My First Glory Hole

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It was eight o'clock at night. It was a really cold night in December, I remember. I had just met up with my hook-up for some drugs, (Meth), and was on my way home. I had just started to get comfortable with shooting up at the time, it was way better than any other method by far. Complete orgasm.

After I arrived home I got on the internet to look for a suitable target for my first time. After about an hour of mindlessly clicking through stupid dating sites and terrible sex advertising, I came across the address to a Men's Spa. This place peaked my interest, so I gathered all my equipment to get high, mixed up a needle for when I got there, and made my way out to the Interstate.

I pulled into the driveway, scanning the parking lot for stragglers, or weirdos. The parking lot was not packed, but after I sat in my car a couple minutes, things started to pick up. I grabbed my rig, shot it in my arm, and went inside feeling super horny and super apathetic.

It was just a normal Adult Arcade at first. I walked to the far wall covered with 15" dildos, handcuffs, and erotic stories where I noticed a door. There was a small yellow sign next to the doorway about eye level with me that read "Membership Required for Entry." I turned around and headed toward the entrance, the register and counter sat right next to the main door. There was a bald man wearing a short sleeve shirt and jeans behind the counter watching some porn on a small screen that sat on the counter facing him. "I'd like a membership, please." I said. The bald man looked up at me, smiled, and reached for a stack of Membership cards. "Twenty dollars is a Membership, and you can come and go as you please." He informed, still smiling. I was so high it was hard to hide it, so I went through the door.

It was dark and I could hear all the jumbled moans and groans from too many porn movies at once. I was here for one thing. It sure as hell wasn't the shitty porn. I began looking through the viewing booths for the glory hole, and it wasn't long before I found one. I looked around and there was a man standing in the corner, just standing there. I gave him a look that I hoped said "come stick your prick in the wall," and I went inside and locked the deadbolt. The viewer in the glory hole side I was on didn't even work so there was only one place I could shift my attention. I started taking off all my clothes, my heart rate was thumping, I was so horny I could barely contain myself. After a minute of me shuffling around in this little stall, I heard footsteps coming my way out of the direction of the I'd just seen. I was super nervous.

The door on the other side closed and then locked. He unbuttoned his pants and dropped his jeans, this man didn't fuck around, and I loved the way it made me feel. I was watching the whole time he was in there, and it seemed like no time I was staring eye to eye with his beautiful . I touched it. It was warm. I imagined what I would want some little fag on his knees to do if I were him. It was a lot to take in, I had never sucked cock before, and I didn't want to be a failure. I spit right on his swollen, slightly reddening cock head and slid it in my mouth. Just a little at first, slowly getting deeper. I forced it to the back of my throat and gagged on his cock, he moaned with delight as I slid his cock out of my mouth, a strand of cum running from his cock head to my lip. I don't even remember how long we were in there, I was so distracted that I didn't care how long I was in there.

I knew when he was getting closer, there was no doubt about it. I felt his cock get harder and harder and he exclaimed more and more pleasure with each thrust to the back of my throat. He knocked three times, real fast, and I grabbed it at the base of the shaft and started him off. I was so turned on when that first warm strand of cum draped itself across my face, he just kept cumming. I sucked on it more to get the remaining jizz on the head, and let go of it. I watched him walk out through the hole in the wall. I sat there on my knees with a stranger's load on my face, and I was already thinking about how it would feel to stick it in my .

I wiped my face off with my shirt and just put my coat on. I didn't know what else to do, I wasn't walking around in public with a stranger's jizz dripping off my chin. I walked toward the door and winked at the bald guy as I walked by. "Come back again soon," he said. "Oh I will.." I thought to myself as I opened the door and stepped out to my car. I sat there and started thinking about it. I wasn't great at it yet..... I could put all these sluts and hookers to shame given practice. I pulled in to my driveway and went inside. I laid down on my back in my bed and I dipped three fingers on my right hand knuckle- into a jar of Vaseline on my bed table.

I slowly, methodically, caressed my whole member. I was ready for my own release, I earned it. I slid my hand up and down steadily, urging the orgasm to shoot through my body. I felt it teetering, building intensity, and it popped. I cocked my head up to watch, white cum strands erupting all over my stomach and chest. I felt relieved, although now I'd have to find something else to do.. Seeing as how I was so high that sleep was impossible.

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