My best friend and I

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I always knew me and my friend, James were different from everyone else, while everyone would be laughing and talking we were rejected. I guess that actually made us closer because of that. We were both 18, jut barely because our birthdays were scarily close together. I had always liked him but I didn't start to have deeper feelings for him until my birthday.

He came over and spent the night one night ( which he frequently did because his parents were abusive and drug addicts ) I started to notice hoe he was in the light, it was making me get a hardon. I had really never dated any girls, and never did he, I wonder if he was gay, wondering this made me get harder.

He went to the shower, I went to my room and started reading a book, until he finally walked out. He had a towel around him, but nothing else. I walked in and took my shower and tried to take as long as possible because I was thinking about what I was going to say. I walked out with the towel and my mom came by and yelled "You to will have to share a room, your uncle is on the couch" this was perfect!

I went into the room to take off my towel, and change and James was changing in there already, he had a hardon and was attempting to put on his shirt when I walked in. He looked so , I just wanted to his duck so badly, it made my mouth water; I wanted to fill my mouth with his hot steamy semen. He was staring at me, I guess he wasn't expecting me to walk in. "Are you a little exited there" he looked down and said "um.. ya I guess you could say." I walked over so were I was just next to him, and moved my hand and started moving it up and down that hot .

He moaned, and he started to object, but he gave in and enjoyed it, I kneeled down and started to suck him off; it felt so good I wish this night could last forever. Finally his twitched and he said "I'm...gonna.." and he came all in my mouth with about 3 or 4 different loads of the hot sticky liquid. I went in and started to lick his nipple and play with them until they were rock hard. He then got down and started to suck me off and I moaned so loudly I thought everyone in the house would know, I could tell he had done this before.

When I came in his mouth he swallowed then started licking each one of my balls, the moans were loud from both of us. I wanted more; then so I got on the bed and turned away from him, he. Got up and started playing with his dick on my , then he put it in and started to push it in and out, it felt so good I almost came then but I held it in. His cock started to hard inside and he came inside me, we both did at almost the same time. I lay there laying on the bed, James went to get us some towels to clean up with.

To this day we still are together, I am the more submissive one but I couldn't care less, and even more because I am smaller and actually like it.

Hope you enjoyed my story!

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