs. Then he went over quietly to the door and pulled it open. There, to our amazement was Bryan, his cock in his hand, together with a load of cum. I also noticed some cum on the floor. Once again he mumbled apologies but Tom said ‘Enjoy hearing our performance, did you? Perhaps you had better come in and watch next time, or even join in!!’ Brian was mumbling again, still clearly full of embarrassment. Tom then said he hoped none of us would tell anyone else about what had happened – without needing to mention wives and girl friends. Brian assured us that he wouldn’t and eventually we finished dressing and went our separate ways. But we didn’t go without agreeing to book a court for the following week.

Next week only Will left as soon as we’d finished the tennis match.

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