My Friend Tom

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I had known Tom for years. He was a real nice guy, admittedly not the looking guy in the world- a little chubby, always scruffy in appearance, short and not in very good shape at all- but he was very funny and just a great guy to be around. Plus, he knew electronics and computers and could fix pretty much anything. Tom was and married with one kid but separated from his wife for almost a year with a divorce in the works.

I was having trouble with our internet and cable (Comcast sucks!) and when I called to have a repairman sent over, I was told it would be at least three days before they came out. So, I called Tom to come over and look at it to see if maybe he could figure it out and fix it. He said he could make it the following day- a Sunday afternoon. My live-in girlfriend was gone for the weekend visiting her parents so I was being a lazy slob all weekend. The house was a mess and I was still in my pajama bottoms, no shirt, when he arrived the next day.

He came in and I said "Excuse the mess- Vicky's at her parents." He just laughed and said "So I see!" I tossed him a beer and opened one up myself and we sat and talked for a while. Four beers later, he said "So let me see what the problem is- but first, do you still have any of that good red bud left that I gave you, or did you smoke it all already?" I replied, "Yeah, I got enough to roll a good sized fatty. I'll get it and we'll toke up first." I rolled a nice sized spiff and we smoked it down then Tom went over to the TV console and opened the cabinet to check things out.

Suddenly Tom started cracking up laughing and turned to me and said "What's this shit?" Then I remembered...

The night before I had got a little wasted on weed and a bottle of tequila, so my memory was a little fuzzy on what I ended up doing. With no TV and internet I was bored shitless. Sitting in the cabinet on top of the DVD player was a porn , one of Vicky's larger dildos and a bottle of lube. I had this thing about - not even Vicky knew it. I kept my DVD's hidden in a box in the basement and when she was gone and I got horny I would slip a DVD in the player and sit on the couch and masturbate to it. I wasn't Gay, but in college I did fool around with my roommate one drunken night (I let him suck me off) and since then I've always enjoyed jacking off to fantasies about that night. The Gay porn movies just made it a little more enjoyable...

I turned beet red. Tom was practically pissing himself he was laughing so hard. "Having a little fun?" he asked through his laughter. I just started laughing and said, "Damn. You caught me." He replied "Seriously... A dildo? You weren't shoving that thing in your , were you? What, do guys fucking turn you on? You like DICK?"

I answered "Hey - I know you watch porn too. Don't lie! You check out the guys' dicks too! Admit it! Remember your bachelor and we were all watching that porn and you said 'Damn, check out that guy's tool!" and everyone started making fun of you?"

He laughed and said "Hey at least I have a dick, pussy boy! Did that dildo feel good in your cunt?" I stood up from my chair, pulled down my pajama bottoms exposing my six inch, fat manhood and said, "Yeah, well check this out- it's probably more than you'l ever dream of!" He cracked up laughing and replied "Put your pants back on, faggot!" I pulled up my PJ's and went to the fridge and grabbed a couple more beers then poured a couple three-fingers of tequila in some glasses and returned to the living room. We laughed a bit more, then Tom went to work and within fifteen minutes figured out what was wrong and had my internet and cable back up and running.

We sat down on the couch, drank the beers and chased down the tequila and I got up and got a couple more stiff shots. We talked a bit, laughing about his bachelor party and that butt ugly 60 year old exotic dancer we hired then just sat there in silence for a few minutes. Tom turned to me and said, "Seriously, dude. You actually shoved that dildo up your ass?" I admitted that yes, I did and that I did it a lot and that it did feel amazing. I asked "You never tried it? Come on, admit it." He laughed and said, "No, my soon-to-be ex fingered my ass a couple times but that's about it." The conversation quickly turned to kinky things we've done with our gals as we drank down the tequila and beer.

Suddenly Tom shifted a bit on the couch and I looked down at his crotch- he was as hard as a rock and I could see the outline of his shaft and cock head in his jeans. It had to be eight inches long. I laughed, pointed at his crotch and said, "What? All this sex talk is turning you on?" He turned red as a beet and smiled, not saying a word.I couldn't help myself. I said "Man- you are hung, aren't you? Whip it out so I can see." I was and stoned as shit by then and didn't even care what I said. He looked at me and laughed. "You're kidding, right?"

I replied, "No, whip it out. I want to see that monster!"

Much to my surprise, Tom stood up, stumbled a bit (he was clearly as drunk as I was) and pulled down his jeans without even undoing the buttons. My mouth dropped open and I blurted out "HO-LEE SHIT! I wouldn't even want to try stick that monster in me!" It had to be all of NINE inches with about six inches of girth with thick veins running up the shaft and a dark purple massive head dripping with glistening pre-cum. He looked down at me and said, "Wanna try?" I replied, You're kidding, right?" He got this serious look on his face and said, "What the fuck, why not?" I sat there for a second, then said "Let me get the lube."

I stood up, went over to the TV cabinet and pulled out the bottle of lube then walked over and squirted some on that massive, rock hard throbbing cock then took of my PJ bottoms. He said "How we gonna do this?" I answered "Come into the bedroom and just lay on your back on the bed." He stepped out of this jeans, took off his shirt and we went into the bedroom. He laid down then I straddled him, grabbed his thick meat and eased the tip of it towards my ass then slowly pushed down until it was all the way in. It hurt like hell going in and I let out a loud moan and just sat there until the pain subsided then slowly started to gyrate my hips and move up and down, gliding his member in and out of my tight ass. Tom just laid there, eyes closed, muttering Damn, that feels good over and over. I was screaming "FUCK, OH FUCK!" and riding his cock faster and faster.

My own meat was rock hard and throbbing like crazy as Tom fucked me hard. Suddenly I blew my load, shooting wave after wave of thick white cum all over his stomach and chest. I just let him keep fucking me and rode him faster and faster. I could tell he was ready to explode. I quickly got off him, turned around and put my face right in front of his cock and started jacking him off hard. Not ten seconds later a thick stream of cum plastered me right in the eye, then load after gushing load covered my face.

I rolled off of him and just laid on my back, panting like a dog and said "GOD THAT WAS AMAZING!" Tom looked over at me, my face absolutely covered with his yellowish, rather thin load and blurted out "Fuck, man! That WAS amazing! I never fucked such a tight, smooth pussy in all my life!" I looked down at Tom's cock. Cum was still oozing out and it was glistening with slightly dirty lube mixed with his cum. I leaned over, grabbed the base of his cock and shoved it in my mouth. I could taste the tang of my ass mixed with his cum and the lube- but I didn't care one bit. I proceeded to give him the best blow job of his life. I spent ten minutes working his shaft, deep throating it and gagging as I shoved it all the way down my throat. Tom was moaning like crazy, then BAM! I felt another load of cum shoot from his cock, coating my throat.

I collapsed next to him again and just laid there for a while silently. After a bit, I turned and said, "We better shower up. Vicky is due home pretty soon and I really don't want to get caught. We got out of bed and climbed into the shower together. We soaped up a bit, when Tom suddenly said, "Try fucking me. I wanna see what it feels like." I turned off the shower and grabbed my still hard cock then said "Turn around and bend over a little." Tom complied and I slipped my meat into his ass crack and slowly shoved my cock deep inside him and started to slowly thrust in and out. Tom immediately started to moan as i picked up the pace a bit. Within minutes, I blasted another load up his ass then got on my knees and tongued my dirty cum out of his hole. I got up, and Tom turned around and said "Damn! That did feel good!" I just replied, "Fuck yeah, it did. I told you so!" I turned on the shower again, and we cleaned off then got out and dried off then went in the bedroom and got dressed.

Just as we were walking out the bedroom door, my girlfriend Vicky walked in. She looked at us, frowned and said "What were you two assholes up to? I can see by the empty beer cans, the empty tequila bottle and the smell of pot it was absolutely no good!" Tom just laughed and said, "Yeah, I gotta get going." Vicky said, "I'm going to go out and get my suitcase out of the car. Clean up this mess before you leave!" Just as she walked back out the door, I turned to Tom and planted a hard kiss right on his lips, jamming my tongue in his mouth. After a second, I pulled back. Tom had a shocked look on his face, then he just smiled and said "We gotta do this again, bro!"

Vicky came back in carrying her suitcase just as Tom walked out the door. I yelled "LATER BRO! THAT WAS FUN!" He waved, got in his car and drove off.

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