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My First Glory Hole reviews

Posted by HarrietKelly (email: Harr)
Why is it that I keep returning to your story page? It's because your stories are so well written, your characters are so real, that they keep my "can't put it down" interest. Thanks for sharing your work. Now i go here bit. ly/servisvao.ru and hookup someone))))
Posted by Don (email: denv)
There's really nothing better to me than to have slammed Meth and then going to an Adult Bookstore and finding Glory Holes. I can never find enough Cock to suck when I'm high on Meth. I usually start by Sucking every anonymous Cock that comes through the Glory Hole. I've always lusted after males who just wanted sex. Black Males are the best, they enjoy whose ever Hole they can use to Bust A Nut. And they don't care where. But I've always liked Glory Holes, just sucking cock after Cock without ever seeing what the guys look like. I have spent days Sucking cocks because the managers of these places know word gets out and more males come to get an anonymous blowjob for next to nothing. After a while I get bored, that's when I go into the Movie Theaters and sucked off guys while being watched by other horny strangers. I've had guys line up and I'll just suck one Cock after another while listening to the men call me names and mumble to each other that some faggots know their place. The males on my father's side of the family, were the ones who taught me my place was on my knees with their Cocks in my mouth. I have never tired of this position in life.
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