My Naughty Experience In The Changeroom

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

*All people portrayed on this story are over 18. All names have been changed for safety purposes. This is my first story. Hope you enjoy.

Hi, I am Joe, and this is my story. It was my last year of high school. Exams had finished up, school was almost over and summer had just begun. I was on the swim team and we had almost finished up for the hour. I was slightly horny because I had been looking at other guys, with their shirts off. Their smooth abs were so sexy! Just staring at them made me drool. I couldn't wait to leave so I could jerk my young . All I could think of while swimming was my dick. Our coach called us over and said, "Well done everyone! Good training, see you all next week." was I glad to have finished. I got my bag and practically ran into the change rooms. DAMN.

All of the showers had been taken. How could that have even happened?! So there I sat, alone on the bench waiting, horny as hell, for a stall to open up. And sure enough, after five minutes of agonizing pain, my friend George came out of one. Frantic to get in I picked up my stuff and sped in there, before any one else could. "See ya later," George said. "Someone's in a rush. Geez." Little did he know how much of a rush I was in.

I got in and stripped fully. My whole body, covered in the stench of chlorine, was in desperate need of a shower. I scrubbed my body with soap and cleaned my hair with shampoo. I could smell the hot scent of sweat in the air. By this time my dick was fully erect, standing proud. That's when I saw someone's boxers. XL. 'Someone has a dick,' I thought. I lifted them up and smelled the crotch area. Goddamn that was hot. I sniffed that sweet smell till I was delirious. It turned me on so much. I put them on, my cock where there's rested. I began to jerk. Jolts of ecstasy running through my body.

My cock head was bright red. I was rubbing furiously. For a good ten minutes now, moaning, not caring if anyone heard me. I thought thoughts. I fantasized about cumming all over George's abs, running my hands all over his and fighting his tongue to gain dominance. I thought about... Before I knew it I was cumming! "Oh, oh. Yeah, that's it, fuck it." I shot seven ropes of thick, translucent joy all over the large boxer shorts.

I washed off any excess mess and dried off, satisfied. That was sure worth the wait. I got dressed and sprayed on some deodorant. Then I picked up my stuff and left.

As I was leaving the pool, I bumped into George. "Hey man," I said, "watcha doing here. I thought you left." I was confused. "Oh man, you'll never believe it," he exclaimed. "I forgot something, again!"


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