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100% fiction!

So one day I was very horny and needed someone to get horny with. The person that came to mind was my uncle. He was about 6ft tall he was Spanish and he had a nice and beautiful tanned body. His feet was also admiring it always got me a boner.

However, he was and he never knew that I was . So I opened up on social media and I went to his . I was just say dreaming about him. Than I thought of a plan. I sent him two pictures of my boner acting like it was meant to be sent to a woman.

He replied with a “lol” and said many different things like “who’s the woman.” I was just playing along. Than the next day he came to my mind again and I sent him another picture this time my boner was more visible. He replied angrily and took a screenshot. He threatened me as a joke to tell my cousins etc. Than for another two days I kept telling him to delete it. He wasn’t doing it so I said “I’m coming round to your house.” He said “you can only delete it if you come do it yourself.”

So I immediately went and knocked on his door. He opened it and told me to go upstairs. He said wait in my room while I go in the shower. So I waited for approximately 7 mins. He came out and he had his towel wrapped around his wait. He was very muscular and looked like a bodybuilder. My penis eventually raised. I looked at his penis and I saw a bulge. He even looked down at my boner for about 4 seconds. Than I said can you delete it now? He said come here.

I went and he said sit next to me. We were talking for about 5 mins and we felt a connection. He came closer towards me and his bottom lip was in my teeth. While this was happening I grabbed his monstrous and was playing with it. He let his towel loose and told me to take my trousers off. As I took it off in a hurry the pre cum splattered on his face which was high up. His cock was about 9 inches. He told me to go on my knees and I did it straight away.

He inserted the head of his penis into my mouth and went back and forth. He repeated this numerous times. I was gagging on it and was pleasuring him. Than I laid down on the bed with my back again the mattress.

He put his whole mouth into my cock straight away and was sucking it for about 10 mins. It was the oral I had. Than I told him to sit down on the bed and lay his feet out. I started sucking his toes in between. His feet were delicious because they were tanned and there were about a sized 10 feet. It was beautiful and he started doing the same to my toes.

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